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The Kaga Saga 2 (Chapter 3): Allies

WorldOfWarships7 - The Kaga Saga 2 (Chapter 3): Allies

Alright. Back on schedule for another chapter to my latest series. Now featuring more subtle memes. I have nothing else to say and I want to be done with it. I still have another historical piece to work on. Enjoy I guess.

“Woof! Whimper.” I-168 barked sadly.

“It’s okay I-168. We’ll get to Pearl Harbor shortly. Remember, this is where we first met.” Kaga cheered up her pet sub.


“I never knew you you cared for pets Kaga.” Akagi wondered.

“Well I certainly wasn’t going to leave her alone.” Kaga gave her answer.

“It’s been a few days since our retreat to find reinforcements. Surely we lost parts of Japan by now. Are you sure we could barge into an American base and ask them for help?” Kuma asked.

“Be patient. My former commander is an American when I signed up for the mercenary gig.” Kitakami explained.

“Say Kaga, why are you holding those treasure pieces on you ever since we escaped Yokosuka?” Akagi was curious.

“These? Well… They are what made me the superhero I am today.”

“But surely they don’t give you superpowers, do they?”

“I’m pretty sure they do. They helped me survive my perilous journey.”

“Well… Alright. I’ll believe you then.” Akagi didn’t know what else to say.

The Kaga Fleet then entered Pearl Harbor shortly after. Kaga had been here before, but deep down, she knew she was guilty of the damages that she had caused. Last year, Kaga was here on the beginning stretch of her grand treasure hunt. One of the pieces to her quest was a giant pearl that lay beneath the waves of the harbor and was protected by the Order of the Pearl. She had no choice but to steal it from them and in doing so, killed Arizona in the process. When she took a good look, the scars from her attack remained around her. The one that hurt her deeply was when she looked at the wreck she left of what was once an American battleship. The Order of the Pearl greeted the fleet, but in a more somber tone.

“Welcome to Pearl Harbor. Home of the Mother of Pearl.” Tennessee greeted.

“What can we do for you?” Maryland asked.

“Have we met before?” Oklahoma noticed Kaga.

“Um, perhaps. I did visit as a tourist.”

“Excuse me, but we have more pressing issues.” Kitakami interrupted. “Is New Jersey here?”

“Oh her? Yeah, she’s over there next to Missouri.” California answered.

The group moved over to the Iowa class battleships only to see the two arguing with one another.

“Why can’t you be like the rest of us Missouri?” New Jersey complained.

“Why should I? I’m an A-list movie celebrity. Why should I take part in foreign conflicts to get paid if I already have a successful career in the movie business?” Missouri countered. New Jersey was about to go into a frustrated rant when she noticed everyone else watching her. She also noticed Kitakami and Kaga in the group.

“Kitakami? What are you doing here? And Kaga? What’s going on and why is there an entire fleet following you?” New Jersey asked.

“I think it’s obvious. A big star like me in town means that they all want my autograph.” Missouri gloated.

“New Jersey, we need your help. Can you contact other PMCs. There is a large war going on at home and we fear it will continue on to other parts of the world.” Kitakami explained.

“Sounds serious. Even for a Demon Lord like you, it worries me that you need the help from others. Alright, I’ll see what I can do. May I see what the current situation you are dealing with looks like?”

“Well, I’m not sure since our retreat from Sasebo. I fear for the worse.”

“Hey Yamato, don’t you have access to some surveillance satellites from above. We can use that to track what is going on.” Yubari suggested.

“Oh yeah. I forgot I have a tracker on me.” Yamato remembered. The Japanese battleship took out a computer and analyzed the situation. From above, the satellites could see what was going on at home. Things were not looking good. Everyone was shocked to see that half of Japan had already fallen to Evil Kaga’s Dark Forces, Yokosuka had already fallen and now Kaga and her friends had no home to return to. Yamato then panned the map over to Okinawa to see a large fleet of ships from the Parallel gathering there. Her island and her creations all under the control of the evil carrier. She spotted Yukikaze being held captive in a drydock. Yamato hoped for the best for her. New Jersey took a peek at the map and noticed a strange blob near their position.

