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The real problem with the ARP Yamato (Unpopular opinion but it’s not the ship)

WorldOfWarships2 - The real problem with the ARP Yamato (Unpopular opinion but it’s not the ship)

(I apologise for the word vomit in advance)

It saddens me to say it, but from watching the WoWs Forums/Reddit and seeing the ship in game over the last few days its becoming rapidly apparent that the biggest problem this game has isn’t Wargaming selling the ARP Yamato. It’s the players and their toxicity/elitism in how they react to it.

Before I go further I want to agree with you all that yes this thing is overpriced as hell (as all pixel ships are IMO) and yes Wargaming seems more and more intent on emulating Scrooge McDuck with each passing month. I’ll dig into the economics and “Being able to buy a T10” later but none of that justifies what I’ve seen over the last few days.

My question for you all is why should anyone be attacked and publically ridiculed for purchasing anything in a video game? If someone has decided that the joy a ship brings is worth X amount of money, then what is it to you? Why piss on someone else’s cornflakes?

My partner has been playing WoWs with me and my Clan for about 3 months now (more for the community of the Clan than for the game itself) and she’s handling Battleships well enough for a casual player. She has had no idea what ARP is but she’s seen the pictures from the previous ARP collaboration and has always been a little gutted that “The Pretty Ships” weren’t something she could work towards as a new player. We put a few £ aside in case they ever brought the collaboration back again and she set herself the task of working her way towards the Yamato, with a secondary goal of teaching herself the way of the Destroyer as she grinds for the Gearing (so she can use the Bumble Bee skin she got from a Transformers Container).

Fast forward to recent weeks. She’s not one to focus her efforts but despite spinning the many plates that is doing several ship lines at once she is well into the T9 Japanese BB line. Clan Battles have allowed her to “try before you buy” in regards to the Yamato and she’s absolutely loving it as a ship, so when the ARP Yamato dropped into the store it was basically all the things she’s wanted from WoWs in one neat shiny package. The insane cost didn’t go unnoticed but between the £ we’d put aside for an ARP return, the fact she has no interest the Black Friday ships and her insane luck winning Doubloons in Twitch Raffles it was doable so she went for it.

Taking her new pride and joy out into Random should have been a happy experience. Instead it was 5-10 matches of sustained abuse. Every single match started with her being called all kinds of names, not for her contribution to the match but for daring to save up some £ and Doubloons for a ship she liked the look of. It got to the point where she’d rather not take out her pride and joy than face the harassment for owning it (and she’s dropped any notion of owning any of the other ARP ships now either). The real icing on the cake is that every single hypocritical Cockwomble that gave her abuse has a profile chocked full of premium ships.


Which brings me to my overarching point. This player base is absolute cancer and I’ll be honest, I’ve seen better sportsmanship on a Call of Duty server. This game struggles with retaining new players and this is 100% why. My Clan tries to be a good home for newbo’s but the amount of new players that give WoWs a go for a couple of weeks and then quit because of the toxicity in Random Battles is beyond counting. Before we all cry about CV’s and how selling a glowing Yamato is killing the game, we might want to look more inwards for where the real problems are. You want less potatoes in your games, how about you take the time to mentor one instead of berating them in chat? Please by all means give me an example of where hurling abuse at someone in chat or poking fun of them on Reddit has made them a better player and improved your future game experience.

Ignoring all the elitist bullshit for a moment tho, lets actually look at the cost and ramifications of Wargaming selling the ARP Yamato (A very specific ship that the lore of the collaboration gives them an excuse to sell).

When you did down into it the price of the ARP Yamato is broadly in line with the existing ship price structure. A T8 BB is about £35. A T9 is about £55. This is roughly a 60% increase as you go up a Tier, which is fairly close to the same percentage increase when you weigh the ARP Yamato against a T9. I think the bigger issue here is that ALL of the ships are too expensive and that this is just most apparent at the highest tiers. You know this tho when you get into any Wargaming product so anyone being bitter here is being bitter because they can’t afford it (Or have already spaffed all their money on a fleet of premium ships and are feeling somewhat entitled). I can’t afford my own ARP Yamato because I put the few £ I had spare for this game into ensuring my partner got hers (as it means way more to her than it does to me). Am I disappointed, sure. Am I going to abuse others because I can’t afford it, hell no. I’m happy for them and I want them to have a great time in their new ship.

As for the ramifications of selling a T10, let’s not kid ourselves. With all the boosts, containers and flags new players get they could do a focused grind to their first T10 in about 1-2 weeks. For everyone else, you’ve always been able to buy Free XP via conversion. I could buy the stock Yamato using Doubloons right now, or I could spend the same amount on the ARP one. Honestly someone please tell me the difference and why it matters to you?

If you’ve stuck with this post this far, then I apologise for the rant. The player base attitude has been bugging me for some time and if this post saves even a few players from future abuse then I’ll consider it words worth saying. Remember guys, as a community you get the player base you deserve.

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    Steve X
    Nov 15, 2020 12:59 pm

    I agree completely, good job. I have been playing for a while and have done the grinds to get to higher level ships. I have plenty of other ships at levels 8 and 9 and I saw this offer and thought, why not, it looks like “fun” and I know how to drive it. Plus I play with my family and they “pitched in” and gave me an early X-Mas present. It was nice of them. I also did the math and to go into the Japanese Tech line and get to the Yam that way, it’s about the same cost.

    Of course going into Random Battles I experienced the same comments from the peanut gallery and heard the whole “pay to win” stuff. I can say that you will definitely still lose if you don’t know what you’re doing so the “pay to win” argument doesn’t hold true, at least in my experience.

    I like the Warships game and 95% of the people out there. It’s a great game and community.

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