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various QoL improvements

WorldOfWarships4 - various QoL improvements

Here's a list of everything I could think of for now that bothers me in the QoL department

  • The spotted indicator doesn't tell you which of several simultaneous (sonar, radar, line of sight) methods is currently keeping you spotted, making it hard in some situations to decide if you should even try to get unspotted or if that's futile.
  • There's no indication if you're going to be (line of sight) unspotted if you stop firing
  • A separate button for triggering volley fire would be really useful
  • Sometimes when switching shell types on firing (single press on 1/2) only a few guns fire when you hear the reloaded sound and attempt to volley fire, because other guns have a slight reload delay and then start to hard-reload before they've fired. Some kind of mechanic that improves that would be really useful.
  • Port info on guns doesn't list sigma, shell drag, fuse time, krupp, damage per minute and fires per minute
  • Port info on maneuverability doesn't list ships turn rate, making it impossible to decide if you use the WD-40 skill to avoid your ship out-turning your guns rotation
  • There's no button to unmount all signals
  • Re-speccing a captain always requires a full-reset, even if you just want to move one skill. It'd be simple to make it possible to deselect single skills
  • There's so many camos and finding the right one is tedious, how about some filters to search for camos?
  • Tech tree doesn't list all ships (like the extended tech tree mod does)
  • You can't look at the consumables/upgrades of ships you haven't bought
  • There's no "mission summary" view listing in compact form what tasks you need to fulfill for the variety of of combat missions, campaigns and event goals, so you have to click trough each to figure it out
  • The inventory view only lists items you have in reserve, not the ones mounted on ships. Finding a specific upgrade you know you have, that is mounted on some ship, requires clicking trough every ship that could have it until you found it.
  • Catapult airplanes (with the direction center skill) fly in contra-rotating circles, same direction circles a half-circle apart would be much more useful.
  • Catapult fighters are often useless on account of being on the wrong side/too far away rather than anticipating a strike and moving to intercept
  • Catapult fighters don't seem to obey "attack highlight" on planes, attacking say a retreating dive bomber squad rather than the incoming torpedo bombers.
  • There's no indicator if your guns can reach a target if you launch a spotter plane.
  • If you get hit by a shell and take damage, there's no indication how many hits you took, and what kind of hits they where (shell type, shatters, bounces, penetrations, citadels)
  • There's no option to enable an overlay for indication (like in WoT) of hit direction and origin ship of the hits
  • There's no option to enable drawing of torpedoes on the minimap
  • Planes direction isn't indicated neither in the main viewport nor on the minimap
  • There's no "nearby" minimap, zooming in on the action in your immediate surroundings (like 1.5km), that would enable to you to judge if you're about to run aground or into an enemy/friendly ship/torpedoes without looking around in the main viewport.
  • Port view has no option to allow you to see gun and torpedo launcher angles (and where they can rotate) around or not.
  • There's no indicator on the healthbar to tell you when a heal would reach maximum it can heal in battle
  • Individual health/saturation of parts of your ship isn't displayed in battle
  • Speed boost consumable in port doesn't list to what speed it boosts the ship
  • Repair consumable in port doesn't list what amount of health (action time * HP per second) it recovers
  • Demolition Expert doesn't list the percentage by which it increases the fire chance absolutely (for instance +2% on a 10% fire chance is a 20% increase)
  • Survivability Expert skill doesn't list the percentage and absolute amount (tier * hp) by which it increases the base HP.
  • Torpedo Acceleration skill doesn't list the absolute speed to which it increases the torpedoes speed, the percentage increase in speed and the absolute range to which it decreases the torpedoes
  • Torpedo Armament Expertise doesn't list the absolute reload time it accelerates torpedoes/torpedo bombers to
  • You can't see which ship has what consumables active in battle, often leading to situations where ships are unable to effectively coordinate consumable usage (such as radar or sonar)
  • You can't see which friendly is spotted, and what their focus is (if they have PT), which would provide valuable teamwork information
  • The time items in the arsenal remain available for purchase is not displayed
  • There's no snowflake filter for the port carousel
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