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The pain of playing Shimakaze

WorldOfWarships2 - The pain of playing Shimakaze

I made a joke about how painful it was to play Shimakaze earlier.

It is one of my favorite ships, and it is generally extremely fun. Although goodness mercy me it does suffer at the hands of rocket planes and radar cruisers sometimes!

While you might say that it's not a very good boat based on its performance as a ship?

WoWs stats and numbers Shimakaze

Shimakaze has the worst win percentage, so it must not be any good right?

Uhm, nope. Look a little closer and realize that the 2nd most played ship and the 2nd "worst" the Gearing only has 77% as many games played.

Harugumu comes in 3rd in both the highest number of games played, and 3rd lowest win % see the trend there?

If you explore that further the more total games played correlates strongly with a lower win rate, it's not proof of causation, but it's a pretty strong hint.

Correlation does not equal causation. But if there is a strong correlation there is a reason for that correlation.

It should be obvious that as more people play more games in a particular ship the quality of the captains involved becomes more average.

But there are other factors. The more popular a ship is the more often it appears on both teams, which limits the ship's win % for that match to 50%. And it's entirely possible that having 2, or 3 of a particular ship, even a 'good ship' on a team might hurt a team.


There are other reasons why a 'good' ship might have a lower win % than other 'good' ships, or even some bad ships, which aren't worth delving into here. (The ship with the most battles has probably been around the longest being among them.)

I think the thing that makes Shimakaze both extremely fun, and sometimes extremely frustrating to play is that anything can kill you. A torpedo strike from any other ship can kill you, planes can kill you, you're not going to be favored to win many gunfights. Except maybe for the odd moment when you find yourself in a 1v1 shootout with a Kagero or Yugumo.

But you can kill anything. And you can kill anything in the game with a single strike.

The torpedo alpha strike ranges from 350K all the way down to 314K, which is still 3 Kremlins worth of damage.

That's just fun.

it's like being the heavyweight champion, we don't just expect him to be able to beat anyone, we would like him to be able to knock anyone out with a single punch.

That was kind of long huh?

Thanks for reading if you did, if not.

Well, thanks for not reading I guess?

Thanks for playing ships with me and thanks for hanging out on Reddit and talking about playing ships with me.

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