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To throw Fuel on the Oil fire: French aircraft carriers a possibility down the road?

WorldOfWarships1 - To throw Fuel on the Oil fire: French aircraft carriers a possibility down the road?

All this carrier talk has got me thinking, why don't we just share the love? The French navy line seems the most likely candidate to get a full tech tree of aircraft carriers. Now I don't know all of their operational history, so someone with more knowledge please fill me in, but looking at the construction/service dates:

Tier 4: (Avenger class) Dixmude (Doesn't exactly fit because it's an escort carrier and the rest are fleet carriers, but there's not exactly another good tier 4 criteria fleet carrier to fill this role, so I think the Dixmude as an exception would work fine here)

Tier 6: (Independence class) La Fayette It's an independence class aircraft carrier from the american tech tree (Er was from the american tech tree. Independence is listed as a possible escort carrier for the USN, but it's listed a fleet carrier for the French navy on wikipedia…. ¯(ツ)/¯) there were two ships under this class, so the Bois Belleau could come in as a tier 6 premium at some point if so desired.

Tier 8: (Joffre class) Joffre was a planned carrier that was scrapped. Had a sister ship the Painlevé that was never laid down. Alternatively, could also have the Béarn here, but I think it would probably come in as a premium. (Fun fact, the Béarn is a converted Normandie class Battleship)


Tier 10: Now this is where I struggle. There are two possible ships, the Arromanches, which is a re-purposed HMS colossus (Which the royal navy built as a test to see how cheaply they could make an aircraft carrier. Colossus had no belt armor, no heavy AA guns, and only 46 km/h speed, which would make her the weakest tier 10 aircraft carrier and probably the only one susceptible to early game damage from actual Carrier Vs Carrier combat. Also the slow speed would make her extremely vulnerable to dd's.) The only other option then without delving into full fantasy land (as even beyond paper ships) would be the Clemenceau, but of course you could balance it between the CV's with aircraft. We don't need another early days catastrophe (If anyone remembers when Midway had F2H Banshee's).

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I have no idea what aircraft to use but I am certain there are enough french aircraft to pull from they won't have to rely on the historical lend-lease from the Us/Britain. I'm hoping they'll do that anyway, instead of just making it a mixed hodge podge of the USN/RN trees, and make the tree something unique.

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