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WorldOfWarships2 - USA light cruiser guide

I am going to make individual guides about the basics of each ship type of each nation in their lwn respective guides. I will only be analyzing the raw basic stats without captain skills and consumables or other such combat bonuses. Lets get down to what really matter, the raw firepower of AA, Main Battery and secondary batter firepower, as well as speed, armor, and other such characteristics that you need to know about going down these ship lines.

First off, tier I's play similar across the boards and dont really reflect the rest of a ship line well. We will talk about tier II-V, then VI-X as these sets seem to play similar to other ships in these tier brackets of most nations.

So, to begin, the Chester sits at tier II and is quite a fun nifty little ship. The Chester is a true gun boat, owing many main guns that can burn ships to the keel. However all ships at this tier seem to spam HE and suffer from poor armor and mediocre speeds, as to be expected of low tier ships. The chester has little for AA defense of any i can think of off the top of my head but its is useless either way as it will not see a carrier under normal means duduring your time woth this vessel which will likely be short lived as you can get the experience to advance to the St. Louis after maybe 45 minutes to an hour 15.

Speaking of lets move on the the protected cruiser St Louis. St. Louis is a well, as the title decribes, protected cruiser at its tier. But with the buffed protection it sacrifices speed, and with the sacrifice of speed it also comes bristling with guns at every corner, making this a formidable opponent to even battleships at this tier. St. Louis also has drawbacks, as it still suffers greatly from next to no AA protection and it will occasionally encounter a carrier, more frequently now with the rework then before. It is also vulnerable to being a prime torpedo target due to its slow speeds and notoriety and most players try to remove it quickly from the seas to take out a chunk of your teams mid range firepower. St. Louis is very new player friendly and is very forgiving of errors, however, the next ship cannot say the same.

Now, here we get our first real look at what american light cruisers are all about; cause and effect. The pheonix and her upgraded cousin, the Omaha, play almost identical, so i will discuss both here. These ships start educating you on the rainbow firing arcs the rest of the american light cruisers will suffer with, as well as having high citadels and very poor armor to boot, but have torpedos and better then average AA protection for their tiers. You well be pleasantly surprised to discover that these ships are much faster then the St. Louis was and the have much better overall menuverability in all aspects surrounding them. Setting fires is what makes these ships lethal, but they are tinderboxes themselves and combust with little HE return fire. Keep these ships moving or hidden behind a small island you can lob shells over into enemy lines from. Now, ships from here on out are serious and you will need all your skills you just learned playing with Pheonix and Omaha to help you, and eventually perfect these skills as you keep forging them in the heat of battle.


The Dallas is your very first real look at what american light cruisers are all about; menuverable, rapid firing guns, very good AA suites, and no torpedos to distract you from taking your finger of the left mouse button as soon as you get into position and open fire. The dallas, and all future ships in this line share these strenghts and the only get better as you advance further up the line, but mose also suffer from very critical weaknesses; these ships are very poorly armored. They can get sunk from a single battleship salvo into the side of the ship if they are unlucky or get tok careless in the heat of battle amd dont pay attentiom to the battle around you. You will need situational awareness to survive and will need to rely on new tactics as a battle evolves around you to stay alive.

Helena and Cleveland are outstanding ships. Helena does a little better in what the cleveland lacks and the cleveland does way better in what the Helena lacks. Helena has an extra triple barreled gun to spray HE at her enemies and the Cleveland enjoys area denial against any enemy aircraft that stray too close or get too bold and try to score a hit or 2. Aside from these slight differences, they play identical in most reslects aside from escort duties. Helena is a more Anti-Destroyer escort and the cleveland acts as an AA/torpedo detection ship for its fleet if you choose to escort instead of island camping.

Seattle plays as a larger version of the cleveland with more AA guns so i wont cover this ship much as, as i just stated, a bigger slightly upgraded cleveland with an extra upgrade slot and better aa. Moving on the the real prize, the Worcester. It has a total of 5 double barreled main guns, coupled up with a ruthless rate of fire, blistering AA, and overall one of the best AA, dpm ships in the game. However, with a ship this powerful at your fingertips surely there is nothing that could possibly touch such glory right? Nope. Worcester has slightly better armor and torpedo protection then the ships that came before, but only slightly. This ship at tier X will still get butchered if played too aggressively or foolishly. At this tier there is little room for errors in ships like these and a wrong click or tap of a incorrect key or lack of situational awareness will give you a free one way ticket back to port on a life boat. This ship needs skill to fully harness its true power and potential and if you made it up to this point then im sure you have proven your worth and have enough general knowledge that after a few games of trial and error, you will have a good feel on what is a good strategy and what isnt and how aggressive you can play and how passive you should play. When to escort and when to support, when to fire and when to hide, these are all skills you will aquire on this journey to the Worcester and i hope you found this helpful, even if only slightly. I didnt cover any power ups (consumables for die hards) like Defensive AA or sonar because thats all they are really, power ups for a short time with limited uses. Toy around with these as they become available in a co-op game or 2 then hit the high seas against players again. Good luck, have fun, and i hope to see you on the battlefield.

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