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The Redundant and Poor Tradeoff Skills of the Captain Rework

WorldOfWarships4 - The Redundant and Poor Tradeoff Skills of the Captain Rework

So with the captain rework being out for a little bit, and I've been busy making builds to work for certain ships and overall enjoying the aspect of being able to play a little bit more with making builds for each ship or ships with similar playstyles.

However, I couldn't help but ask others what they think of a couple of the more redundant and poor trade off skills that just aren't worth taking or are like throw away skills for your last extra points.

I'll sort of list them off and give my opinion of why I think they just aren't worth it:

  • (CV) Hidden Menace (4Pt): +15% concealment is great, but that -50% return time doesn't sound good. Is it referring to when the planes are returning to the carrier or when they're breaking off and heading to their safe altitude after dropping ordnance? Either case sounds pretty bad either way.
  • (CV) Enhanced Reactions (4pt): This also seems good on paper, but one has to realize fighters only linger for about a minute, so losing any of that time kind of sucks. You pretty much have to be in a sort of "groove" in that your have to drop fighter patrols pretty much before the enemy CVs planes are heading towards their target to waste their time once they get there. I don't know, I've yet to see how effective this one is in action, but I'm speculative at this point; maybe some share their experience with using it?
  • (BB) Super Heavy Shells (3pt): +5% increase in AP damage for what is basically 78 sec burn and flooding timers!? This one is so uneven in it's risk vs reward and probably only worth it on like say Russian Battleships with their DCPs? Even BoS can't fully mitigate it as you still get a net increase of +15% timers.
  • (CL/CA/CB) Eye in the Sky (2 Pt): This skill would be great skill on cruisers… if all cruisers had access to spotter plane. The Russian CL, Some British CL/CA, Itilian CL/CAs, and most Tier IX-X Cruisers have access to spotter planes. IJN, USN, German, and French cruiser lines from tier IV-VIII do not have access to spotter planes, so only the beforementioned ship lines and high tier cruisers can utilize this skill. I really wish this wasn't the only gun range related skill we got, and wish we got a skill that increased gun range. My opinion on this my be a bit more controversial than other skills here, but that's mainly my gripe with how spotter plane is like an exclusive consumable for cruisers.
  • (CL/CA/CB) Heavy HE and SAP Shells (3 pt): Besides the meme builds that people are making, this skill really only benefits 127mm-140mm Cruisers as they don't get the concealment tradeoff and can use it without drawback. Even so, this is only a 10% damage buff to a class that already has good DPM, so I see it either as redundant or a throw-away skill for all intensive purposes, as being able to not disengage is not really worth it, no matter how maneuverable your ship is.
  • (CL/CA/CB) Outnumbered (4pt): As far as I can tell, this skill only benefits ships with really low gun range, as having more gun range makes it less likely to activate. Even then, cruisers already have decent dispersion + good Rate of fire to make up for poor accuracy and really only benefits Large Cruisers the most so they can get more consistent shots. This skill either needs to be reworked or just flat out removed for something better and more consistent to match it's high 4 point cost. (Like extra gun range…)
  • (CL/CA/CB) Survivability Expert (3 pt): REALLY? THEY KEPT THIS SKILL FOR CRUISERS?! If there was a poster child of redundant skills it'd be this one right here: SE on cruisers is just so bad for many reasons. For starters, most cruisers get anywhere from 5% to 8% extra HP from this skill, it's only the super light cruisers such as Atlanta, Smolensk, and Colbert that get 9% to 12% extra HP that I'd ever merit the skill being worth it. However, these are cruisers were talking about here, the class that can easily be 100% to 0% from a small mistake: 5% to 8% extra HP is not going to save you in the long run and is very much a super redundant skill that boggles my mind that they kept in for cruisers of all things. Unless this was like a 1 point skill, maybe, but 3 points is just pushing it.
  • (DDs, Cruisers, BBs) Consumables Enchantments/Specialist (2pt/1pt): I really miss old Jack of All Trades. I also miss Smoke Screen Expert for my Royal Navy Cruisers. They cut up and butchered old JoAT and replaced SSE for these 2 throwaway skills? Besides maybe longer smoke for crawling smoke, longer radar, ect? "Hey guys they made that Consumables module good now!"… Still, I just miss having faster reloading repair party for Battleships, especially with captains that enhanced JoAT, they REALLY lost some of their value. The Dunkirks and the Jutlands for example lost some of their value because of this rework. It's just not the same.

Anyways, what do you guys think? Do you think there some skills that are just redundant or have poor tradeoff? And please, PLEASE don't talk about Deadeye here: there's enough posts bitching about how it promotes passive sniping that it's like beating a dead horse if you mention it here. For what it's worth, Deadeye has proven to have the best gains on ships with good dispersion already, so spread the word that it provides marginal benefit to all but the most accurate BBs and let that be the end of it.

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