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Voiceover line peculiarities

WorldOfWarships1 - Voiceover line peculiarities

So had a run with the wowsunpacker kit and extracted the VO's just for fun (yes I know I need new hobbies) and after listening to each line, did notice some bits that did differ and some of em are quite amusing, to say the least.

I'll save you the tl;dr here: VO's have some interesting lines in em

There are several lines that first caught the ear (note that I ain't a linguist/polyglot so this is assuming all lines are kinda universal like AA guns so any transcriptions or transliterations are welcome):

– some VO's don't refer to you when the damage control teams finished containing the problem. The ones that actually directly refer to you would be the American, British, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish announcers with each translation of "problem solved, sir!", the Poles likely having the same but refer to you as Captain if I heard "kapitan" right. The Japanese one sounds like he's practically talking to you without addressing you with honorifics after being told of the situation below compared to the others that imply that they're relaying the situation from a comm device after what had happened. I can't speak for the ZH, ZH-TW and KR Vo's but I'm pretty sure they don't have unique lines unless someone says otherwise

– only the weeb captains AL Azuma and AL Montpelier sound like they're actually referring directly to damage control teams whenever modules get damaged. in that regard where captains are referring to the crew, AL Roon directly 'talks' to the AA gunners when you intensify gunfire. this doesn't exactly apply to the ARP captains since, as mental models of their respective ships, the guns are practically crewless as evident with they basically refer to the mounts as "weapons"

– if you score a Double Strike, only the Japanese, AL Belfast and AL Azuma sound like they're commending you for doing so, AL Atago is kinda proud of you while commenting that was intense

– same goes when you burn as there are only three unique lines: the American ("the ship is on fire!"), British ("Fire!"), and the Japanese have unique lines when a fire starts, the rest simply yells out "fire alarm!" in varying translations unless proven otherwise


– AL Azuma references Kongo in some of her lines, one of which should be the "Thank you" radio command, as I'm fairly sure this is for both weeb shens and that notion that the B-65/Azuma was expected to replace the Kongos. also in that aspect, Azuma is probably the ONLY one worried about you when you accidentally hurt teammates OR you get pinked, second to AL Atago chiding you like a kid that got caught doing a baddie

– citadel/heavy hit lines only have the Americans with "enemy heavily damaged!" and "enemy severely damaged!" for unique-ish lines (where did the Brit line "dead on target!" go?) as most sound like they're referring to the lines "penetration!", "confirmed penetration!", "target penetrated!", and "bullseye!"

– AL Kaga is the oddball commander in this as she combines the carrier version AND her battleship version despite the commander clearly being for the carrier. She also references Amagi due to the Azur Lane event and also likely due to the notion that the Tosas were slated to be nope'd while in the slipway because WNT shenanigans, as well as Amagi kinda went unusable after the Kanto Quake

– AL Neptune references AL Belfast during autopilot activation, something about "not losing" and "showing what she can do". Either its due to the notion that the Neptune we see in-game had her template based on a souped-up Belfast or its Azur Lane stuff as it is referenced in the light novel.

– why is it that the German and Japanese first mates are hot-blooded as hell? I mean the German first mate sounds like at ANY GIVEN TIME the situation terns ugly which they run a no-bullshit tone. I mean you can hear it when your team gains the initiative ("our team has taken the lead" in German, I dont really trust google MTL much since I'm not sure if its dead-on) or when you chunked a good amount of health off an enemy…. which is rather a bit inverse to the Japanese. every moment is anticipation for battle, yes, EVEN THE SQUADRONS.


that's kinda the most I got, lemme know if I missed some differing lines or some kind soul would transcribe the national VO's

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