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The sounds of war

WorldOfWarships5 - The sounds of war

I’ve been playing my kurfurst on a daily routine lately just to eventually grind out the legendary module. I play her as a fully secondary build meme boat and fully realize it’s not the most ideal build for stats and performance. I have other boats for competitive play and just like to have fun with her.


Last night I fired a match up to get my daily win. Matchmaker spawned me at the far east side of the map with a lightning and Wooster. As the lightning was doing a good job spotting and showing me that there was only 3 enemies, I believe it was a gearing, a Minotaur and a BB who was a fair distance from the cap. I had sailed in a bit too close for comfort to the cap and realized that if I decided to turn now that there was a good chance in eating a big salvo of torps. As luck would have it, both the enemy dd and mino each pop their smoke and I am now maybe 2km from the cap edge with a secondary build kurry, fully undetected and decide to go full steam ahead and lead this charge. Blasting my horn like a mad man on a runaway train, the lightning and Wooster realize what’s about to happen here and join me. With all the sonar available, none of us ate any torps and we just plowed right through the east flank allowing us to to annihilate the enemy team. Got my daily win lol

TL;DR blasting my war horn to strike fear in the enemy and to signal my teammates of my intentions actually payed off

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