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I know I can't be the only one thinking this. What is it with this game's community? Seriously. Everyone is so quick to jump on other's mistakes and beat them down for it.

Let's say we have an inexperienced DD who makes a bad play by smoking in cap, but not maneuvering and spreading it out, making him an easy target for opposing DD's torpedoes. The outcome here is obvious; our DD is going to get dev-struck by enemy torps. So now our team is down a DD. Our DD made an absolutely stupid play here. Should we let him know that? Of course. He should be made aware that the outcome was a result of his own actions and not pure dumb luck. But will he be told that? No. Instead, the team will continue on putting him down, whittling away at him. No one will attempt to be constructive; no one will ever attempt to actually help him. On top of that, someone in the game will show up in his DM's after the game is over and write him a whole ass essay as to why he sucks and should uninstall.

Sometimes games get thrown, and naturally, people will be upset at that. But the amount of people who take this game and treat it like its a job; like losing a game because one player made a bad play is now going to have an impact on their finances and livelihood, just baffles me. In what situation is flaming them like they're the jungles of Vietnam good? Would it not be better to give them a constructive response; something they can take and use to better themselves rather than just saying "you suck and should just uninstall and not bother coming back."


Let me make this clear; I am a below average player. My win rate is nothing to be proud of. While some of it is because I have been taking breaks from this game since early 2016 whenever it got to be too much, it's also in part to my own skill seemingly stagnating even when I try to improve for months on end; like I've hit an unbreakable ceiling. Now I try not to make blatantly bad plays like the example I've provided, and more often than not it works out. But sometimes you just have that really shitty game, where nothing works out. The whole team responds to it in a way that certainly makes it feel like you're the sole reason of your death (and in some cases the team's loss), but no one would ever step up and offer to help. Never. Not through simply explaining what went wrong, not an offer to div and help improve, not nothing.

If it weren't for the lack of slurs being thrown around I'd think this is Xbox Live (although with all the people who are treating public chat in games like a political platform now, who knows). You'd think with a game that has as many older folks playing it the community would be a little more mature; a little more willing to help. But no. If I wanted to LARP as a tough battle-scarred sea dog, I'd just join the real navy, and I don't know, actually contribute to something meaningful.

If I'm missing something, and there's a reason for this kind of behavior to be justified, please, let me know.

TLDR; Community is growing in toxicity. Everyone is all fine with beating on someone whenever they make a mistake, but no one ever wants to step up and help less skilled players improve. Rather, they essentially tell them to fuck off and either go back to playing low tiers (because playing Karlsruhe and Bogatyr are just excellent ways to practice playing Hindenburg and Moskva, arent they?) or to just uninstall entirely. Becoming more and more like the communities of WoT (especially Blitz). To shrink it down to a single sentence; people treat the game like a job, and not like the game that it is.

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