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The Kaga Saga 2 (Chapter 13): Category 6

WorldOfWarships3 - The Kaga Saga 2 (Chapter 13): Category 6

I'm back again, and some people voted for how this next chapter will go. You guys voted, Coral Sea, so I promised the main character will go there. Enjoy.

“The Coral Sea. I feel like that place is more important at the moment.” Kaga said.

“Alright, cool. While we head on out, you can give me some details about your life and career. Taking in context is an important part of songwriting.” Kongo believed.

Kaga bid farewell to Nelson and Hood and promised to help them out in Hong Kong and maybe Singapore when the time arrives. The fleet continued to move down south, out of the Suez Canal and stopped for a bit at the Takao Bell location in the city of Suez. Here, Takao went to serve fuel for everyone, as well as order Atago to load up the tankers with more fuel. Missouri finally got to enjoy her Pensa-Cola while Kaga discussed to Akagi about her next plans. While there, the TV nearby was detailing the world news. It has been a while since they heard back from home.

In recent news, the situation in Japan, southern China and Malaysia are growing grim. Almost all coastal areas of Japan have been captured by the Parallel. Only the Coastal city of Otaru and the northern shores of Hokkaido are free of Parallel forces. In both Otaru and Sapporo, the remaining military forces there are currently under siege. From what we can gather, the flagship, Nagato, has chosen to fight to the death. We can confirm this with the Japanese Government in exile.

“Looks like our home is almost lost. I pray they can hold on long enough before we arrive there and free the place.” Kaga hoped.

Singapore and Hong Kong are also currently under siege. In Singapore’s situation the neighbouring Malaysia is currently under Parallel control. Meanwhile, Hong Kong is being bravely defended by the Royal Navy Garrison and what remains of the ROCN. We do not know how long they can last. Parallel forces are also creeping down towards Indonesia and the Philippines. There are even reports of Parallel presence in the Coral Sea.

“That’s where we are heading. Looks like the distress signal really is that urgent.” Akagi pointed out.

“I know, but what are they planning to do over there?” Kaga wondered.

We will now make a call with our war correspondent over the phone. Say hello Cleveland.

“Cleveland?” Kaga was surprised she is making the call now.

“Hello, this is the USS Cleveland. I’m currently following up on the United Nations 2nd Fleet led by the Japanese carrier Kaga.”

Well Cleveland, do you have any news about what is going on on your end?

“I do. Recently, Kaga and her fleet had assisted in a Royal Navy operation to regain control of the Suez Canal from the Parallel. The battle is now over and the whole place is liberated of enemy forces.”

That is certainly good to hear. Is it possible that we may speak with Kaga?

“I’m floating right next to her. I’ll pass the call over to her.” Cleveland gave the phone over to Kaga.

“Kaga speaking. Is there anything you want to know?”

We have several questions but believe you are quite busy at the moment. We do want to know one thing. What is your plan on ending this war?

“My plan is to save the many lives threatened by the Parallel. I have my friends backing me and I intend on putting an end to this conflict.”

Thank you for your time. We will now move on to our next topic. Once again, thank you for your input Kaga.

“My pleasure.” The call soon ended and the news channel continued on with its other topics. The whole fleet was finally fueled up and they made their journey across the Indian Ocean and along the Australian coast. As they neared the Coral Sea and the distress signal, they noticed something wasn’t quite right. From the fog appeared a massive sea monster.

“AAAAHHHH!!! What is that!?” Akagi was scared.

“Kaiju… I thought the situation was dealt with.” Kaga answered.

“There really shouldn’t be any more since we killed Titan. Why are there more here? Where did they come from?” Kitakami thought.

“You guys! Get out of here now! We got a big kaiju problem over here!” It was Zuikaku.

“Zuikaku?” Kaga got her attention.

“Kaga? And Akagi from the 1st Carrier Division? Don’t tell me you plan on dunking us again.”

“We don’t have time for games. Was it you who sent out the distress signal?”

