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Thoughts on Ranked Season 12 after reaching Rank 5 (NA Server)

WorldOfWarships7 - Thoughts on Ranked Season 12 after reaching Rank 5 (NA Server)

Battle statistics over 41 games:

All 41 games were played in a CV. 26 wins, 15 defeats. 5 of those defeats had me driving into the enemy due to weird takeoff bugs with the CV. 63% WR so far.

CVs are incredibly broken in 7v7. A good Midway that wants you removed will kill you. The only ship that reasonably can make me pause before launching a run is the Minotaur. Seriously, WG – how can you allow this? There's permanent vision due to the CV. There is no room for flanking maneuvers or other interesting plays. You're spotted 30s into the match and from that point on it is unrelenting. Beyond that, it just isn't fun. Even from the CV perspective, this feels like abuse. I'm not going to stop playing CV because I think WG needs to see this for what this is.

I seriously hope we don't have to deal with CVs in future CB seasons or I think very few clans will find it at all interesting. Especially those that lack a good CV player.

DDs – DDs that turn their AA off are quite hard to kill. DDs that leave their AA on are quickly dead. This should be no surprise, but the Grozovoi is currently king. I'd say then Gearing/Daring, Z-52, and then Shima. The rest aren't worth using currently.


New maps – These are actually pretty good. I have no complaints.

Rentals – WG, what the hell were you thinking? This is even WORSE than CVs in ranked. It's one thing to allow rentals in CB when your entire team is understanding of the situation. In ranked, don't subject everyone else to rentals and players who don't know how to play their T10 ship. Seriously, it's absolute garbage.

My understanding was that Ranked Sprint was the more casual ranked mode that allowed access to more of the player base. Ranked Season X should never include this. The rental ships are an overall detriment to the team. They cannot mount camo and the players driving them often have no clue how to use them. Ranked is stressful enough under the best of circumstances. Please, come to your senses and revert this.

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Meta – I think it's quite interesting how the meta is different in Randoms, Ranked, and CB. In my experience (CV games only), the Henri hasn't been a strong performer. It's a nice change to see other ships take up the mantle.

Looking forward to finishing Season 12. Hopefully future seasons do not include CVs as they are today, nor do any future seasons include rentals.

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