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Things to Consider when Looking to join a Clan!

WorldOfWarships5 - Things to Consider when Looking to join a Clan!

Always look at the WoWs Membership page of each clan you look up, and you should look them up under the Clan Search feature. One of the really important things that will show you how "active" a clan is is to look at the far right column on that page. That shows how many days it has been since the player on that line last played WoWs. The more you see over, say 3 days, and the higher the number of days since last played the more inactive that player is and the more players you identify in that mode the less active the clan is. Look at the column that shows how long each member as been a member of that clan and it will tell you bit about the clans stability (not always a good thing) and the player with the highest number of day as a member of that clan will give you the approximate age of that clan in the game.

Next you want to go to their port page and near their name at the top is a small green box with white lines in it. Click on that and there will be a statement about what the clan is striving for. Next click on the Naval Base in the upper left corner of their Port Page and look at each facility to find out how many expansion of that facility have been built and how much the % you will have added to that area of your after battle statistics. The more expansion finished the higher the rate of extra income after each battle you will receive for being a member of that clan. After all one of the reasons to join a clan is to earn more economic assets which shortens the time you will need to advance up through the tiers while also reducing the cost of each Tech Tree Ship you purchase.

If you want to participate in Clan Battles look closely at their clan battle record and it will show how active they are in playing that game mode. Let me add that Unlike Random, Operations, and Ranked Battles, and any of the other contests that occur from time to time in WoWs, playing in a clan battle is always about how effectively each of the 2 clans in a battle work together as a TEAM. Rarely will you see the selfishness of all players in non clan battle games that is so prevalent. In fact you will find greater sportsmanship and comradeship between the clan battle teams (most of the time but there are exceptions) unlike the nasty and often personalized attacks of poor sports in noon clan battle gamed. Another major reason for wanting to play in Clan Battles is that you will earn more Coal and Steel playing in Clan Battles than any other game in WoWs, while your other economic gains are generally higher thus producing more based on your clan's Naval Base finish level.


Members in Clans use primarily DISCORD or TEAM SPEAK, for voice and message communications and while playing together. Other clan members will play with you to make grinds more enjoyable normally, and you will develop bonds of friendship with you clan mates. BUT there are clans who are not as friendly so visit them on their communications channel and play a game or two with them listening carefully and observing keenly the activity of that clan while you are visiting them.

There are clans that have no rules or ask nothing of you and they rarely ever participate in anything as a clan but do have fully built out Naval Bases so you will receive the increased income from them. They are new clans starting which may, or may not, succeed as a clan. There are clans that play clan battles only for fun and economic benefit and don't care where they finish at the end of the season. There are competitive clans that forms Clan battle Teams from who ever is present to play and try to win. Then there are the really competitive teams who will field a clan battle team comprised of their very best players and if a new player joins who is better than you will replace you on that team with the better player. No personality involved – just the best player is always at the top of team selection. There are also clans that take new players who do not yet have upper tier ships that will help develop you as a player. Great starting point to learn the game and about clans. Some of those clans have tie-ins with competitive clans much like baseball farm teams to feed players to their parent clan.

As you can see there is a great deal to consider and sadly very few players, often even veteran players, take the time to do some research, visit with clans, even playing with them, before making a decision. What may be a great clan for one player you may not like or feel a part of!

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