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Unpopular opinion: Even at their weakest, CV’s will be unfun to play against.

WorldOfWarships7 - Unpopular opinion: Even at their weakest, CV's will be unfun to play against.

First of all, I would like to say that yes I have CV's, and yes I have played them in the rework.

I understand that being a t8 CV in a t10 game is horrible. Being a t8 cruiser in a t10 game is also horrible, only its even worse as an uptiered CV. When your main form of dealing damage – planes – gets shot down, this is incredibly frustrating. I can imagine if my tier 8 ship's shells or torpedoes were able to be shot down, leaving me without an ability to do damage, I would find this incredibly frustrating. Alas, my shells do not spot as the fly through the air, and here's where the problems start.

The issue is that no matter how frustrating it is for you in a Lexington in a t10 game, it's just as frustrating for everybody else on the enemy team regardless of their tier or their AA capability. Having a CV in your game just makes it un-enjoyable for a couple of reasons.

Being constantly harassed by planes, regardless of how little damage they do, is inherently frustrating. You don't get to shoot back, and psychologically, this is not a position you will willingly put yourself in time and again. Why would you? The only reason people hit battle is in the hope they don't get a CV in their game.

Spotting is another huge issue. Having a CV spot you either on purpose (easy to find you when playing objectives and capping) or spot you by accident, you eat huge damage as the bukakke or shells comes streaming in. No planes, no spot.


Imagine firing a salvo to max range and having your shells land a citadel…..and spotting everything along the way. It's a ridiculous proposition, isn't it? Plane spotting needs a rework more than IFHE.

Just as nobody enjoys being repeatedly spammed from smoke, having no right of reply to damage carriers and stop the stream of planes is annoying and frustrating. Particularly in mid tiers, where shipborne AA is in most cases pretty weak and CV's are actually able to get meaningful damage off. It takes time and is no fun for either party. At least with previous CV's, you were dead in 1 minute and got it over with. Now, you get pecked in the face til you die by a whining seagull, rather than having your head run over by a garbage truck. Neither are fun, but at least with the old system few people played them and you had more of a chance at a decent and enjoyable game.

When you spend 15 minutes getting attacked by one CV, eventually to die – who is having fun here? Not the player getting attacked and having to dodge mosquitoes for 15 minutes. The CV player, taking 15 minutes to kill one ship is probably not having a fun time either.

I'd love to see them make it work. But they didn't work before, they don't work now, and they probably never will. Pre-8.0, when nobody played CV's, was probably the closest we will ever get to having this game be fun. It was good while it lasted.

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