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The Kaga Saga 2 (Chapter 16): Tokyo Liberation Front

WorldOfWarships7 - The Kaga Saga 2 (Chapter 16): Tokyo Liberation Front

Hi. I took too much time to finish this chapter. It's one of the longest ones, with more dialogue than I imagined. It even has a song. There are just so many events going on at once that even I got confused as to what just happened. Oh well, enjoy it I guess.

After a brief victory at Ominato Guard District, Kaga’s forces had managed to regain control of the base that was occupied by the Parallel. Also we won’t be going through any details here because the story would be too long. Just assume everything went well. Once the battle was over, they had freed a few ships including Ishigaki, Asashio, Nokaze, and Tenryu.

“Thanks for rescuing us. Being under Parallel occupation was no fun.” Asashio thanked the group.

“I’m glad you are all safe.” Akagi said.

“We’d like to follow you around, but Parallel forces are still near. Nagato has ordered us to stay put and defend the base in case they make a counterattack.” Tenryu followed up.

“Now that we captured the base, where do we go next?” Kamikaze R asked.

“We’ll be in an operation to retake Tokyo, the former capital of the country.” Kaga told her. “Nagato is planning another coinciding operation along the northern coast of Honshu.”

“Former capital? Wasn’t Tokyo supposed to be Japan’s capital city?” Iowa was confused.

“I guess you missed out on some big news. Last year, a meteor hit the city and disrupted the government system there. Tokyo lost its status as capital after the government decided to move back to Kyoto.” Yamato explained.


Within a couple weeks, the ground forces supplied by the UN had made it outside the former capital. Tokyo had become a major battleground with enemies scattered all over the air, city streets and nearby bay. Kaga and her forces arrived amidst the chaos where the allied ground forces were caught up in a heavy battle along the many streets in the city. Several Parallel ships were also seen trying to defend the bay as well as bombard the UN tanks.

“Just look at that scenery. Tokyo hasn’t been the same since the impact.” Kitakami grieved.

“What do you mean?” Kaga wondered.

“You see that massive crater over where the Shinagawa District once was? Well that meteor killed thousands. I was with New Jersey that day when it happened. We tried to provide humanitarian efforts but seeing all those deaths… it gave me the chills.”

“I see. I was tasked at saving the world from an asteroid impact. That meteor was the one I could not stop. Not even Yamato’s asteroid defence system could stop it in time. I regret not being able to save everyone.”

“It’s alright. You did your best. You don’t have to blame yourself. In fact, you just saved the world if it weren’t for your actions. I sound like I’m trying to rationalize your situation but we need to let go of our pasts. It’s the only way to get ahead.”

Kaga thanked Kitakami for the talk and focused back at the battle. She analyzed the situation and realized there was a lot of planes and AA which would make this battle difficult. What should she do?

“Alright, I came up with a rudimentary battle plan. Taiho, I need your fighters to help clear out the interceptors. Akagi and I will send out the bombers and escorts. Zuikaku and Yorktown will send in a second wave. Everyone else, engage the enemy ships and bombard enemy ground units. Commence Operation Nano.” Kaga ordered.

“Right!” Everyone else agreed.

“Oh and DJ, Kongo, play a tune if you can.”

“Righto. This song I’m about to play is heavy with the synth.” Kongo stated.

The bombers, Sakura Squadron, Shinden Squadron, and Taiho’s own Phoenix Squadron took off from the decks and engaged the enemies. Kaga’s dive bombers went ahead and sank the enemy destroyers in the bay. Akagi’s planes decided to go into the city and do precision strikes on the enemy ground units. However, there were a lot of enemy fighters still overhead. Sakura and Shinden Squadrons made bets on who would be the better fighter team.

“Sakura 0, engaging.”

“Sakura 2, engaging.”

“Sakura X, engaging.”

“Sakura ∞, engaging.”

“All flights, support our allied forces that are engaged in combat across each area.” Kaga ordered. “We have a limited time window here. Use your best judgement and destroy as much hostile firepower as you can!”

“This is Naval Air Service Squadron 309. Thanks for giving us a hand.” Some land based fighter thanked Kaga and the carriers.

