World of Warships

Tier 8 blues and the fix

WorldOfWarships1 - Tier 8 blues and the fix

Yes. The legendary grind has turned tier 8 grinding or playing tier 8 premiums into a nightmare. If you haven't run into it yet, you will.

Constantly up tiered against tier 9s and 10s. Wouldn't be quite so bad, if you weren't one of 4 tier 8s in the entire match. I think it's time especially tier 8 and above to adopt the WOT MM model of 3/5/7(yes I know we only have 12 I'm getting there) to WOWS. Why? Cause thar few of the bottom tier vs a lot more upper tier is TIRESOME.

What I propose. 2/4/6. Example 2 tier 10s, 4 tier 9s, 6 tier 8s in a two tier spread. In a 1 tier spread can go 5/7 5 tier 10s, 7 tier 9s, then at tier 10 same tier since there are so many in queue these days.


It's time to do it. In tanks it didn't really work, but I feel in ships it's far more workable.

And no SBMM WILL NOT WORK,+1/-1 could but again wait times. I feel the 2/4/6 is way more doable and will cut down in bottom tier being one of a few in match vs 1 of many.

Edit: Guys this was just 1 idea. There are probably better and I've seen a few given.

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