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“Upon this SIMS, I shall build my American Destroyer Church” (and an Atlanta)

WorldOfWarships7 - "Upon this SIMS, I shall build my American Destroyer Church" (and an Atlanta)

I think it's safe to say that the SIMS was WOWS first "Realistic Destroyer" for the American Destroyer line (Realistic in the vision of a good captain trainer and earning respectable credits). What was once locked behind a year long waiting list from 2015-2016 and only given to those that pre-order a bundle pack, is now available to everyone. It was very sleek, very sexy and very sought after by players who wanted something other than Atlanta (oh how spoiled we are in 2019 compared to then). Following it's re-introduction after September 2016 there have been a total of 3 other American Premium Destroyers and 5 other American-in-origin Premium Destroyers, all including some gimmick, sometimes towards their national flavor.

But when you look closely at each American-esk Destroyer I think you'll find that the SIMS seems to stick out the most among them, in particular, the torpedo armory department. Unfortunately (or is it?) and unless I am mistaken, there is not one Destroyer among them with more than 2 tiers difference in relative torpedo alpha strike. None! But allow me to explain. On the one hand you have the Mk15 mod. 0 which have very short range (for even a T7 American Destroyer) with Tier 4 alpha strike level of devastation (again at T7 we're at here). Simply put, they are Clemson level torpedoes. To quote WOWS Wiki page: "Aggressive captains can equip the Mk15 mod. 0 torpedoes and fight in close quarters and around islands. She inherits this style of play from her predecessors like Nicholas and Farragut." Erm, last I checked Nicholas and Farragut don't see Radar as often as T7 ships do, also, which Destroyer captain insists to ambush torpedoes around islands every match to make bank?

On the other hand you have the Bliss Leavitt Mk7 mod. 2B torpedoes. Very good range for T7 American Destroyers but (and get this, for real) Tier 3 levels of alpha damage! Or simply put, WICKES-like torpedoes. All the while going in similar speed as the Le Terrible, which is at Tier 8. Truth be told, for all my 10k plus games I've played and all the people I've gotten to know over the short years here at WOWS, I have never met anyone who takes out a destroyer of any kind and uses their torpedoes for the purposes of "area denial" (as is the excuse for the Bliss Leavitt Mk7 mod. 2B). Nor for any rock-specific ambush formula at high tiers. Everyone of them uses their torpedoes for what they were designed to do, and that is to sink ships. Maiming them is just a consolation prize. But never denying ships to a certain area because, "We just need to get 3 more ships together for the final push! SIMS, can you spam that area with torpedoes till we get everyone grouped up?!"

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For such a memorable ship, in my humble opinion, I believe it's torpedo armament is defeated by all 9 younger bucks out there. Sure some Destroyers only have one set of tubes or one of them has even slower torps than SIMS. But they all have it where it counts, and that is alpha strike. NONE of them have torpedoes that are over, like 4 tiers in alpha strike or range. Speed yes, but there's not that many of them. I have the idea on how to fix original "American Premium Destroyer" (yes, mock me with Smith, I don't care) but I'd like to hear what you guys recommend torpedo-wise to SIMS.

Finally, as for Atlanta, you know what (shoot) let me hear how you would change her torps as well. I also have an answer for her, but let me hear yours.

TLDR: SIMS in my humble opinion has torpedoes that don't fit in todays meta by a long shot, or ever if I'm being completely honest. I'm not looking for anyone to change my mind (lol) but a good solution to her torpedo dilemma.


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