“Listen guys, I want to get back at those Suits for taking some of our credit the last few times we flew with them.” Sakura 0 rallied his team. “Recapturing Tokyo would be nice, but it’s us versus them. Whoever gets the most kills wins.”

“This is Lt. Bains. Securing the coast area. Requesting support from air flights.” A UN tank requested. “Incoming fire from the enemy fleet! We got a sky full of hostile aircraft too.”

“Don’t worry, we are on it.” Sakura 2 promised.

“Where’s our air support?!” His ally started getting impatient.

“Right up there Collins. You see them?” Bains directed him.

“The cherry blossoms? I don’t think a flower is all that intimidating.” Collins answered him.

“You kidding me? When the cherry blossoms’ in the air, you know the area is safe. Don’t forget… No matter what, they’ll always be up there for us.”


“Enemy heavy cruiser sunk!” New Jersey reported.

“Excellent, but there still seems to be too many fighters. The second wave will surely have trouble.” Kaga sighted.

“You don’t have to worry. I have a special ability to fix this problem.” Taiho offered her solution.

“What do you plan on doing?” Akagi asked.

“I plan to sing my theme song in order to boost the morale of my fighters.”

“What the hell?” Everyone else was taken off guard.

“Hit it Kongo!”

“Got it.” Kongo then started playing with the piano on board her.

I lift off my wings set to the sky

Arise from ashes and now I fly

Through flames of war I have been reborn

And it’s my time I have made it mine

Suddenly, her planes started flying faster than normal.

When soaring high above my enemies

I understand the things you see in me

To vanquish those who choose to fight

I’ll bring peace before the night

Next the planes of hers started turning better than before. The entire squadron was tailing any enemy they saw.

Why do you still challenge me

You can’t win, it’s not your destiny

Like a moth who flies into the flame

You won’t return, you’ll lose your name

“Man, this song is starting to sound pretentious.” Yorktown noted.

Gave you hope to unite with me

Oppose darkness, let all them see

You have chosen to go your way

You chose to seize the day

Suddenly every plane in the Phoenix Squadron shot down scores of enemy fighters in a matter of seconds.

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the fire

My greatest strength is not your desire

Can I be a champion fair and free

To the end, defying gravity

After finishing that chorus, the process repeated as she moved on to the next verse.

The clear white jet stream, the deep blue sky

I pull ahead, spread my wings and fly

Because of you we’ll fight, and some will die

Because of you we will always try

The song goes back to the pre chorus and following chorus where even more fighters get shot down.

Going even higher than the clouds

Climbing fast, breaking sound

We’ll suffer more, and overcome

Some day, you and I will touch the sun

Taiho finished up the bridge and her fighter squadron was flying better than normal. Her planes started singing along to the final chorus and even Admiral Hipper could be seen strumming her guitar in the background. By the time the song was over, most of the enemy planes were shot down by Phoenix Squadron, leaving few for the other squadrons to pick off. Kaga and Akagi were amazed. The other carriers were stunned at her ability to rally her fighters. Everyone else applauded Taiho’s singing abilities.

“You’ve got some mad pipes there.” Cleveland complimented.

“Ah thank you. I was the season 1 winner of Pacific Idol after all.” Taiho was glad to hear.

“But how on earth does your singing affect your fighters?” Kaga asked.

“In this world, only the fortunate would be gifted with these powers. Don’t you remember that you and Ark have some of it as well?”

“When you put it that way…”

“I’m sure if you sang to your planes they’ll get the secret morale boost. Your powers still have some potential.”

“I hope you’re right. Kongo better finish up that song first.”

“Hey guys, where do I shoot without blowing up the buildings?” Friedrich der Grosse interrupted.

“Oh right, we still have a battle to fight.”

“Hostiles between the buildings! Jeez, this city is built like a maze.” A UN APC reported.

Momiji Squadron dived in and bombed the designated targets with efficient precision. Sakura Squadron was also making strafes on enemy columns and lightly armoured boats before going back up to shoot down more planes.

