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Tier 8 DD tier list

WorldOfWarships5 - Tier 8 DD tier list

Welp, the Strawpoll has decided, T8 DDs are next. I figure that this tier will be pretty easy to rank since there honestly aren't that many bad T8 DDs and there is a clear line between the decent and the overpowered that will make ranking them easy. I've also added a new way of ranking ships within their tiers without making the tier list too sparse by adding like 10 different rankings.


So, due to some issues that popped up in the previous tier list, I will be adding an additional way of ranking certain ships. There was a lot of disagreement about certain ships being in the same tier (Lion vs Iowa for example) that both fit the description but obviously have different power-levels. I wish to avoid adding additional tiers when I have so few options (20 at most), so I've decided to use a +/- system to denote ships that are on the upper or lower end of a tier. For example, the Lion from the T9 BB tier list would be clearly marked as a B- ship since it isn't as strong as the other B tiers but isn't bad enough to go in C tier. Hopefully this adds some clarity to certain rankings.

Tier descriptions

S tier: Ships that are the top of their class with few weaknesses; only the strongest of the strong will end up here.

A tier: Great ships that stand out above many of their competitors but aren't strong enough to S tier.

B tier: Average ships that don't really stand out as above average or mediocre. Most ships will likely fall within this tier.

C tier: Ships that are noticeably worse than their peers. These ships can still be situationally good but generally have inconsistent strengths or are just worse than the competition in most situations.

D tier: Ships that are just worse than their counterparts and have no noteworthy strengths. Bottom of the barrel.


Final rankings

S tier: Cossack, Akizuki,

A tier: Kidd, Lightning, Harekaze, Le Fantasque/Terrible, Öland, Lo Yang,

B tier: Benson, Kiev, Ognevoi, Kagero, Z-23, Z-35, Orkan, Siliwangi

C tier: Yukikaze (?), Hsienyang

D tier:



Benson, B+ tier: The Benson is a solid ship; always has been and always will be. After all these years, it still remains a solid jack-of-all-trades DD that can generally do well in all situations. While the additions of many DDs that outclass it in many ways has diminished its overall power level, it still remains good enough to earn a place in upper B tier.

Kidd, A+ tier: The Kidd always has and always will be a strong ship. While it lacks torpedo power, its great guns and amazing potential HP pool makes it a great template and cap contesting ship. Although I don't think the Kidd is quite as good as some of the S tier ships, I think the Kidd is absolutely one of the best DDs at tier 8 and definitely deserves a spot in upper A tier (could honestly go in S tier).

Lightning, A tier: The Lightning is a good ship. Although the Cossack is straight-up better as a DD hunter, the Lightning still does very well in that role, largely due to its amazing concealment. It also isn't that bad as a damage farmer due to its abnormally high fire-chance and decent torpedoes. Overall, the Lightning is a good anti-DD ship but also remains somewhat decent as a jack-of-all-trades, earning it a solid A tier ranking.

Cossack, S tier: The Cossack is basically a Lightning but better. It has great guns, gread concealment, insanely good mobility (combines Royal Navy engine power with speed boost), and good utility thanks to hydro and British smokes. While its low HP pool can be a weakness, its ability to easily pick fights with its good concealment and win them with its amazing DPM makes the Cossack an incredibly powerful DD in most situations, earning it a spot in S tier.

Kiev, B tier: The Kiev isn't an awful ship but it definitely doesn't strike me as that special these days. The biggest issue with this ship is that there are simply better gunboats out there now. The Akizuki just flat-out does better as a damage farmer and the French DDs have taken over the role as a speedy ranged damage farmer. Despite this, it still works pretty well as a long-range fire-starter and having a heal is still nice (although I think smoke is more meta nowadays), earning it a spot in B tier.

Ognevoi, B- tier: The Ognevoi is in the same boat (heh) as the Z-23, it just isn't a good ship and is largely held together by its artificially inflated (potential) HP pool. While it can function somewhat well as a torpedo-boat, it just doesn't have the gun power to hold its own against pretty much any opponents it faces. Still, having such a wide array of consumables is nice, and I can't reasonably put a DD with a heal lower than B tier.

Akizuki, S tier: This ship is stupid. It has good torpedoes, insane DPM and penetration, okay concealment, and high HP with poor mobility as its only weakness. It has the ability to simply decimate any target you run into outside of some incredibly stealthy DD that can run away from it. It is it simply so good cannot reasonably ranked any lower than S tier.

Kagero, B- tier: The Kagero has always been a situational ship and the current CV meta certainly hasn't helped things. While the Kagero can excel in certain matches, I feel that the lack of long reaching torpedoes and forced choice between TRB and smoke really hurts the potential of the ship. That being said, I still think that in competent hands it is capable enough to stay in B tier, as situational as it may be.