“Well it was actually Lexington, but yeah, the distress signal is on because we are under a state of emergency. We need all the help we need as the kaijus have returned and with no explainable reason. Ever since Titan died, 5 more kaijus have spawned out of nowhere. They are all in the category 4 and 5 area. This beast is category 5 Kaiju Y, because we don’t have any Greek names that start with Y.”

“Where are the others?”

“The rest of the Guardians of the Coral Sea are spread out and using their planes to tie the monster down.”

“I am Shoho.”

“Oh and Shoho is with me.”

“I’ll help you guys out. I brought the 2nd United Nations Fleet with me. Our firepower should be enough to deal with the kaiju. Then we can find out what started all this.” Kaga offered.

“The United Nations mobilized a fleet to deal with kaijus?”

“You didn’t know?”

“I guess all these kaijus kept us out of the loop. What am I saying? Get your planes up there and deal with this monster.”

“ROOOAAARRRR” The kaiju cried out.

“Yorktown here. Anyone have a plan because my planes aren’t enough to hold this beast out.”

“Just keep hitting it with everything you got. I provided backup.” Kaga said over the radio.

“Kaga? Looks like we’re saved!” Shokaku exclaimed.

“My planes have detected you. What a mighty fine fleet you got yourself there. So what is your plan?” Lexington asked.

“The same thing I did when we first took down Titan.” Kaga answered.

Zuikaku knew what she meant. She ordered her top ace, Ribbon 1, to coordinate with Sakura 0. While all the surface ships fired at the kaiju’s legs from below, all the carriers with their bombers and fighters pelted the kaiju from above. Even I-168’s wolfpack were sending torpedoes from beneath the surface to hurt it even more.

“Sakura ∞, I want you to watch how this is done.” Sakura 0 told his brightest student.

“What do you plan on doing?” Sakura ∞ asked.

“I’m going to fly inside the kaiju’s head from one ear and out the other. Ribbon 1 will join me in destroying the monster’s brain from 2 sides. Getting in is simple but getting out will be tricky so watch closely.”

“Am I following you in?”

“Of course not. You aren’t ready, well until the next category 5 kaiju arrives. Alright I’m heading in.”

“Good luck.” Sakura X wished.

Ribbon 1 entered the left ear while Sakura 0 took the right. Both travelled down the channels and later ended up in the brain of Kaiju Y. They both fired their guns simultaneously and shredded the brain to pieces. Both planes made a quick knife pass to get around each other and attempted to exit out the opposite ears. The body of the kaiju started to fail and Zuikaku ordered everyone to move away from the kaiju that will soon fall into the sea. Inside the head, the ears of the kaiju started to contract but both planes were quick enough to get out of there on time before the beast was officially slain.

“Wow, that was impressive!” Sakura ∞ was amazed.

“That’s like flying through a tunnel. That’s almost impossible to do.” Hearts from Shinden Squadron said.

“Looks like we one upped the Suits on something eh Zero?” Sakura 2 jested.

The Guardians of the Coral Sea celebrated their victory with the Kaga Fleet. Now it was time to find the source. With the intel given by Shokaku, they could trace the kaijus back to the source. They thought it would be in a trench, but instead it was a place with a barren sea floor. Something wasn’t quite right. That’s when they realized they walked into a trap.

“Well if it ain’t the false Kaga again.” Asashio B of the B Team said.

“Looks like you fell for our little trap we set up. We knew you couldn’t resist helping your friends.” Atago B said.

“Whoa, she looks like me. Is that my evil twin?” Atago asked Takao.

“Uh yeah. Your evil, parallel universe form is part of this so called elite division. They really aren’t that great.” Takao answered her.

“Ah I see the other me of this universe. Let’s see how you hold up in a fight against me.” Atago B taunted.

“Just give it up already. You know I will break you into a million pieces if this keeps going. Surely, you’ve given up already.” Kaga told them to knock it off.

“That’s where you’re wrong kiddo. We’ve been summoning those kaijus your so called Guardians are fighting. Let’s see how you’ll handle one more beast of massive magnitude!” Asashio B laughed maniacally. The B Team dropped an egg into the sea. The water started to tremble and everyone backed off to prepare for the worst. When the spawn was all said and done, the largest kaiju to ever grace the earth rose from the depths. It was a kilometre tall and was undeniably massive.