“Say, Yamato. What are those blips approaching from the south of us?” New Jersey asked.

“They look like planes. Are they yours?” Yamato replied.

“Tower, this is Eagle Squadron. Requesting permission to land, over.” The planes could be overheard on the radio.

“Copy that. Permission granted. Please land at Hickam Field.” The tower responded.

“Thank you.”

“That’s strange. A full squadron of planes usually don’t land at this time.” New Jersey was suspicious.

“Maybe they had mechanical issues.” Missouri said.

“Eagle Squadron… That name sounds familiar.” Kaga tried to figure out where that name came from. Then the carrier froze after a sudden realization.

“Kaga, are you okay?” Akagi became concerned.

“Oh no.”


“It’s not safe here. We need to get out of this harbor.”

“We haven’t recruited the necessary ships for our new fleet.” Kitakami pleaded for Kaga to be patient.

Then a squadron of Hellcats and Helldivers approached the area. It looked like they were about to land but then they suddenly turned away and headed towards the ships. Before anyone knew what was going on, bombs were dropped and facilities around the base were set ablaze.

“Whoa, what the hell!?” Missouri was shocked.

“Ah shit. Here we go again.” Pennsylvania muttered.

“Protect the Pearl at all costs.” West Virginia told the Order.

“Everyone, man your AA stations now!” New Jersey ordered.

“Akagi, launch your fighters. We need to intercept now.” Kaga requested.

“Launching them now." Akagi launched her fighters.

“Sakura Squadron, launch.” Kaga got her fighters in the air. 5 flights of 4 made up the 20 plane fighter squadron with the Pink Sakuras leading the way.

“This is Sakura 0, we are all airborne. Rookie, you think you can stick to my tail?” The lead craft asked.

“I’m right behind you Teacher.” Sakura ∞ confirmed.

“Shinden Squadron. Stay together as an element.” Spades, the leader of Akagi’s squadron ordered.

“Copy that.” Hearts replied.

“Don’t let them distract you kid. Focus on shooting them all down.” Sakura X told Sakura ∞.

Both Sakura and Shinden Squadrons shot down as many planes as possible. By doing so, the damage done to Pearl Harbor was brought to a minimum. During the air battle, Kaga’s fleet made their way out of the harbor to open waters. Realizing their attack has failed, the black painted Hellcats and Helldivers retreated.

“That emblem. You don’t think it’s that ace do you?” A Hellcat from the Eagle Squadron mentioned to a friend.

“You mean the Cherry Blossom?” His friend questioned.

“Yeah. I remember his whole squadron being shot down but his persistence and skill was what kept him alive. I can’t believe he’s still around.”

When the planes disappeared over the horizon, Kaga and Akagi recalled their planes to land. Halfway through the process, both carriers were surprised to be straddled by shells. They looked up to see two battleships, a cruiser and a destroyer. All of them were painted in black. Missouri and New Jersey were confused with one of them. She looked like Massachusetts and they thought she was an ally, but that was a lie. The one painted in black is a ship from the Parallel like the other ships in her team. This was the Massachusetts B. Takao, who was also in the group with Kaga, noticed what appeared to be her sister, Atago. But since she was painted in Black as well, it could not be her. Atago B is how she will be referred. Along with them were Asashio B and Tirpitz B.

“Looks like we’re not out of this yet.” Akagi said.

“They’re all painted in black. These aren’t just a bunch of destroyers from the Parallel. They looked like an organized group.” Kaga noticed.

“That’s right. We aren’t your regular fighting force.” Atago B proclaimed.

“This is what happens when you mess with our forces.” Tirpitz B threatened.

“Surrender now and follow the will of our dear leader, Kaga.” Massachusetts B offered a deal.

