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The Kleber Problem

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I used to love the Kleber, I really did. It was my go-to boat for the last clan battle season and I had quite a lot of fun playing it as the only DD that felt best in a well-timed ambush. However, I could accept that it needed nerfs. Any time we were on the receiving end of a Kleber wolfpack we felt as though there was little that could be done to fight back from such small ships spamming ranged HE. As much as I hated to see my favorite DD get nerfed, I agreed that such a horrible ship to fight should be nerfed.

But then they went and mixed everything up. The detection nerf has made the ambush playstyle far too risky, yet the annoying Kleber wolfpacks that dominated Clan Battles remain unnerfed. There's no reason to take the risk of trying to ambush a ship with a 7.8km detection, especially when most DD's will no have a 2km gap to react in. So, the safest and most logical option is to just make Kleber another Khaba-like gunboat. We abandon all attempts to get up close. Instead of the high-risk high reward gameplay that constantly places Klebers at the edge of their detection, we get a pack of tiny destroyers buzzing around at 50 knots some 16kms away.


The Kleber needed to be nerfed, yes. But all they've done is nerf the riskier playstyle and forced people to play more of the safer and more annoying spamming style. I don't mind if they keep some of the nerf to detection, but they need to actually address the problems with this boat. Reduce the effectiveness of the saturation gimmick. Reduce the reload of the ship itself to decrease DPM. Do literally anything that actually affects its ability as a long-range gunboat, but let it have back the niche as the ambush DD.

I love the Kleber, I still do. It's the only t10 I've bought a premium camo for. I had so much fun getting up close to a cruiser and rushing them in a desperate trade of health. I don't think I'll ever feel like playing it again if it's just another gunboat DD. The surface detection is too large for any match with a CV, in which you will forever be permaspotted and killed through your weak AA, and the only playstyle that works in clan battles is to fill a roster with them and just annoy your enemies to death. There's nowhere I would ever want to use this boat right now.

I would much rather the boat have god awful dpm and a fun playstyle than good dpm and being forced to spam from afar.

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