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To save the game from CVs we must… *check notes* buff CVs. (No seriously)

WorldOfWarships3 - To save the game from CVs we must... *check notes* buff CVs. (No seriously)

And by 'buff CVs' I mean buff CV's fighter consumable.

Often times the point of complaint is the 'ease' and damage of attack squadrons, but I think the source of pain is the lack of effective defense and CV fighter squads are a good place where that can be addressed. For those who don't play CVs, the fighter consumable has some serious drawbacks so I will go over the big issues before going over suggestions.

The first and by far the biggest problem is that I can only drop a fighter squadron directly over where my squadron is flying. Are the CVs on opposite ends of the map? No fighters for anyone! And let's say that my attack squadron is roughly equidistant from a friendly ship with an enemy squadron incoming? Well, you're still in trouble because of point two….

Second, squadrons take take to deploy(over 5 seconds) and once deployed they are slow to react to enemy fighters. More often than not CV fighters do little to nothing to stop and attack rather than attacking planes after the attack run. Assuming they even do that.

Third, CV players don't need to care much about map awareness beyond staying out of enemy detection range and where the potential targets are.


Suggestion the first. Instead of deploying where my attack squadron is flying over, let me designate on the tactical map where to drop the squadron. And potentially allow CV players to also target a friendly ship for a fighter escort. Now CV players can contribute to AA Defense without tanking their own DPM to haul attack squadrons across the map just to drop a fighter squad that probably isn't going to be effective in the first place. In addition, the CV player will need to pay attention where enemy CVs are sending their squadrons.

Second, CV fighter squadrons need larger operating radius, and a much faster reaction time when enemy airplanes enter it. It is easy over the course of their duration for the battle to shift away from their radius and make them (more) irrelevant. I've been playing a lot of the Lexington and most of the time I can go on an attack run against a ship under fighter protection and finish the attack run before the enemy fighters even start shooting. Often I can make a clean break out the other side.

Third, combine all the fighter squad consumables across all squadron types. This would be ~9 consumables of fighters across the length of the game.

The goal of these suggestions is to let CV players protect their teammates from enemy CVs. Have CV fighters be effective in their job. Force CV players to be more aware of the flow of the match to help separate the meh CV players from the great ones. Thanks for reading and angle your ships.

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