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Victory is literally Eagles vs Sharks all over again

WorldOfWarships3 - Victory is literally Eagles vs Sharks all over again

Warning: wall of text ahead.

tl;dr: WG don't think these "competitions" through, and an easy fix is to reduce the points contribution of each player on the more populated team by a percentage equal to the difference in population. Each player would still earn the same amount of points toward their daily rewards; only the contribution to the team would be reduced.

First, for your viewing pleasure, the difference in team points at 9:15PM PST on the 25th of April:
95R8AgV - Victory is literally Eagles vs Sharks all over again

It's absurdly insurmountable.

I'm sure we all (the players) saw this coming. Honestly, when I saw the difference in points I just felt hopeless and logged off, having received all my daily rewards and finished all my daily tasks. I am a competitive person, so simply not looking at the scores is not something I'm personally willing to do, and feeling like I'd be unable to actually compete in this so-called "competition" genuinely ruined the fun I was having. Eagles vs Sharks incentivized the majority joining one team for the prospect of better rewards…

Victory, unfortunately, is no different. All they've done is make the points multiplier more aggressive. This is a useless change, as the winning team still has a (very high) chance of winning the following day, as even with a 25% bonus to points, with numbers as they currently are, it is impossible for Team Glory to even think about competing unless a huge number of people move over from Team Honor, which simply won't happen due to the comparitively awful rewards they'll be receiving tomorrow. People are still incentivized to be on one team for the prospect of better rewards, which will only worsen the current situation and likely make it impossible for Team Glory to compete even with a 100% points multiplier. The 300% multiplier might help on the 4th day, but by then I expect most players on Team Glory to have switched to Team Honor because they're solely in it for the rewards. I know I'll be switching because I'm happy to earn double the points and receive double the rewards since I can't actually compete anyway.


It should be pointed out that the points bonus doesn't actually encourage people to play more in an attempt to compete, but simply gives them a way to earn the daily rewards faster, and potentially just log off once they've done that. That said, I kind of expect the majority of the playerbase to just continue playing as much as they normally would regardless of the daily rewards. I haven't decided if this aspect of the points bonus is good or bad (it may not be either), but I still expect Team Honor to get to Extreme difficulty before Team Glory takes a win. I'll be happy if Team Glory manages to eek one out before that, but I certainly don't see it happening.

Now that the complaining is out of the way, I have a proposal that would actually fix this issue while still incentivizing people to play more:

Reduce the number of points that a player contributes to their team based on how many more people are on their team. Note that this would not be a reduction of how many points each player earns, but a percentage reduction to how many of the points they earn are actually contributed to their team. For instance, say Team Glory has 50% the amount of people as Team Honor; I suggest that each player on Team Honor's contribution to their team's total points would be reduced by 50%, while the points they earn for themselves toward the daily rewards would remain the same. Add a smaller points bonus to the losing team the following day on top of this and suddenly you've got yourself an actual competition. This also doesn't ruin the incentive to stick with the team you're already on so you can get the loyalty rewards after 15 and 20 days on the same team.

I recognize WG won't change the competition at this point; they've already made their decision, and I doubt the playerbase is going to be reduced just because they have to join one team over the other in order to get good rewards. As I said earlier, I'll be joining Team Honor tomorrow because I don't mind earning 1000 points and getting more tokens, and there's still plenty of time for me to earn the loyalty rewards as well.

However, I would still love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and feedback regarding Victory and my proposal. If you've read through the entire post, I commend you.

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