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The Kaga Saga 2 (Chapter 2): Old Demons

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Hello people. Before I see this get downvoted, I have a work of fiction to put out. Sorry, but I just have to because I have nowhere else to put it. Anyways, here is the second chapter to my series. I have another historical series planned that involves the lesser known theatres of naval warfare.

Kaga, Akagi, Hatsuaharu, I-168, Yamato and Yubari were sailing towards Sasebo. Kaga explained that she had a contact there who she believed would be willing to help. Once the fleet arrived at the base, they entered a Takao Bell to refuel.

“Welcome all to Takao Bell. May I take your orders?” Takao greeted everyone.

“Just a quick refuel for everyone. Get me some aviation fuel as well.” Kaga gave her order.

“Coming right up.” Takao pridefully said before ushering in the tankers.

“Also, is she here?”

“Yep.” The heavy cruiser directed the carrier to the corner. Sitting in the corner was a Kuma class cruiser bearing 40 torpedo tubes. She was a former mercenary Kaga worked with before and a legend who had served in China many years ago. Her nickname was “Demon Lord” and she was one of the most feared cruisers ever to be put in combat. Her name was Kitakami.

“Hello Kitakami, there’s no time to ask how are you because there is something very urgent.” Kaga explained.

“I understand. You got yourself into another big conflict but you need my help again.”

“Yes and I am willing to pay you whatever I have to save my lab.” Yamato barged in.

“I see. I’m sorry to tell you this, but I just want to live a normal life and spend time with my remaining sisters. I want to get past all of that grief. My mercenary days are over.”

“But this is a national emergency. Is there anything we can do to get your assistance?” Kaga pled.

“Well…” but the torpedo cruiser was interrupted by someone else.

“Yamato! Yamato! There you are!” An Agano class cruiser charged in towards the group.

“Where did she come from?” Akagi asked.

“Yahagi? How did you even get here? Okinawa is occupied by the enemy forces. Shouldn’t you be one of the imprisoned ships?” Yamato was confused.

“I managed to escape by making a run for it when the guards weren’t looking. I don’t know if they’re following me or not though.”

“Is Yukikaze safe?”

“Yeah she is along with the others held captive. But I fear they will be taken hostage.”

“Wait, did you say Yukikaze?” Kitakami wanted to confirm.

“Yeah? Why does her name resonate to you?” Yamato asked.

“Well, it’s been a few years since I served under her command. She did lead the ROCN for a while. If that’s the case and she is in trouble, then I will do my duty to help you out. Count me in.”

“That was easy.” Yubari silently uttered.

“So what is this enemy that I should be dealing with?”

Yamato then explained everything in detail. A long time ago, the Yamato Space Program was investigating the theory of parallel dimensions. There had been reports of contact with these universes. So with the use of intensive resources and funding, Yamato and her team worked on creating a portal in hopes of reaching this world. The alternate universe was to be dubbed “The Parallel.” During one such test, the machine failed to work as usual and Yamato and Yubari went out to find new parts. What they didn’t know from what Yubari had explained to her was that the residents of the Parallel were doing something similar and created their own portal that worked. It found a connection of their world’s portal and opened the way for the Evil Kaga to dominate new lands. The fleet from the Parallel were all coloured in black and of course were planning on conquering this world.

As soon as she finished her exposition, the base and surrounding areas were shelled.

“Ah shit, here we go again.” Yahagi said.

“This is the worst day of my life.” Hatsuharu cried.

“So far.” Kaga said.

Outside the base were 3 destroyers all in black. One of them looked like an Asashio and the other two were Kageros. While they were shelling, Kitakami got worried as her sisters, Kuma and Tama, were still in port. She ordered them to get out and join up with the main force which they fortunately did.


“No my precious Takao Bell! Those attackers are scaring away all my customers!” Takao cried.

“Asashio, everything is going as planned. The one that got away thinks she can escape us.” One of the black Kageros reported to the Black Asashio.

“I can see that Karerukaze. Keep in mind that we are a distraction for the landing force to the south.” The Black Asashio reminded.

“This is Hinshinokaze. It looks like their forces are retaliating.” The other black Kagero said.

“Just remember to drop your torpedoes and run. Saturate the area so they can’t catch up to us.”

But before they could do that, Kaga had sent out her dive bomber squadron (Momiji) and her lead flight group (Pink Sakuras) to bomb them. Momiji 1 dropped a bomb and set Kererukaze alight. Other members of the dive bomber squadron dropped bombs of various results. When that was over, the Sakura Squadron made their move. Sakura 0 moved in and sunk Karerukaze with his bombs.

“I softened up the targets for you. Rookie, do your part and sink her friend over there.” Sakura 0 ordered.

“Got it. Approaching the target.” Sakura ∞ said.

The Reppu approached Hinshinokaze and released his bombs on the target. The destroyer had no chance of reacting and was blown apart in two in a devastating strike to her magazines. The new member then turned his attention to the Asashio B and riddled her with bullet holes. Asashio B had no choice but to retreat. The Pink Sakuras chose not to pursue and landed back on Kaga. Kitakami then went to investigate the wrecks.

“Well Kaga, I can confirm they aren’t from here. Their name plates are currently unknown to our databases. However, I do not believe we can just take on the forces of the Parallel alone. We need a united coalition of ships from several nations if we want to defeat them. Since the Yamato Space Program is based in Okinawa which is currently occupied, I fear they possess some very powerful weapons, right Yamato?” Kitakami inquired.

“That may or may not be true.” The battleship tried to hide whatever she developed.

“Well we aren’t taking any chances. Whatever they have right now will be used against us. We need to rethink our strategy. Also I’m getting reports that the cities south of us are being captured by the Parallel. We won’t be able to defend this place in time so I am willing to give it up temporarily. I know some contacts that can help us.”

“I think I know who you will ask Kitakami. Is she based in Pearl right now?” Kaga wanted to confirm.

“That is true. I know her quite well so let’s head on there. This is how we will form our new international fleet.”

So Kaga and her friends sailed away from Japan and towards Pearl Harbor. Meanwhile, the black Asashio returned back to her commander, the Evil Kaga.

“So how did it go?” Evil Kaga asked.

“Not well. The prisoner escaped because of that carrier who looked like you. Also my friends were wiped out by a squadron bearing a pink cherry blossom insignia.” Asashio B explained.

“A pink cherry blossom huh? Interesting. Looks like my 404 Squadron will have something to look forward to. Isn’t that right?” Kaga then turned towards another unknown ship in the shadows.

The ship agreed without saying a single word.

“I like your style. You’ll be very useful in our conquest. Asashio, regroup with Atago, Massachusetts and Tirpitz. Your team will be to tail the enemy fleet and keep an eye on them. Engage them if you are noticed. I have a trap waiting for them.” The evil Kaga ordered.

And so, the war between both worlds began to unfold to its next stage.


Alright, it's out of my system. Chapter 3 should be out next week. I dunno. I'm slacking a bit if I'm honest. Still I want to finish this project of mine. I guess maybe chapter 4 will be one that requires voting. Who knows. Anyways, See you next time.

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