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Tier 8 BB tier list.

WorldOfWarships5 - Tier 8 BB tier list.

I've noticed that nobody has actually done tier-list rankings for a long time so I thought I would give it a go. I'm gonna pick tier 8 BBs first since I feel like I'm generally knowledgeable about them. You all know what a tier list is so I'm not going to waste time explaining how this works. A full list and brief look at what the tiers are will be at the top and my detailed thoughts on the ships themselves will be below.

S tier: Ships that are the top of their class with few weaknesses

A tier: Solid ships that consistently form well in most games

B tier: Average ships that are still good but don't quite make the cut to be considered "good".

C tier: Ships that are noticeably worse than their peers; these ships can still be situationally good but generally have inconsistent strengths or are just worse than the competition in most situations.

D tier: Ships that are just worse than their counterparts and have no noteworthy strengths. Bottom of the barrel.

Final rankings

S tier: Massachusetts, Lenin,

A tier: North Carolina, Vladivostok, Amagi, 40k ships, Bismarck, Champagne

B tier: Alabama, Vanguard, Kii, Roma/Littorio, Tirpitz, Odin, Richeliu,

C tier: Kansas, Monarch, Gascogne

D tier:



Massachusetts, S tier: This is a pretty weird one to rank. Despite having big on-paper weaknesses such as poor accuracy and range, this ship somehow has manged to be one of, if not the strongest, tier 8 ships in the game. The combination of secondaries, strong durability, good enough main guns, and decent mobility makes this ship really well rounded and definitely earns it a solid S ranking.

Alabama, B tier: The Alabama certainly isn't at all a bad ship, it is just overshadowed by its more interesting companions. It doesn't have the durability and secondaries to be a strong brawler like the Massa while at the same time it lacks the strong gunnery and concealment to be a strong gun platform like the North Carolina. Despite being overshadowed and somewhat boring, its overall decent performance earns it a solid B tier ranking.

North Carolina, A tier: The North Carolina is pretty much the poster-child of what most people think the "average battleship" is. Its tanky when positioned right, it has workable mobility, it has very consistent main guns, and has enough concealment to make sneaky plays to catch people off guard. While the tricky shell ballistics and poor citadel protection prevent this ship from being truly amazing, its overall strong performance in almost all situations earns this ship a spot in A tier.

Kansas, C tier: While the recent buffs to sigma have made this ship slightly less bad (before buffs it was a solid D tier), it still really doesn't seem to have anything it is good at. It isn't durable, it isn't mobile, it doesn't have good concealment, and the firepower is still too inconsistent to make up for the the things it loses compared to its peers. These downsides combine to make a ship that just doesn't bring anything worth having to the table; solid C tier.

Monarch, C tier: While the Kansas is a ship that trades to much to gain a more or less irrelevant strength, the Monarch is a ship that just doesn't have any. It isn't durable enough to lead pushes, it doesn't hit hard enough or have the range to be a sniper, and its mobility is average. Its only worthwhile strength is its good concealment, which is hardly relevant due to the prevalence of CVs at tier 8. All in all, while this ship doesn't have overwhelming weaknesses, it just doesn't have enough things that it is even decent at to warrant a ranking higher than C tier.

Vanguard, B tier: While this ship is in many ways similar to the Monarch, this ship still stands out thanks to its outstanding accuracy and great mobility. While the shells it puts out are rather weak and its durability leaves much to be desired, having good accuracy and great mobility gives it enough of a niche as a kiting ship to save it from complete mediocrity and give or a solid B tier ranking.

Vladivostok, A tier: This ship has proven to be a solid tier 8 BB and a popular competitive pick throughout its existence. Although its gunnery leaves some to be desired and it is generally a pretty sluggish ship, the sheer durability of this barge combined with its good concealment allows it to take up aggressive positions that many other BBs just can't. This ability to play aggressively in most situations allows this ship to maintain a solid A tier ranking as long as you don't show too much broadside.

Lenin, S tier: The Lenin, also referred to as 'Comrade Nelson' is essentially just a Vladivostok but better. This ship has the same guns and more or less the same durability as its tech-tree counterpart but with better firepower, a better gun arrangement, and somewhat improved mobility. Apart from that these ships play almost the same, with the Lenin having just enough added strength to jump up into S tier.


