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Unpopular opinion/rant: Battleships, Deadeye and how people don’t want pushin/brawling

WorldOfWarships7 - Unpopular opinion/rant: Battleships, Deadeye and how people don't want pushin/brawling

So, most of the posts of the past month on this sub (and other platforms) that are not personal results are rants and calculations about Deadeye and how 'it encourages camping'. They are so frequent that it gets irritating. And even more are some of the comments. So, why not make a counter-rant.

Well, I've been playing Battleships and cruisers since 2015 (used to like RTS CVs too, but that's gone :'( ) So I've seen how the community has evolved and how various issues have been handled. My conclusion after all this time? The community does not actually want a BB capable of fighting at close range. Actually, I doubt they even want any ship that can fight at close range. How did I get to this conclusion? Well, let's analyse why no ship really wants to get closer. (No, not just BBs. BBs snipe from the edge of the map, Cruisers 'kite' till the edge of the map and DDs run aimlessly spamming torpedoes) Ships don't want to get close, because the closer you get, the more chances you have of being spotted. You get spotted closer to the enemy, instinctively you are percieved as a bigger threat, get more focused, have more chances to be hit and are more likely to eat a 'wall of skill' (aka torpedoes). For battleships things are even more complicated. Cruisers can switch to HE and their DPM would still make them effective, same for DDs. But HE DPM on most BBs is atrocious and if you push, it's unlikely you will have those nice broadsides to shoot at. So how exactly do you encourage people to get past this instinct of staying away? Well, you try to make a ship which can handle being focused, which can get in close either fast or before getting spotted and which has many ways of dealing damage to counter the lack of HE DPM.
Ironically, there were quite a few instances where WG actually provided those kind of ships. And the community HATED THEM.

Chronologically, the first example might have been the OG Yamato, which I don't think made it out of 2015-16 without getting it's healing ability nerfed. Granted, that was in another meta, with less HE, only 2 BB lines etc. But since then things changed and it still didn't get it heal back. And the armour scheme changed as well (getting the famous 'cheek') Then a clear example: Bismarck. People know Bismarck as a good brawler, but the original iteration was even more powerful. It could shred any cruiser that dared to get close. What happened? People got outraged at the power of its secondaries and they got nerfed. Then the whole AP secondaries stuff went south. AP secondaries (for secs with a caliber higher than 150mm IIRC) were replaced by HE secondaries to make them more effective against DDs and bow in BBs. Unfortunetly, without an accuracy incrrease, it meant that the change was almost useless. After this we have Conqueror. Most RN BBs actually. Good concealment meant they could get in close and their Heal meant they could stay close. Low accuracy and range also meant that getting close was a decent option. They also had disgusting HE. People complained about them as well. Granted, something about the HE had to be done, but, ironically, that's exactly what has not changed, but they nerfed the ability to resist focus fire and get in close. Lastly, WG introduced Kremlin. Kremlin was supposed to be the dream BB that is meant for pushes. It's accurate as hell at close ranges. Turrets turn fast to react to quick changes in situation. Armour is good. Repair party cools down fast (maybe not fast enough for the meta). What was the reaction of the community? Did they embrace the Kremlin players for their attempts to push forward? Did they like that finally battleships were more agressive? NO. THEY WANTED IT NERFED. And that goes for most Soviet BBs. And similar cases could be made for other ships, like Petropavlovsk, Khabrovsk, Riga etc. So it's not just about BBs. PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE PUSHES.


Now, about Deadeye and sniping. Honestly, I've got mixed feelings. I've got experience in BBs. Deadeye does not seem to change my positioning, like at all. My comfortable range was always 16-20km depending on the ship. And I still play at those ranges without problem. What changed is my ability to actually hit something, instead of getting screwed by RNG 24/7. For me Deadeye helps fix an issue that has plagued the game since inception: BB relying too much on RNG, even for the lowest of gains. On the other hand, I agree many people would take it to the other extreme and try to snipe at 24-26km, but, honestly, I don't see the issue here either. Most cruiser at tier 9+ can get ranges beyond 19km. At a range of 25km, you have a difference of 6 km. Compared to other tiers, let's say 6, Fuso has a range of 21km while most cruisers reach 15km. Yeah, variations exist where both classes get more or less range and effective range, but the averaged difference is rather constant. And it seems fair to me. If cruisers get more range, why shoudl Battleships fight at the same range with a ship that out-DPMs, out-spots and out-manouvers them?

Now, about why people stay further back. IMHO, Deadeye has nothing to do with it. The issue is that WG, for the lack of a better expression, fucked all the brawlers. FOR A SECOND TIME. The first time was like 5 years ago, when essential brawling skills like Fire Prevention, BoS, BFT went from 1 or 2 points to cost 3 or even 4 points each. Now we see a second nerf since things like Last Stand (which would make your ship more effective while under fire) got more expensive and AA skills got separated from Secondary skill. Now you are forced to choose. Either get shat on by CVs by building into secondaries or try and do something about them by going for the AA. Skills aimed at secondaries also got nerfed to bits. From my POV, apart from Deadeye and the healing skill, most of the new skills are more or less useless for BBs, providing little gain for too much of a cost. (like 30% burntime for like 600HP increase in AP damage? No thank you), but I might make another rant about the whole skill tree rework tomorrow.

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