“Aircraft up above. Is that hostile?” An allied tank was alerted.

“No that’s an allied squadron.” His friend reassured.

“This isn’t right. The cherry blossoms are beating us in kill count.” Spades of Shinden Squadron noticed. “Shindens, let’s pick up the pace.”

“The cherry blossoms cleared a path for us. All teams, forward!” Bains from the UN ordered.

“I’m seeing hostile ground forces deployed over there, too. Taking them out!” Hearts called out.

“Ha ha! Not if I can help it, you!” Sakura 0 denied her the kills.

“Spades to Hearts. Don’t stray out of the formation.”

Hearts had to comply with the orders.

“Hey what’s wrong, Suits? To scared to let your babies out from under your skirt?” Sakura 0 taunted.

“Shut up, gramps. I have a duty to protect my squadmates. As opposed to some squad leaders who don’t do that.” Spades wasn’t having any of it.

“Yeah, you tell him, Suits!” Sakura 2 uttered.

“Ahh they can take care of themselves. Folks like you and I, we’re just here to give them a little shove now and then when they need it.” Sakura 0 made his excuse. “How am I ever supposed to retire if these guys can’t fend for themselves, huh?”

“You? Retire? We all know you’ll keep coming back up here for more action. You can’t resist.”

“I have to agree with him there.” Sakura X backed him.

“Ah, shut up.” Sakura 0 dismissed it. “Sounds like your girl over there can’t wait to get a scrap, though.” He continued on towards Spades.

The UN ground forces continued pushing their way through the city. In the bay, Ark Royal’s scouts spotted some ships being held hostage by the Parallel. The only naval enemies were a black Bismarck, a couple Brooklyns and a small handful of destroyers. They were immediately overwhelmed by Kaga’s allies as the Parallel ships were pelted down by thousands of shells.

“That’s all the enemy ships sunk. Let’s see who we saved.” Sovetsky Soyuz analyzed.


“Looks like we saved the destroyers Kagero, Umikaze and the battleship… Musashi!?” Yamato was surprised.

“Ah, Yamato my big sister. I didn’t expect you to be the one to save me. I bet you couldn’t survive without me and my company.” Musashi smugly thanked her.

“Yeah, yeah. It was no big deal but I refuse to return to your conglomerate.” Yamato begrudgingly said.

“Sounds like you two don’t like each other.” Yoshino noticed.

“Listen Yoshino. Do not listen to whatever my sister tells you. She is the president and CEO of Japan’s largest company, Mitsubishi. She is devious and will manipulate anyone to benefit her own business interests. I hate it. That’s why I split from her and made Yamato Corp. and subsidiaries. I should have let her business burn.”

“But you are sisters. Surely there must be some kind of unconditional love there.”

“I wish. It’s been 10 years since the split, and the only one who is willing to try to get the family together is Shinano, and we all know she is somewhere else doing her own thing.”

“Bummer. Maybe things can change after all this.”

“Well right now, I just want to get back home and save my space program and Yukikaze.”

While the Yamatos were bickering over their differences, the skies have started to clear up of enemy planes. Enemy ground positions were also pushed out of the city and started to retreat. Suddenly, a squadron of fighters arrived on the scene. They identified them as the 404th Fighter Squadron. All of them were A7M Reppus. They were requesting to land on the nearest airfield.

“Hey Taiho, does our country actually have a 404 Squadron?” Kaga asked.

“Hmm, no, I don’t think such a squadron exists.” She replied.

“Wait a minute. If what you’re saying is true, then that means… the 404 does not exist!?” Akagi realized.

The Suits flight of Shinden Squadron flew a little too close to the 404 Squadron and as a result, started being targeted at.

“Those liveries look familiar. They’re all painted in black.” Sakura 2 noticed.

“Then that means those fighters belong to the Evil Kaga.” Kaga reminded.

“Is she anywhere near us?” Akagi asked.

“From the look of things, she isn’t anywhere close. I don’t see her at all.” Taiho could not find anything.

“Suits and Pink Sakura Flights, concentrate on the enemy fighters.” Kaga ordered.

