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Tier 9 DD recommendations

WorldOfWarships7 - Tier 9 DD recommendations

Previously I stated that I want to invest in a high tier ship for the holidays, though as that post was too generic and poorly written I deleted it.

I still wish to fulfill this goal, but I narrowed it down after having a look at my port and realizing what should I get, and what should I skip for later. I have cruisers, I have carriers, I have battleships… but I do not have a DD. Ok sure I have Friesland, but I dislike the ship and for me it's a buyer's regret that I rarely play.

What I'm looking for is a destroyer to use in randoms (obviously) but also Tier 9 ranked, since that's the highest I'm willing to play as far as competitive goes (Tier 10 with Smolensk, Hakuryu and the like is one heck of a place I hear).

As previously done, I've narrowed down a few ships of interest, and would like if you could help me choose. Here's goes:

  1. Chung Mu (PA) – This will raise a few eyebrows as it seems the consensus is PanAsian ships are bad. Personally I see value in Chung Mu's superior stealth, speed and smoke compared to Fletcher, as it makes for a great torpedo boat that does not overspecializes (unlike say Yugumo where the torps are everything). Can't torp destroyers, but can't have everything.

  2. Jutland (UK) – When I first saw the gun caliber I sneered and looked away, but in due time I started to see potential in this ship. Heal, in-built propulsion upgrade, stealthy with decent long range torps, long lasting defensive hydro, panic smoke ideal to disengage or get some cover from air attacks, it has lots going for it. Main dealbreakers are the slow speed (and no engine boost) and again, the gun caliber which means either IFHE, or switching to AP (I hear Jutland and Daring have superior AP performance than average, could be wrong though and I don't know how this translates in-game).

  3. Udaloi (USSR) – The odd one. While the concealment is bad, the ship enjoys a versatile kit (heal, smoke and engine boost/def AA in separate slots) and has heavy torp armament (if short ranged) and typical Soviet railguns. It looks like a jack of all trades with a better than average gun performance, at the cost of a worse than average torpedo performance. Overall competent, but unspectacular (which is not a demerit imho, if it gets the job done that's what matters).

^ As you can see, none of these are "popular" picks but again, let me stress that I mostly play random battles and, as far as competitive is concerned, I would take these ships in Tier 9 ranked and that's it.

And that's it, sorry for the lots of text and I hope you'll help me. 🙂

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