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Tier X Italian Battleship Proposal

WorldOfWarships5 - Tier X Italian Battleship Proposal

Tier X – Enrico Dandolo, 68,000 ton ahistorical design.

History: There isn’t any! I decided that it’s likely that barring some unknowable find, WG will have to make a whole-cloth construction for the Italian Tier X battleship, rather than being able to go off of the basis of an existing warship. I figured that I might as well get ahead of the game and cook something up myself rather than waiting for whatever WG produces in the 2 years it will probably take for this line to materialize.

This is a single-ship proposal rather than a whole line or branch as the Italian line ships are for the most part covered by other people, and there are few enough options that barring 1-2 tiers I would mostly be rehashing existing arguments.


HP: 91100

This corresponds to a displacement of 68,000 tons, which is approximately the tonnage figure that I would estimate as correct given comparisons to the Yamato class or Montana preliminary designs, which this ship is faster and comparably armored though with lighter guns. I’m being a bit conservative here though and it’s possible that the ship could be made in fewer tons to lower the HP further.

Module Layout:

Important feature when talking a whole-cloth ship. The design is for a semi-narrow citadel at full height(i.e. extending a 1-3 meters above the waterline), with a damage taking casemate zone between it and the main armored belt. This is a split casemate and upper hull ship, with the upper hull covering the entire area above the armored box.


Belt, 475mm external main belt angled at 15 degrees. This represents a 100mm+330mm composite decapping belt, with the 330mm plating receiving a 1.45 effectiveness increase from decapping(versus 1.33 for Littorio, which had a 70mm decapping plate the RM was less than satisfied with.

Deck, 162mm over citadel magazines and machinery, 112mm over casemate beside citadel. The RM was unsatisfied with the Littorio class’s protection versus AP bombs, so its been increased over the critical portions of the ship here. This is still lighter than the full-width protection on most Tier 10 battleships though.

Belt extensions, 100mm extending 1/3 of the way along the bow and stern, enclosed by fore and aft bulkheads and covered by a 70mm roof.

Upper hull: 100mm upper belt and 45mm decks.

Internal Bulkheads: 38mm internal plate separating citadel from casemate. Casemate and citadel are enclosed by a 280mm bulkhead at the ends of the main armored belt.

Main battery turrets: 480mm turret faceplates set back at 30 degrees. Turret sits atop 450mm barbette above the deck, 330mm below the deck. Turret sides are 250mm in the forward half and 180mm on the after half. Turret back is 400mm as a counterweight.

This is designed as an armor scheme broadly similar to that of Littorio but without regard to the strict tonnage limits that Littorio had to be designed under. The extreme main belt thickness combined with incline extending the full length of the citadel makes Enrico Dandolo highly protected at long to mid ranges combined with high overmatch resistance due to extended armor plating outside of the armored box.

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Main Battery

Mounts 3×3 406mm/56 Model 1948, AB-Y
Reload Time 33 seconds
Firing Range 21.6km
Traverse Rate 6 deg/s
Dispersion Formula 50m + 11 m/km, 288 @ 21.6km
Sigma 1.8
AP Shell Damage 14800
AP Shell m/v 850
AP Shell mass 1350kg
AP shell drag 0.31
AP Shell Krupp 2430
HE Shell Damage 5300
HE shell Fire Chance 29%
HE Shell m/v 900 m/s
HE Shell mass 1100kg
HE Shell drag 0.334

Bar none, the most powerful gun of any kind in the game. The numbers should suffice to plug it into fnord_disc’s AP calculator or mustangx’s site(if you like hacking javascript- hint: look in the “ammo_properties” function for the way to change the shell and pen value shown). Either way this gun has very high penetration at all ranges and can defeat most battleship armor even angled out to past 20km. Awful, awful HE shell though for a ship with only 9 barrels.

Dispersion for the guns is… unreliable at best, they are slightly more accurate than USN or KM guns under 10-12km, but not to the degree Russian guns are and suffer similarly or worse as range increases towards 20km.


Slot Name Uptime Reload Time Count
Repair Standard BB DCP 15 80 seconds N/A
Slot 1 Repair Party 28 seconds 80 seconds 4
Slot 2 Fighter 60 seconds 90 seconds 6
Slot 2 Spotting Aircraft 100 seconds 240 seconds 6
Slot 3 Reserved Main Battery Ammunition 45 seconds 240 seconds 4

Mostly normal BB consumables with the exception of RMBA. This consumable allows for a single shot at +10% range(half Spotter range bonus) and -20% dispersion, essentially equivalent to large cruiser dispersion. When used it immediately forces the guns to start loading from empty, meaning that it takes 30 seconds before a shot can be fired. Note that it requires the player to predict an opportunity to use it as it dumps the current shells.



Mounts 8×2 135mm/45 Model 1957
Reload Time 3 seconds
Firing Range 6.5km
HE Shell Damage 2000
HE Shell Fire Chance 10%

Tier 10 battleship, so not entirely bad guns but lacking in any dispersion bonuses or 6” HE even the high ROF of these mounts doesn’t make them into a particularly potent secondary battery.


Mid Range 1-3.5km
Mid Mounts 12×2 40mm/70 Type 64
Mid Bursts 13
Mid Burst DPS 1050
Mid DPS 1094
Long Range 3.5-6.5km
Long Mounts 8×2 135mm/45 Model 1957
Long Bursts 10
Long Burst DPS 1850
Long DPS 362

Bet you were expecting mediocre AA like on Roma? But this is a postwar ship, and the Italian arms manufacturers went very quickly into production of modern AA weaponry. Be happy that this ship isn’t sporting SMP-3 or MMI 76mm mounts, which would compete with the 3”/70 that Minotaur sports and would be more contemporary to the 135mm/45 mounting. This is A Lot of AA firepower, barring the lack of a short AA band, but on a BB instead of a CA it isn’t quite enough to simply wish planes out of existence like the DP CL’s can.

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Surface 15.8km
Air 13.8km

Stealthy for a Tier X battleship, with an emphasis on short sea detection range over air detection. This enables Enrico Dandolo to reposition itself without excessive difficulty when it stops firing and ambush ships. Which it doesn’t really need given the high pen(and especially versus cruisers potential to overpen), but it is there.


Speed 30 kts
Turning Radius 960 m
Rudder Shift Time 13.8 sec

Not especially maneuverable for a Tier X battleship but has an unusually fast rudder shift as a bonus for being more modern than most of the other battleships.


Enrico Dandolo is designed to fight battleships and push them out of flanks. It has heavy guns that while less accurate than typical for a BB with its DPM generate very high threat to battleships as the potential exists for a lethal shot using its accuracy consumable in combination with the high pen values. It can stand in the line at range if needed but even though it possesses the best pen/armor combination of any ship it lacks the long-range accuracy needed to effectively leverage that at range. It can still project threat against other battleships but can’t reliably take them down without luck and high accuracy on its consumable usage.

Versus cruisers Enrico Dandolo is supposed to struggle significantly, it lacks the ability to overmatch 30mm plating on these ships and its accuracy/weight of fire combined with excessive pen/velocity characteristics make it ill-suited to engagements at all ranges. It can delay the effectiveness of their fire with armor but will be worn down by fires, damage to unarmored sections and loss of its modules rendering it vulnerable to air attack(most of its AA is concentrated in only a few AA guns).

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