“It’s a category 5 alright. But we’ve never faced one of this magnitude before. This one is twice the size of Titan.” Shokaku analyzed.

“Call it a category 5+ or better yet, a category 6. It’s so big that it might as well hold that kind of distinction.” Zuikaku suggested.

“Well the scale goes to 5 but calling it a 6 would make sense too. We are now on the letter Z. The kaiju’s codename: Zeus.”

“Last time we took out the queen. This time, it’s the king. At least it’s not that other kaiju named the king of the monsters and has a name full of copyright.” Kaga said.

“HAHAHA! You guys are screwed now! There’s no way you can defeat this bad boy!” Atago B claimed.

“Atago, I’ve called backup. They will arrive shortly. Let’s leave now.” Asashio B urged.

“Not just yet. I’ve got a personal score to settle with my other self.”

“Alright fine, but I’m leaving you alone.”

Kaga devised a plan to take out Kaiju Zeus. She ordered every ship within the fleet and the Guardians of the Coral Sea to launch every plane they have. Torpedo squadrons were to strike the legs of the beast, and all dive bombers were to bomb the head from above. Fighters were to attack Zeus in all directions. Any non carrier with a catapult fighter were to send theirs out too in order to boost the numbers. The combined carrier task force of Kaga, Akagi, Hakuryu, Shokaku, Zuikaku, Yorktown, Lexington and Shoho launched all of their planes. Yamato, Yahagi, Kitakami, Alaska, Belfast and others provided their catapult fighters as well.

“Yamato Aerospace Defense Squadron, callsign Zulu is up Kaga. My planes are about to see combat for the first time in a while.” Yamato acknowledged.

“Good. I want every non carrier to start shooting Zeus with everything you’ve got. Kongo! It’s time to play the battle music.” Kaga requested.

“You’ve got it boss. Let’s play something orchestral.” Kongo then placed a record on her turntable and a tune from a battle soundtrack could be heard.

“Man, this beat gets me going.” Sakura 2 said.

“This is enough for me to take down such a beast.” Sakura X was excited.

The combined assault of air and sea attacks barely did a number to Kaiju Zeus. His armoured skin was too thick to be penetrated.

“Damn, we’re hardly making any dent to it.” New Jersey noticed.

“I can’t even set him on fire.” Henri IV complained.

“Takao, I’m scared. What happens if this monster escapes the operation area?” Atago asked.

“All hell will break loose. My business will be ruined if it happens.” Takao answered.

“And it certainly will.” Atago B closed in on Atago. “Let’s make this battle a bit more interesting.”

“Oh no, my evil twin wants to fight me!” Atago panicked.

“Just calm down and be cautious with brawling her. I’m ordering Hakuryu to send in her fighters to assist you.” Kaga promised.

The two Atagos started shooting at each other but it was all near misses. They tried slinging torpedoes but to no avail either. Takao wanted to help but the two Atagos started to converge to one another that it was impossible to avoid friendly fire. She had no choice but to watch. Meanwhile, Hakuryu’s attack squadron arrived on the scene. The A8Ms unleashed their rockets on Atago B which set her ablaze and made her lose focus.

“Gah! I thought there would be no interference between us!” Atago B was angered.

“Now’s my chance.” Atago responded by shooting Atago B’s bridge.

“I’m blind! Once I regain my sight, I’m gonna kill you!”

But Atago wasn’t going to miss her chance and dropped a salvo of torpedoes onto her. The destructive force was devastating to the black cruiser and Atago B died screaming in a blaze of fire. When Asashio B finds out about this, she will realize she is the last one left in the B Team. With the sideshow now over, everyone could focus on Zeus. The problem was, the combined attacks still weren’t enough. Kaga recalled her fighters and devised a plan.

“Alright, it’s clear a normal attack will not work here, and we clearly can’t be out here dodging this monster’s fireball and acid spit attacks forever.” Kaga told them.

