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the possiblity of Type 3 shell (San shiki) add to game

WorldOfWarships4 - the possiblity of Type 3 shell (San shiki) add to game

i think if it's possible to add Type 3 shell (abbreviated as T3S) in WOWS. Below is my idea of this speical shell:

First of all, for historical reasons, all Japanese battleships from T5 Kongo should add the Type 3 shell as a new shell type.
It only takes half of the time for normal loading time to switch from other types of ammunition to Type 3 shell (but the time for reloading the new round of T3S/ cutting back to the other types from T3S is still the normal loading time)
Due to the limited firing angle of the main gun, the effective air defense area should be a funnel-shaped zone of limited size. For the sake of gameplay, a visual effect similar to the torpedo-launching green zone should be designed to visually represent this area
Also for historical reasons, T3S should be able to shoot at sea (especially when against lightly armored targets like destroyers) and the splash effect of HE shell in WOT should be introduced when determining the hit
If you want to defense air attack, press CTRL to bring up the cursor and select the squadron manually. Once selected, all turrets will rotate automatically. If the squadron is still within the attack range after loading finished, you will decide whether to fire manually. If the squadron is out of range or in a blind zone you can still hold the lock or manually press CTRL to unlock the target

Here are answers of questions you may be asked:

  1. T3S is automatically aiming (proper lead is maintained until firing moment), and the killing radius of a single warhead is large, and the damage should be higher than Defensive AA fire

  2. As a compensation for having the ability to one shot kill all, when the battleship chooses to fire T3S— first of all, it is obvious that the main gun cannot simultaneously strike the sea; Second, it would receive the same penalty as normal for firing concealment punishment; Also, all of your turrets will turn to the direction of the enemy aircraft. To attack the sea again after anti-air, you will need extra time to turn the gun. (Of course, T3S can hit the sea , but it is not effective against heavy armor/long range targets, and will only but not set fire)

  3. The introduction of this mechanism puts forward higher requirements for both aircraft carriers and Japanese battleship captains: For aircraft carriers, when attacking Japanese battleships, they should pay special attention to the pointing of their turrets, thus requiring more attack skills and faster spot response; For battleship side, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the sea, but also to the movement in the air, so that responding to the incoming enemy aircraft and decide whether to adopt the T3S for air defense based on the combat situation and their own position. At the same time, this mechanism will help to improve the poor anti-air ability and durability of Japanese battleships in the game environment.

  4. As for the halving of the time of the T3S, this is a change for the balance of the game ; Please note that the "Expert Loader" in the captain's skill will not affect the cut time.

  5. T3S's special splash effect is designed by its actual effect and stand out the characteristics of ammunition, and splash radius should be limited and can not be ignored

  6. The anti-air damage and effective anti-air distance of the T3S are closely related to the
    caliber/ velocity and other data, and should be calculated by relevant formulas. Due to the impact mechanism of the unique shell, the damage of a single hit should be calculated as single damage × the hit number, so the damage of one round is also related to the number of turrets fired. It allows you to choose whether to fire immediately or risk missing the firing chance in exchange for larger damage. As a result, the damage of a single shell will not be too high, and a smaller number of shells will not directly cause devastating blows to the squadron, thus providing more options for battleships

  7. Priority AA sector (O key) of Japanese battleships is not affected by this mechanism.

Above is all about my idea. If you have any suggestions please leave your valuable comment. I'm not English-speaking so please ignore these silly grammatical mistakes. Every comments counts.

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