Amagi, A tier: While I personally disliked this ship, I can't deny that this ship is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The combination of good speed and a devastating broadside makes this ship a menace when allowed to play in a good position. Although the it is vulnerable to HE spam, the almost German-esq close-range citadel protection and torpedo belt allows this ship to also make aggressive close-range plays when it needs to. Overall, the combination of strengths with not too many major weaknesses puts this ship solidly in A tier.

40k ships, A tier: These ships are just Amagi clones with a bit worse DPM but stronger accuracy. There really isn't anything else to say since the core playstyle doesn't change at all.

Kii, B tier: As much as I want to tear into this ship and call it a trash version of the Amagi, in current year it just isn't bad enough to bully. Still, its comparatively lackluster gunnery and nerfed stats (concealment and mobility namely) aren't worth the addition of torpedos and strong AA. As funny as it may be to occasionally catch someone with the torpedoes, its just too nerfed to provide a strong alternate playstyle to the Amagi.

Roma/Littorio, B tier: These ships are pretty neat. Although many people hate them for their often trollish gunnery, the sheer armor scheme and good concealment easily make up for its firepower related shortcomings. Although their firepower is still too finicky to let it into A tier, the aforementioned strengths are enough to grant this ship a solid B tier rating.

Bismarck, soft A tier: Despite my hatred of the average Bismarck player, I can't deny that this ship is definitely a strong BB. Although it is often lacking in the firepower department, its combination of great durability and good mobility allows this ship to have a distinct role as a pushing BB. Although I am hesitant to rank it along side the some of the other A tier ships, it simply is too good as its role as a brawler to keep it in B tier.

Tirpitz, B tier: While this does admittedly comes down to personal preference, I feel that the downgraded AA and loss of hydro isn't worth the addition of torpedoes. While back in ye ole' days the torpedoes were an amazing tool to have, I feel that the amount of HE spam and recent nerfs to torpedo module strength have diminished their effectiveness while the usefulness of AA and hydro has only grown with time. Still, differing personal preferences could easily place this ship up alone with the Bismarck in A tier if torpedo rushes are more your thing.

Odin, B tier: This ship is a bit of a weird one. While its horrible HP pool and lack of overmatch should banish this ship to total mediocrity, I feel that it is still tanky enough and has good enough useful tools keep it relevant in spite of its noticeable weaknesses. Still, I must admit that this ship is only tentatively in B tier and the upcoming nerfs to secondary battery damage output will most certainly hurt the performance of this ship. Despite the issues facing the ship, I feel that for now it is strong enough to keep it in B tier

Richeliu, B tier: This ship is pretty bland is often overlooked by many people but I feel that it is at least deserving of some attention. It is most certainly the most mobile tier 8 BB and its front-facing main armament is most certainly unique for its tier. While these traits to make for a rather unique playstyle, said main armament isn't exactly outstanding in any way and the ship is horrifically vulnerable to the all to common HE spammers you find at tier 8. These weaknesses combined with somewhat contradictory strengths lead to a ship that seems to have no real definitive playstyle. Despite this, the ship somehow maintains a solid 52% winrate on NA (second highest among tech tree T8 BBs), so I guess it does have something that warrants a spot in B tier. Seriously,Idon'tknowwhythisshipworks,someonepleasetellme.

Gascogne, C tier (maybe??): While this ship is very similar to the Richeliu on paper, I feel that it is just the inferior ship for some reason. Despite being so similar on paper, this ship loses the unique gun layout that seems to be the key to the Richelius success in order to gain a slight boost to main battery performance. For this reason, I feel like this ship is just an inferior version of the Richeliu and thus deserves to stay in C tier.

Champagne, A tier: Although I hate the game design of this ship, I feel that it deserves to be in A tier. Having Slava-tier guns at a tier where it faces many opponents that have no ability to bounce 16'' shells is such a massive strength. As such, I feel that this ship deserves an A tier ranking in random battles. In a ranked format however this likely drops to C tier.


Wow, that's done. If you all thought this was any good do let me know. If this seems to be an enjoyable style of post I may continue to do more tier-lists for other more varied tiers. As always, this is my personal opinion so additional insight is always welcome.

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