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Upcoming Premiums and Currency Saturation

WorldOfWarships3 - Upcoming Premiums and Currency Saturation

I'm absolutely interested in a number of upcoming premium / freemium ships.

I'm concerned that the list of "ooh, shiny" ships is getting longer by the day and I really don't have the information I'd like to budget my time and money to prioritize what I should grind, spend, or pass on.

I used to be able to see an announcement for, say, a t8 DD and be fairly confident of what the pricing and sale structure would be, so I could plan that purchase against my gaming budget. If there was going to be a grind-for-ship event WG announced them way in advance – kamikaze, spee, ARP ships – so I could budget my time.

With the variety of ways to get a premium ship now reaching double digits, I don't know if I should be saving my coal and steel, preparing to grind a Collection or Campaign for a free ship, alotting time to Directives for a free ship or specific event currency for a discounted one, focusing Free XP, saving my pennies to buy outright, stocking up on discounted doubloons, or hoping for crate RNG. That all is what it is, but not knowing what ships = what resources is what is uncomfortable.

It would be really helpful if WG were clearer about how upcoming ships will be available.


Of course "just spend more money" is the easy answer – you're never going to miss a ship if you splash for free xp, doubloons, or a steel campaign if that's the resources you need for the next ship. If we're being cynical that's part of their sales strategy, but as a customer with finite time and money I'm now incentivized to skip spending all these distributed resources and don't know what to focus on since I don't know which one I'll wish I hadn't spent when the next ship comes up. When I do spend, I'm less confident I made a good purchase because I don't know if that fxp or bloon bundle is really going to be useful for what I want in the future. WGs making it just that little bit harder for me to play the game and spend money.

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I just want to let WG know they'll get more money and player loyalty out of me if I can plan ahead. A mature game-as-a-service model should offer me predictable spending if it wants to have a place in my regular routine.

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