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This patch (0.9.3.) has to be one of the better ones we’ve had in a very long time.

WorldOfWarships1 - This patch (0.9.3.) has to be one of the better ones we've had in a very long time.

Because there is no ridiculous short-termed timegating and no temporary currencies, it's deliciously bereft of uninspired shenanigans like the previous dozen patches (because let's be honest, the directives are all just the same missions over and over and over again, just for a different kind of currency).

With clan battles and the upcoming ranked sprint, there is, IMHO, ample content for players who need their share of tasks/rewards, and the campaign can also be completed in 4 weeks like a regular directive would for those who wish to continue on the conditioned path of previous patches. But contrary to a normal directive: it is absolutely not a must if one does. One can let it simmer for a while and only start in May, June or even September, and still not miss out on the content. Or complete it at one's own leisurely pace, taking breaks when one wants.

While the campaign comes with it own set of difficulties and a longer-term timegate (why was that needed WG? Yamamoto & Halsey are perpetual, why couldn't Świrski be one as well), it still is way more enjoyable knowing you have 6 months to complete it, instead of the usual 4/8 weeks. No borderline mandatory daily attendance, no "playing when one doesn't feel like", no missing out of content because one isn't loyal on a daily basis. And it's absolutely perfect!

This patch, bereft of short-termed goals and time-limited stuff is a direly needed breath of fresh air, where players can sit back and play a whole lot less (or not play at all) and not miss out on stuff that otherwise would not come back (or come back at an absurd coal price).


I sincerely hope that patches like these, that do not contain any 4-week duration timegated content become a more regular addition in the update cycle, intertwined with the regular directive-flavoured content, as direly needed points of rest. As being able to take some distance and lay of WoWS for a while is what helps keeping the game fresh and enjoyable (especially since in terms of gameplay innovation and renewal there is not a lot going on), and it prevents the reeking of a grind-hell with no end, which WoWS very much became in the last year or so.

For the devs and community team that has to analyse the spreadsheet about player activity: please don't make the wrong assumption that "lower player activity" means that this patch was ill-received, and players desire more directives and 4-week timegates. In my case it just means I really, really, REALLY needed that break. And given the numerous complaints about event-fatigue and burn-out/bore-out, I assume I'm not alone with that.

EDIT: yes, I am more than aware of the "CV in Clan Battles" and "Ranked Sprint, designed as mid-tier content, now being Tier 9/10", which is questionable to say the least. But that's not the scope of this subject. It's the events and time-gating.

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