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The Kaga Saga 2 (Chapter 15): The Japan Campaign

WorldOfWarships5 - The Kaga Saga 2 (Chapter 15): The Japan Campaign

Hey I posted this after the day after they found the wreck of Kaga. Neat! Now where was I? Oh right. Votes came in one what determines this chapter and the majority of you said, allow the Guardians of the Coral Sea to join Kaga, so there you have it. Enjoy.

“You know what? I still believe strength in numbers is a good strategy, so you can come with me back to Japan.” Kaga decided.

“How thoughtful of you. We want to make sure this sea is safe first, so only two of us will come.” Zuikaku said.

“And who will those 2 be?”

“Just me and Yorktown. Everyone else can handle themselves here.”

“Oh cool. I get to go on a new adventure.” Yorktown said.

“I am Shoho.”

“She said to wish you guys good luck on your journey.” Shokaku translated.

“Don’t worry Shoho, we’ll be back.” Zuikaku promised.

So two members of the Guardians of the Coral Sea joined up with Kaga’s fleet. Next stop: Northern Japan. While transiting there, they made a quick stop at the large artificial floating city that was still under construction near Fiji. The city was owned by Yamato Heavy Industries so you know something will happen there in a future story. The fleet was there to refuel as it had a Takao Bell, but since this was a special location, the Fiji Water was more readily available. Once they were done, they continued moving on towards Hokkaido and during their journey there, DJ Kongo was trying to finalize some lyrics for the upcoming song about Kaga.

From the port of Yokosuka

Came a carrier named Kaga

She came to save the day

Across the lands far away

A hero in the making

This is the story of the one

Cherry Blossoms are flying

And thus the battle has begun

Her name was Kaga

And this was her saga

Squadron: Sakura

The legend will live on!

“Wow, those lyrics are powerful. Once they become done, I will sing along with it with passion.” Kaga was impressed.

“Thanks, I stayed up all night just to jot it down.” DJ Kongo was glad it worked out.

“Just wait until we add the solo.” Hipper said

“I can’t wait to hear that.” Kitakami hoped.

“If it’s catchy, it might get me moving.” Zuikaku admitted.

“This is only the opening song for the album. There will be more.” Kongo promised.

Later in the day, the group had arrived at the northern shores of Hokkaido to refuel and rearm. Here, the leader of the Japanese Government in Exile, Taiho, was waiting for them. “You guys finally came. The situation has become more dire since the last time we spoke.” She greeted.

“Well sorry for the delay. We had a few errands that couldn’t be left unchecked.” Kaga apologized.

“It’s alright for now. Still, we need to break the siege at Otaru. We only have one shot at rescuing Nagato and her veteran forces. The UN provided us with a landing team to help push the Parallel's ground forces off this island.”

“Excellent, we should get going by now. We can’t just wait here.” Akagi urged.

“She’s right. Let’s move out right now.”

“Wilco.” Kaga said.

“Let’s show them who runs this country.” Zuikaku said.

After picking up a few escort ships and patrol boats, Taiho, and the 2nd UN Fleet came near the shores of Otaru. The Parallel had ground forces surrounding the city and Sapporo on 3 sides while their naval forces were pinning down Nagato’s forces along the coast.

“Listen everyone. If Otaru falls, nobody will be able to save Sapporo which is just behind this city’s borders. We break this blockade and we save the city.” Taiho claimed.

“I guess this battle will be the turning point of this war.” Yamato guessed.

“Who knows, but we do know that this battle would be enough to push the enemy off this island.” Yorktown calculated.

“What exactly are we facing?” Yahagi asked.

“Scouts have reported 1 battleship, 1 carrier, 3 light cruisers, and 6 destroyers. There’s also a handful of landing ships ready to make a beachhead if they break through.” Ark Royal reported.

“It’s a fairly small attack force. I guess Nagato’s fleet is on their last legs.” Hakuryu noted.

“Let’s begin the battle shall we? I’ve been itching for a fight like this.” Haida got a bit impatient.

“Slow down, let’s be cautious about this.” Hatsuharu reminded her.

“She’s right. All carriers, send out your bombers. Akagi, get your fighters up as well. We have a carrier in the midst. Commence Operation Shuffle.” Kaga ordered.

“So you’re charismatic as the people say. I can pull out a fighter compliment for you as well.” Taiho was impressed with Kaga’s leadership.

Meanwhile, within Nagato's forces, “We can’t give up now. We may be running low on ammunition and fuel, but we can just hold on for a little longer. I promise someone is out there looking after us.” Nagato tried to raise the morale in her fleet.

“What can we do? We’re the last ones left defending Japan. There is no hope we can get out of this one.” Aoba was about to give up.

“I’m almost out of torpedoes. We should just surrender already.” Shinonome lost all hope.

“This is Kaga of the United Nations 2nd Fleet, serving under the Japanese Government in Exile. Nagato, I heard your forces need a helping hand.” The carrier radioed in.

“Finally. We’re saved! Help has arrived. You hear that everyone? Push the Parallel out and give it your all!” Nagato was relieved.

“A lone wolf like me will make quick work of these Parallel pansies. Everyone who isn’t afraid, charge!” Ashigara commanded.

“You only live once I guess. Let’s follow her example and save the city!” Nagato ordered. “Kaga, what does your fleet possess?”

“7 carriers, 7 battleships, 2 large cruisers, 4 heavy cruisers, 8 light cruisers, 8 destroyers, 5 submarines and several escorts ships and patrol boats.” Kaga answered.

“Wow, that’s a lot. I’d imagine your air power is pretty large too. Make sure you crush the enemy.”

“Wilco. Momiji and Sugi Squadrons, make a mess of the fleet in front of us.”

