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Thoughts about the new ranked after ranking out…

WorldOfWarships4 - Thoughts about the new ranked after ranking out...

I just finished ranking out of gold league tonight and thought I would start a thread to discuss the current ranked.

A bit of background – I think I'm a pretty good player. Playing since CBT. 3600+ battles, 60.5% WR solo player only. Generally a DD player but pretty balanced between all three classes. I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the CV class.

Bronze league flew by. Rode the Cossack and Lo Yang combo for T8 and finished undefeated. Both of these are great DDs for ranked, the Cossack has the great concealment, the high alpha for the 8 gun broadside and the PRN smokes for when you get in trouble. The Lo Yang with the offensive ability with the 5.5km hydro and the American smokes.

For Silver, the T9,T10 option – I initially tried to go with the Smaland but couldn't get it to reliably work. I enjoy the Smaland in randoms for its DD hunting ability but found that generally I wouldn't survive to make an impact on the game. I ended up switching to my favorite DD of all time, the Benham, given that it wouldn't cause your team to be disadvantaged as you would simply have another T9 dd to play against. While Benham is not a brawler at all, it had the ability to deal big damage to the enemy team BBs and wayward CAs to change the outcome of the match. Sometimes you would also get lucky with the RPF torps at the beginning of a match and take out the enemy DD.
The key to Benham is to never sit on a loaded torp set. Fire away even if its a low percentage play. Finished Silver with a 69% WR for the Benham.


For Gold – Again tried to make the Smaland happen but it was just not working. In fact, I ended the season <50% in Smaland games. Daring was ok, but it feels sluggish with the 36kn top speed and the lack of any particularly outstanding aspect or gimmick. Watched Yuro's latest video and felt inspired to try the Memetaur (radar Mino) which was actually quite effective. The ability to stealth radar for 48 s with the radar module was brutally effective against enemy DDs. Basically immune to torps with the hydro and maneuverability and decent AA to keep the CVs off your back. Obviously the main issue was not to get deleted by the enemy BBs. You end up hyperaware of their positioning and end up repositioning island to island when you know you are safe. Knowing which islands to start at from each map was super important. You can do a fair amount of farming damage to broadside CAs and BBs lobbing shells while backing up slowly over an island. As well, the super heal helps when you do get caught out as long as it doesn't simply delete you. Ended with a 67% win rate in the Memetaur.

Final thoughts – I liked the broken up aspect of ranked this time around. I've never actually finished before – the furthest previously was rank 3 before giving up. I liked the varied tier aspect as well not to simply play the same tier throughout. Still some very frustrating and questionable plays going on. Obviously, you are not going to win them all, but saw lots of teammates throwing the game by doing very stupid things, or being AFK or actively not participating. In fact, the game that I ranked out on, no BBs, 4 dds and 3 CAs, the friendly Smolensk actually retreated to the back end of the map and refused to do anything or move up. Thankfully all of the enemy DDs decided to run into islands so we were able to win 6 ships to 7. In terms of CVs – FDR was overpowering at times, other CVs were fine. I understand the FDR gimmick of big slow damage, but the huge HP pool of the planes is just prohibitive in terms of mounting any AA defence.

Anyways, interested to hear other people's experiences.

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