“Then what should we do?” Sakura 2 asked.

“We need someone to fly into Zeus’ head and ravage his brain. Zero, you think you can do it again?”

“I think it’s time we let the rookie do it.” Sakura 0 suggested.

“You sure about this?”

“I believe in him. It’s time we test him out. He’s made it this far and I want him to live up to the squadron’s name.”

“Well I certainly wasn’t ready to hear that, but I will do it. I believe in myself.” Sakura ∞ accepted.

“Perfect. Just in case this kaiju’s brain is reinforced, I’m going to give you this.” Kaga said. She took out the Neverust, raised it to the sky and a flash of lightning struck it. The sword started to glow and she placed it under Sakura ∞ 's fuselage.

“Here, take this. When you see the kaiju’s brain and regular bullets won’t work, fire this instead. The blast should be enough to blow it into a pulp.”

“Thank you. It will be my honour.” Sakura ∞ thanked.

“Zuikaku, get Ribbon 1 back in the air again. We have a kaiju brain to take down.”

“I knew you were going to say that. He’s ready to fire when your boy goes up.” Zuikaku answered.

“I am Shoho.” Shoho said.

“She said to wish you good luck.”

“Does that carrier ever say anything else?” Budyonny asked.

“Not that I remember.” Yorktown replied.

Sakura ∞ was airborne and rendezvoused with Ribbon 1. The 2 planes agreed on where they would enter.

“Good luck out there you two.” Hearts wished them luck.

“You seem to care about him, don't you?” Sakura 2 teased.

“Am not! I’m just jealous that I wasn’t chosen to do this task.”

“Hearts, you know we’re playing it safe right now. Be glad it isn’t you who won’t risk themselves to get killed.” Spade reminded her.

“I guess you’re right.”

“You hear that? I think she’s jealous.” Sakura X whispered to 2.

“Oh I know. It’s cute you know?” He answered back.

Ribbon 1 entered the right ear while Sakura ∞ entered the left. Through the ear canal of the kaiju, both planes made several twists and turns in the tight space. They entered the chamber holding the brain and started firing. As expected by Kaga, the bullets appeared to barely penetrate it. The two planes circled it trying to find a weak spot but to no avail. Sakura ∞ had to used the charged sword. He told Ribbon 1 to get out of the kaiju immediately as he believed the sword will blow the brain up. The Zero agreed and retreated out.

“Where’s Sakura ∞?” Asked Sakura 0.

“He’s still inside. He’s ready to fire the sword.” Ribbon 1 answered him.

“Here goes.” Sakura ∞ told himself.

With what he felt, he made a quick turn facing the brain a fired the sword. It unleashed a great amount of energy and charged up the brain. With so much electric current in the brain, Sakura ∞ ducked under it and saw the whole thing explode. The brain didn’t just explode, the blast took out the entire head of the kaiju. Everyone down below was shocked at the outcome, but now the kaiju was headless and officially dead. Somehow, through all that, Sakura ∞ survived and flew out to safety. The lifeless body then fell towards the ocean and luckily, everyone made it out safe.

“We did it!” Lexington cheered.

“Give it up for Zuikaku and Kaga. Both their aces took out the beast.” Shokaku commended.

“Now now, I used my youngest ace for this one. Sakura ∞, you deserve this one.” Kaga congratulated.

“You earned it buddy. You took out that kaiju all on your own.” Ribbon 1 admitted.

“I’m glad you made it out safely.” Hearts said.

“What did you say?” Sakura ∞ wanted her to repeat that.

“Uh, it’s nothing. I mean good work.” She was all flustered.

With the kaiju dead,surely it would all be over right? Nope, because the celebration was quickly cut short. A mysterious ship arrived over the horizon, and she had a large monster on her. She looked like a haunted ship and as we will later find out, is a subject of the Evil Kaga. Behind her, was a trail of toxic green fog.


Who is this ship that just appeared? I'll give you a hint, it's related to Halloween. But anyways, see you next time for the next chapter. I have no images of warshipballs today but maybe next time.

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