World of Warships

Twilight Battle – different gamestlye need proper introduction

WorldOfWarships4 - Twilight Battle - different gamestlye need proper introduction

I am a really bad player (30% wr maybe), but I really like the new game mode, the new consumables, the way that the team should have to communicate and work together.


The introduction was missing. Today I needed 18 battle to get my 6 victory in steelrat. And almost every battle my teammates don't know:

– why I shoot them – some of them report me for it

– why I ask them to use heal – why should they use the heal, they Leviathan or Octopus has full HP

– why I stay next to them, instead of run forward and spot

So, if you want to incorporate this kind of radically different game mode, different consumables, try to introduce it properly, for example:

– build one Operation around one consumable. Other Op for other consumable. This way, maybe the playerbase read the tooltips, and try to use them properly. – I know not every player need this kind of step-to-step guilde, but they are the minority.

– make a tutorial battle for that new gamemode, where the players have to command through all of the new ships and consumables, learn them how to use properly, and only after the tutorial was done can they queue for the new game mode. Maybe they get after the tutorial a promotion to participate this advanced game mode.

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