“Whoa, these maneuvers are crazy. Dammit, there’s too much radio noise.” Sakura 2 complained.

The lead craft of the 404 Squadron, marked with a few yellow stripes, was humming a tune. She was nearly impossible to hit and her escort fighters kept everyone else at bay. It was decided that the escorts needed to be shot down first.

“Getting excited, Hearts?” Spades asked her out of nowhere.

“What? Um, yeah… Uh, I mean, no.” She answered.

“All units, you are free to engage in battle. I know the suits can do better than this. How ‘bout we show those cherry blossoms what we think about them harping on us all the time?”

“Hearts, roger that.”

“Suits, break!”

“Now they’re getting serious.” Sakura 0 noticed as their rival team dispersed. Meanwhile, Sakura ∞ was focusing down the 404 leader’s escorts. He managed to take down 5.

“Haven’t felt this in a while.” Spades mentioned. “Hey cherry blossom rookie… Infinity, was it? Whoever takes down the queen bee wins, got it? Time to pay you back for before.” Spades offered a deal.

“I shot down the last of the escorts.” Sakura ∞ reported. “Now to take on the queen.”

“Two new fighters approaching.” Ark Royal notified.

“Not bad. We got two left. Let’s take the main guy down with them.” Spades called out.

“Spades, you’re in too close!” Hearts warned.

“Oh! I’ll be– Yow!” Spades was hit by the reinforcing fighters.

“Gotcha!” The 404 Leader teased.

“Damn, they got my wing!”

“You better exit the battle make a landing on Akagi.” Hearts suggested.

“Yeah, just when this was getting fun too. Squad’s all yours, Hearts. Get ‘em back safe for me.”

“Roger, make your landing now.”

“See you later Infinity. Spades, exiting now.” The navalized Shinden approached Akagi to land for repairs, but 404 Leader tailed him and shot him down as he was about to land.

“Oh no!” Hearts freaked out.

The queen bee simply giggled.

“What is it?” Sakura 0 needed to know.

“I saw it happen.” Sakura 2 said.

“What? What did you see?”

“They shot down Spades as he was about to land.”

“He was my best fighter. This is horrible!” Akagi was shocked.

“Akagi, I’m so sorry.” Kaga tried to console her.

“Sakura 2, keep it together.” Sakura 0 tried to not let him lose his train of thought.

“You call yourself an honourable fighter… I swear I’ll kill them all!” Hearts raged.

“You too lady!”

Hearts could do nothing but seathe heavily. Sakura 0 kept reminding her not to lose her cool or she would be done for. But this wasn’t just a battle in the air. Back on the surface, a familiar voice could be heard.

“We’re baaaackk!!!” It was Asashio B. “Looks like one of you guys lost your best fighter. Not so strong after all you paper tigers.”

“The new B Team wants their revenge and guess what. It was well deserved. Now fear the might of our great hound! Muahahaha!” Scharnhorst B laughed. “Arise!”

A submarine that was two times larger than an I-400 rose from the depths of Tokyo Bay, much to the surprise of everyone. It was massive and nobody knew it was there in the first place. The sub howled in the lowest tone and was intimidating. It even launched a few planes as a defense. Kaga ordered I-168 and her wolfpack to take it out. She also ordered every bomber to go after it.

“Awooo!” I-168 howled.

Her wolfpack did the same and followed her in.

“That’s one big whale. Let’s hunt it down with some harpoons.” New Jersey suggested.

The 3 Iowas directed their missiles at the sub. The sub was a big target and it was very hard to miss. Hatsuharu, Haida and the other destroyers fired upon it as well as fire their torpedoes. Almost every conceivable weapon from the various ships of Kaga’s fleet hit the Great Hound, as it was called. The massive sub roared in pain and anger but I-168 dealt the killing blow.

“Woof!” I-168 cheered.

“Good girl. Looks like you got more bite than your size.” Kaga congratulated.

“AHH! This isn’t over! I’ll kill you!” Sims B was angry for what the fleet did to the B Team’s mega sub. She charged towards Hatsuharu but was quickly intercepted by the Fast 3. She was now surrounded by Tashkent, Shimakaze and Le Fantasque. Being desperate, she tried to fend them off but being attacked on all angles meant she was doomed. The Fast 3 were simply too quick for her to keep up and Sims B was simply getting pummeled.

