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Tutorial: How to get better ships in World of Warships

WorldOfWarships2 - Tutorial: How to get better ships in World of Warships

There are two main concepts in World of Warships:

XP = Experience

Credits = Money

XP is subdivided into 4 categories:

WHITE/SHIP XP, this is bound to a particular ship and can only be spent on that ship and the next in line(s).

GREEN/FREE XP, this is unbound XP and can be spent on any ship or commander.

Commander XP, this is earned and bound for commander like 500/50000 under commander graphics.

Elite Commander XP, this is a pool of commander xp which can be spent on any commander.

SHIP XP is necessary to unlock ("research") ship designs. Sometimes certain modules have to be re-searched before the next tier can be unlocked, follow the line in the diagram to know which modules need to be unlocked first. It is not necessary to buy all modules or ships, some can be skipped if a player has enough green/free xp.

(Research of ships/modules progresses downwards in the GUI. So the modules on top part of the screen have to be researched before the modules below it can be researched, especially if it's connected by a line.)

Once a ship or module is "researched"/unlocked it must still be bought with credits. That is what credits is far, payment to purchase the ship.

Ship XP

Green XP

Commander XP



Can all be earned in co-op battles and random battles, also clan battles and ranked battles, also clan brawls.

Random battles and clan brawls usually give the best Credits and XP. Random battles are always available.

Clan brawls are very rare, ranked and clan battles are held from time to time.

It is also strongely advisible to join a clan as soon as possible to benefit from all kinds of bonusses that reduce service costs and ship purchasing costs and also give more ship xp.

Noobies start with co-op battles and need to progress through access levels of their profile to unlock the rest of the game.


At access level 3 random battles become available. It is highly recommend to switch to random battles as soon as possible to increase credits and xp income to progress faster through the game.

Ships can be bought/selected via Tech Tree.

It might also be necessary to purchase a port for the ship. Each ship takes up a port.

Commander are locked to a certain ship, but can be re-trained on other ships this takes a long time though for higher tiers.

Elite Commander XP is a pool of commander xp earned on maxed out commanders and can be spent on any commander.

That should be enough information for now Captain ! Enjoy the game ! =D

Finally my personal advise would be to either practice destroyers to learn how to torp and doge torpedoes.

My other advise would be to level up to the USA new york battleship tier 5. and/or the JAPAN fuso tier 6.

These are both strong battleships and can take quite a beating so ideal for noobies to sit in an obsorb the occasional damage without immediately dieing, also lots of turrets to try and practice firing with.

The new york battleships is very slow though, the fuso is a bit faster and has 6 turrets instead of 5.

Fuso would be my choice for earning credits fast at tier 6 level.

For a noobie it is not adviseable to go to higher tiers 7,8,9,10 because the higher tiers cost a lot of credits to play and is hard to earn back. Service costs must be payed upfront before a battle starts.

The lower levels are much cheaper to play and usually quite fun, because of lack of radar that can go through islands at higher tiers.

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