Yukikaze, C tier (?): Unlike the Kagero, the Yukikaze is simply to situational to perform well in almost every match. Its lack of reach is such a crippling weakness that I don't think even tier 10 torpedoes can help it. The only real cases I feel that the Yukikaze is any better than the Kagero (or god forbid, the Asashio) is when you have a chance to shadow BBs from a perfect position or when catching unsuspecting DDs off guard in caps. For now I'm putting this ship in C tier, but I feel I may be too harsh on this ship by giving it a such a low ranking, so additional input is welcome.

Harekaze, A tier: The Harekaze is a cool ship. It is basically a Kagero that exchanges HP in order to gain access to surprisingly good gunpower. While it isn't an outstanding ship and its damage farming potential is nowhere near as good as that of the Akizuki, it is a decent jack-of-all-trades and has enough gunpower to hold its own in most fights, earning it a spot in A tier. Note: This ranking only applies to the 100mm loadout, the other two options are C tier at best.

Asashio, Asashio tier: This ship is almost impossible to rank due to how reliant it is on matchmaking to perform. While many ships do better in certain conditions, the Asashio is probably the only one that is almost entirely reliant on how many of a certain ship type are in a match. In a game with few BBs, the Asashio is C tier at best; in a game with many BBs, it is arguably the strongest tier 8 DD. For this reason, this Asashio gets to have a tier of its own, A S A S H I O tier.

Z-23, B- tier: The Z-23 isn't as bad as I'd like to say it is, but it still isn't a very good ship. Its only noteworthy strength is its very high HP pool which makes it somewhat hard to easily put down. While its 150mm guns can be of use at times, they just don't have the DPM (or AP fuse arming thresholds) to be that much of an advantage over other DDs. At least it has more DPM than the upcoming Elbing.

Z-35, B+ tier: This ship is pretty neat. While it has generally been lambasted by the community for being an average ship, I feel that it has a bit of an undeserved reputation. In good hands this ship can do some scary things thanks to its DPM/firestarting potential and British smoke-screen. While it obviously is way worse than the Akizuki (read. its a balanced gunboat DD), it still is good enough to earn a place in B tier when played by a good player.

Le Fantasque and Le Terrible, A tier: I don't know much about these ships but I know that they are good. I feel that these ships are very similar in performance, with the Fantasque slightly edging the Terrible out due to its longer torpedo and gun range. Ultimately though, the popularity of these ships in T8 competitive modes is an indicator of their performance, earning them a spot in A (+?) tier.

Öland, A tier: This ship is pretty cool. Much like the Benson, this ship is just an all-rounder with generally good stats in most areas. While the lack of smoke can hurt at times, the good DPM, great torpedoes, high potential HP, and strong AA definitely makes up for it. Overall, I think that this DD is definitely the best jack-of-all-trades DD at tier 8 since it doesn't really have any matchups it does poorly in. Overall, this ship is a solid A tier.

Orkan, B+ tier: The Orkan is basically an Öland that trades survivability, torpedo power, and some DPM for a limited radar consumable. While it is situationally useful, I feel that having a short duration radar with limited range just isn't enough to compensate for what is lost. That being said, it is still a radar DD that has a heal (albeit a bad one) so I don't want to rank it any lower than upper B tier. This ship could possibly go in A tier but I'm not too sure about that.

Hsienyang, C tier: This ship takes all the cool things about the Benson and ruins it. While the deepwater torpedoes can be useful at times, the Hsienyang is a Benson with worse HP and firepower in almost every situation. While it might not be an awful ship, it is purely redundant, earning it a spot in C tier.

Lo Yang, A tier: This ship isn't quite as dominant as it once was, but it is still a really good at DD hunting. While the presence of radar (and to a lesser extent CVs) has hurt this ship, it still remains a major threat due to its hydro. Still, I think the lack of offensive power is becoming a much bigger weakness than it used to be, so I can't reasonably rank it higher than A tier whereas 2 years ago I might have put it as high up as S tier.

Siliwangi, B- tier (?): This ship… exists… I don't know what to say about it honestly. Its a pre-buff Ognevoi with side-grade torpedoes and hydro. Pre-buff Ognevoi wasn't a very good ship in the first place due to its bad HE DPM so I'm not entirely sure what to make of that, and the Lo Yang already fulfills the hydro gimmick. That leaves the torpedoes, which seem nice but largely seem to be hampered by their horrible reload. Despite this, I think it works decently enough as a torpedoboat to not be completely redundant, so it deserves a spot in lower B tier.


Welp, that's tier 8 DDs done. I think I'm going to do tier 7 BBs next; should be fun.

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