“You tried to kill me but I escaped. We will only come back stronger.” Asashio B said.

“That’s right, we are the elite fighting force of our nation!” Tirpitz B bragged.


“We are the B Team!” They all said in unison.

“Try and take us all on false Kaga.” Asashio B said. “We know you can’t defeat us in your position.”

“Well then. That’s when you’re wrong. Akagi, stay back and order your planes to attack them. I will deal with them myself. Also take care of my planes if they need to refuel.” Kaga explained.

“What!? You aren’t serious about going up to them in secondary range are you?” Akagi was confused about what her friend was about to do.

“No worries. Watch this. Sakura 0, lead all available aircraft to do some damage to the so called B Team.”

“Roger that.” The plane complied.

The carrier started to approach the B Team. The ships in black were mocking her for approaching them as an underpowered carrier. Did they really think she was going to hit them with her puny guns? Well they were going to find out soon enough. A magic glow appeared around Kaga and her shape and form started to change. The B Team was speechless. Akagi was shocked to see it happen as well. All this time with Kaga telling her she was a superhero started to make sense. When the metamorphic stage was done, Kaga was no longer a carrier. She became her battleship form, a Tosa class.

“Let’s dance ladies.” Kaga taunted.

“Impossible. How can she even do that?” Tirpitz B was perplexed.

“Regardless, she will make a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!” Atago B said.

“I did not see that coming.” Asashio B was surprised.

“New Jersey, Missouri, cover both my flanks. Kitakami, Hatsuharu and Takao, can you screen me and deal with the black Asashio?”

“That I can do.” Kitakami confirmed.

“Akagi, just stay back there and provide air support. My Sakura Squadron is still in the air but my dive bombers and torpedo planes are not launched. You need to do that for me..”

“Sure. I get protection from Yamato and her crew right?”

“Yes. Kuma and Tama are also screening for you.”

With Kaga on the front line, she brawled with the other battleships while the cruisers kept her safety in check by preventing Asashio B and Atago B from being threats. In the air, the aircraft from both carriers buzzed above the B Team. Bombs and torpedoes dropped from Akagi’s bombers were forcing the ships to frantically move, however, the AA from the ships combined made it difficult to get a good hit on the ships. Sakura 0, the brave leader of his squadron, wanted to test out Sakura ∞’s skills. Both of them, along with Sakura 2, had a pair of bombs on their wings. Sakura X had a laser. They are viable against the ships they were facing but they can only concentrate on one.

“Alright kid. It’s time for Sakura 0’s ace seminar 104. When in doubt, always take the reckless route.” The flight leader taught.

“You think it will work? Oh well, this is Sakura 2, I’m going in.”

“Laser is ready to fire. Sakura ∞, you call the shots on who we should target.” Sakura X told the new rookie.

“Right-o. I choose that ship.” Sakura ∞ directed himself towards the Tirpitz B.

Sakura 0 agreed with his choice. All of Sakura Squadron dived towards Tirpitz B. Somehow they managed to break through the AA and dropped bombs one by one on her. Even the Shinden Squadron from Akagi, joined in and strafed the ship.

“AH! I’m hit!” Tirpitz B shouted.

“Carriers have always been overpowered I have to admit.” Asashio B noted.

“All you had to do was just dodge. Keep track of where they’re going while you fight the false Kaga.” Massachusetts said.

“Really not helping guys.” Tirpitz B was upset.

“Hello there Cherry Blossoms.” Hearts from Shinden Squadron greeted.

“Ugh, not the Suits again.” Sakura 2 sighed.

“Quit screwing around. Let’s take her down!” Sakura 0 shut him up.

“What’s the plan, Z?”

“Just shoot whatever you can. I’m going for a gun run.”

After the initial strafe by the A6M8, the carrier based Kikka, Sakura X, unleashed his laser and left a big mark on the battleship. Tirpitz B screamed in pain as she was almost sawed in half by the blade of light.