“Red and Black Squadrons, you know what to do.” Hakuryu ordered her bombers.


A huge swarm of aircraft prepared their strikes on the unsuspecting Parallel ships. The 4 destroyers in front, preparing to intercept Ashigara, will be the first victims. The enemy carrier’s bombers noticed this and requested fighter support to intercept, but Sakura and Shinden Squadrons made sure to tie them up. The fleet in black was caught off guard of the situation.

“This is Mugenokaze, I’m hit and sinking! AHH!”

“What the hell!?” A nearby black painted destroyer was surprised.

“This is Kowaretakaze. Someone help us! I can’t take them all down!” One black Akizuki class destroyer desperately tried to dodge the attacks.

“My AA is not enough to take them down. How is this even possible!” The destroyer identified as Hageshikaze called out.

“No I’m sunk!” The other one labelled as Nisekaze went down.

“ARGHH!” Kowaretakaze was sunk.

“This is Sugi 6. 3 destroyers have been sunk on our first strike.”

“Excellent work. Return to base to rearm and refuel.” Kaga told them.

“So, you’ve finally returned here. You killed Atago and the zombie fleet. Very well then, it was merely just a test.” Asashio B discovered Kaga.

“The audacity you have to keep coming back to us. You should just give it up.” Kaga told the Parallel destroyer to stand down.

“I’ll never give up. The B Team will never give up.”

“You’re the only one left in your stupid team.”

“Oh I don’t think so. Recently, I got new friends to my team. Say hello to Sims, Scharnhorst and Graf Zeppelin. Together we make the new B Team!”

“Yeah! You best be getting out of our way. There will be nobody to stop us!” Scharnhorst B claimed.

“Last B Team didn’t get a carrier. Well now that’s changed. We have the skies now!” Graf Zeppelin B said.

“You wanna fight!? Well let’s go! Show me your moves!” Sims B was eager.

“I’ll show you how a good fight is done.” Haida wanted to fight her.

“Hakuryu and Taiho, get your planes to strike the light cruisers.” Kaga directed.

“What are we doing?” Akagi asked.

“Both of us are going after Graf Zeppelin B. Zuikaku and Yorktown can focus on other ships.”

Kaga directed her attack squadrons on the black carrier. Her secondaries were ferocious, and all the destroyers made sure not to get too close to her. Sakura Squadron made sure to intercept her bombers while Shinden Squadron tangled themselves with the interceptors. Momiji Squadron made several attempts to divebomb her but mainly missed or had barely made any penetrations with the hits they had. Sugi Squadron started to lose a few planes and Graf Zeppelin B made enough attempts to reduce damage from any hit she receives.

“Amazing. So this must be the full potential of the Graf Zeppelin.” Admiral Hipper noticed.

“Her secondaries are firing everywhere like any German battleship. I’ll try to set her deck on fire.” Friedrich der Grosse suggested.

“Kaga, my bombers are having trouble getting a steady aim on her. You think Sakura Squadron’s Pink Flight can do something about it?” Akagi requested.

“Sure thing. Ark Royal, time for another wish.” Kaga demanded.

“And what will the wish be?” Ark Royal asked.

“I wish to see the vulnerable weak spots of Graf Zeppelin B.”

“Wish granted.” She sent out a Swordfish which dropped a little bomb over the Parallel carrier. It exploded over her and revealed the armour model of the ship. Kaga can see the weakspots now and directed her 4 best fighters to attack the certain sections. First came Sakura X, the Kikka, to soften up the flight deck with the laser given to him by Yamato.

“Laser fired. Focusing the energy on her flight deck.” Sakura X reported.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!!” Graf Zeppelin B screamed.

“Thanks for the opening, her deck got thinner because of that. Bombs away!” Sakura 0 called out. Two armour piercing bombs fell straight through the deck and destroyed Graf Zeppelin B’s hangar.

“My turn!” Sakura 2 followed with regular bombs and dropped them into the opening. The carrier sustained further damage.

“Time to finish this.” Sakura ∞ said before dropping his bombs into the area where the ammunition was stored. Graf Zeppelin Blew up in a sea of flames with her deck being ripped off of her. The faint sounds of her scream could be heard.

“Looks like another B team vessel sunk by me.” Kaga claimed.

“Dammit! Our air power is lost. Oh no! Our cruisers are dead too!? B Team, we need to retreat.” Asashio B ordered.

“No way, I was just about to have fun.” Sims B was upset.

“It’s that damn cherry blossom being flown from that false Kaga!” Scharnhorst B was angry.

“Fire!” Nagato shouted.

Ashigara scored multiple hits on the transport ships that the Parallel forces had. Aoba also managed to tag Scharnhorst B with a shot. The B Team was now back to 3 members. They had no choice but to pull back.

“I’ll provide artillery support for our ground forces. The Parallel’s land forces are about to pull back too if we continue the pressure.” Kii said.

“Wow! We did it. That was much easier than I expected. Our landing teams are already making progress too.” Taiho was impressed.

“Thank you Kaga and your fleet. Without you, we would have never stood a chance. You helped push the Parallel off this island but the war is not over yet. If we can recapture the Ominato Guard District, we will have a good landing point for our ground forces to retake Honshu. From there, we should be able to make a spearhead towards Tokyo.” Nagato explained.

“And maybe we can rescue some prisoners who have captured in the following ports we liberate.” Ashigara believed.

“It was a tall order, but I’m glad we succeeded. Now let’s take back our nation.” Kaga proclaimed.


Alright, next chapter is going to be an action packed one as the team slowly gets closer to Okinawa and we can finally end the series because I'm going to lose my energy when this is over. Also I kinda predicted Alaska B but I killed her off so that's why you don't see her here. Toodles.

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