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Tier IX Ranked – what ships?

WorldOfWarships6 - Tier IX Ranked - what ships?

Next ranked season seems to be Tier IX, although this still might change, due to community unrest. WG made the matter even more complicated by running next ranked season in "arms race" mode.

I expect to see many DDs as they will be crucial for capturing buff zones at arms race. Rest of the teams will be filled by premiums like Missouri, Musashi, Jean Bart, Kronshtadt and possibly Alaska. I don't expect many cruisers as they will get obliterated by powerful BBs if they push the zones. Cruisers will be left with dilemma to support DDs and push zones and risk taking a lot of damage or sit hidden, spam HE and don't get zone buffs. I expect very static game play which will favor teams with better positioning and skilled DDs. Smoke camping won't be widespread as you might expect many torps and radars (Kron, Missouri, Donskoi, Seattle, Buffalo, Chung Mu, Alaska). Long range radars will be more useful though.

So, what ships might be solid picks?

DDs strong cap/zone contesters able to fight off enemy DDs with useful torps against camping BBs.

  • Black – basically Fletcher with smoke and radar (20 sec./7,5 km) , slow but stealthy and hard hitting torps
  • Fletcher and Chung Mu – strong gunboats with very strong torpedo's, plus Chung Mu can equip radar (17 sec. /7,5 km)
  • Jutland – strong gunboat with "ok" torps, hydro and 6 fast reloading smokes. Can be more generous with smoke use and preposition easily. Can bully out DDs and effectively HE spam BBs.
  • Kitakaze – strongest gunboat with unmatched firepower. Sets fires and deals tons of raw damage. IJN long range torps.
  • Yugumo – long range torps, torpedo reload booster, and decent firepower although needs to pick fight carefully. Concealment is the best among the same tier competition.
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BBs – here its pretty simple. Who has opportunity will bring one of the mighty trio! All other choices are sub-optimal.

  • Missouri – radar and bow tanking capabilities!
  • Musashi – guns which do not give a f**k on top of the best tank at T9!
  • Jean Bart – broadside punisher!


  • Kronshtadt – 11,7 radar and very potent AP against cruisers and BBs. Can punish broadsides and is very tanky if angled properly.
  • Donskoi – 11,7 radar and laser guns to punish DDs. Can burn down BBs, but is squishy.

Looking forward to your thoughts and perspectives!

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