“She’s almost down. Sakura ∞, give her the final blow.” Sakura 0 ordered.

“No way. We’re going to sink her first.” Spades said.

“We’ll see about that.” Sakura ∞ went.

The A7M Reppu broke through the flak and dropped his last bomb and it landed straight through the deck of Tirpitz B. The strike was devastating and effectively sunk the battleship in black.

“ARGGGHHH!!!” Tirpitz B screamed.

“We lost one. Their air power is too effective. All ships, pull out. We’ll be back in stronger numbers.” Asashio B ordered.

“Aw, I was just about to have fun.” Atago B said.

“Lost of one ship means a lot. I can’t take on 3 battleships on my own.” Massachusetts B mentioned.

“Good work kid.” Sakura 0 praised Sakura ∞.

“Well done ∞.” Kaga congratulated.

“Hey the ships in black are turning away.” Missouri noticed.

“I order you not to follow.” Kaga commanded.

“You’re not the boss of me.”

“Listen to her Mo. We won’t help you if you chase them down.” New Jersey reminded.

“Alright fine.”

“Which squadron took out that scary battleship?” Hatsuharu questioned.

“It’s hard to tell from all the planes in the air but I think it was the Shinden Squadron. Possibly the Suits flight.” Yamato believed.

“Yeah? It looked like a different group from down here.”

“Well thanks a lot Shindens. We couldn’t have done it without you.” Takao thanked.

“I uh…” Hearts didn’t know what to say.

“Report for debriefing back at home Hearts.” Spades ordered her.


“Hey they’re taking all our credit from our rookie here.” Sakura X noticed

“Ha ha! Ahh, let ‘em.” Sakura 0 chuckled.

“Kaga here. Don’t worry about it. You guys proved to be better than them anyways. And on top of that, we got a new phenom on our team. You think you got what it takes to be part of the elite Pink Sakuras, Infinity?”

“Well… we’ll see about that. You gotta thank the Teacher for his tactics and skills.” Sakura ∞ was humbled.

Kaga returned to her carrier form and all planes landed on their respected carriers. With the battle now over, Pearl Harbor had sustained considerable damage. The Order of the Pearl had been demoralized but they all survived the onslaught. Takao returned from one of her Takao Bell locations near the harbor to refuel all the ships. Once everyone had settled down, Kaga approached them and asked if they needed help.

“I am sorry for what I have brought with me. You must no longer suffer but I will make a rather large request. With our world in threat of an invading force of another, I think it’s best if we can band together and stop them.” Kaga offered.

“I’m sorry, but we of the Order of the Pearl had made a promise to protect our precious treasure.” Pennsylvania declined.

“We can’t join you because of this. However, New Jersey and Missouri could help you.” California said.

“It’s alright Kaga. We’ll help you and your people get out of this mess. This looks like more than a national emergency. The whole world is under threat now and I think it’s time we head to the United Nations and request an international fleet to stop these folks from the Parallel.” New Jersey encouraged.

“An international fleet huh? I will admit that superior numbers will push them back. Hopefully it won’t be too long. I’m starting to miss my home.” Yamato grieved.

“And Yukikaze?” Yahagi mentioned.

“Her too…”

“We’ll follow you Kaga. Let’s make a quick stop to LA and pick up Iowa. From there, you can decide where you want to go next to find more friends.” New Jersey suggested.

“Alright. I have a few other people in mind right now. Let’s head for LA first.” Kaga agreed before letting off a big sigh.

“What’s on your mind Kaga?” Akagi asked her.

“Nothing. It’s just that I feel a ghost had come back to haunt me.”


“It’s best you don’t know. Let’s just get on with our journey and come home safely.”

And on they went, unbeknownst that they were indeed being followed from the shadows.


Alright, that was a good long chapter. I think it's pretty obvious who is following them. You can figure it out yourself. Anyways, chapter 4 is done but release date is not determined yet. Maybe next week. Anyways, hope to see you next time.

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