“ARRRGGGHHH!!” She screamed before sinking.

“Shit. That was so reckless of her. Scharnhorst, we have to pull back. Defense is a top priority.” Asashio B ordered.

“This isn’t over false Kaga. When I get back to you, you will die!” Scharnhorst B expressed her anger.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” Kaga gave her final words towards her. Back up in the air, Sakura ∞ shot down the remaining escort fighters and was now focused on shooting down the queen bee. Hearts was also looking for revenge after her flight lead’s death.

“I’m not done yet!” She claimed.

“Nice.” The 404 Leader giggled. She then continued to hum a bit more.

“Here’s your graduate’s class. Sakura 0’s ace seminar 105: Never let anyone strike the final blow. Infinity, take down the queen bee!”

“Roger, boss!” Sakura ∞ confirmed.

“I have to shoot her down. She’s mine!” Hearts told herself.

“I’ll show you some fun.” The 404 Leader teased before doing some insane aerobatic maneuvers.

“I can’t believe how fast the cherry blossom and the queen bee move! I thought my craft was higher spec.” Hearts was astonished.

Sakura ∞ dealt a lot of damage to the queen bee and was near the killing blow. Sakura 0 encouraged him to shoot her down and the mission will be over. Sakura 2 and X also joined in saying that they can do it.

“C’mon, just a little bit more.” Sakura ∞ tried to get a lead before finally clipping the 404 Leader of her wings.

“Oh!” She was last heard saying before crashing down into the ground.

“Sakura ∞ got her! Hostile fighter down!” Sakura 0 reported.

“Who took her down? Number ∞ of the cherry blossoms?” Hearts was surprised.

“She was one supermaneuverable plane wasn’t she?” Sakura 2 noted.

Hearts sighed. “Hearts to Shinden Squadron. I’m taking command. Anyone who’s hit, return to Akagi now.” She took on the role as the next leader.

Kaga radioed in to her fighters. “I think you guys know what I want.” She told them.

“I don’t read. What do you want exactly?” Sakura 2 asked.

“Sakura ∞, do you copy?”

“Yeah, I hear you loud and clear.”

“If you go on the defensive, you will never become the real thing. The hungrier you are, the better. And the more reckless the situation, the better. Everything’s in place. You ready to grow up?”

“Hell yeah I do. I can’t be a rookie forever.”

“Then come back to me. All of you planes, we need to get ready for what is to come.” Kaga told everyone. All of her planes complied.

Taiho radioed in on the land forces who have finally cleared the city of Parallel forces. “All hostile aircraft eliminated. Lieutenant Bains, how’s it look on the ground?” There was a bit of silence and she said again, “Lieutenant Bains, give me a report.”

“This is Sergeant Collins of the Marine unit. Reporting in place of Lieutenant Bains. All hostile forces have been eliminated.”

“Copy… Confirm all hostile forces have been eliminated.” Taiho told everyone. “Unfortunately, it’s come at a heavy cost for our side. All units salute our courageous soldiers!”

“Breaking news! This is Cleveland reporting live in Tokyo. The former capital of Japan has just been liberated of the Parallel. With this breakthrough, the United Nations forces are one step closer in freeing the country. Despite the damage, the city is still standing and can be rebuilt quickly. Several hostages have also been freed. Today marks a momentous occasion. We will stand by for more details. USS Cleveland of the Cruiser News Network, signing off!” The cruiser reported.

Everyone offered their condolences to all that died in the line of duty, but they toughed through it. Since the city was freed, they celebrated their victory as the liberation of the country is underway. Kaga’s next priority is to reclaim her home port. Home is not too far away, but she noticed a ship in the distance. When she tried to look a bit closer, the ship disappeared in a blink. That ship bore a striking resemblance to Kaga which could only mean one thing.


Yeah that was a long chapter. The circle is almost complete. Next chapter will have Kaga returning home. But the story will not end there.

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