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Wargaming and the current state of the game, CVs in particular

WorldOfWarships6 - Wargaming and the current state of the game, CVs in particular

Well, currently i think that there is a big amount of controversy going on about Carrier and their impact on the game.

I personaly fall into the faction that thinks that the entire rework was a failure in the sense that it barely changed the actual impact of Carriers and did nothing to fix the problems it was supposed to fix (or at least what i did expect). As well as me being someone who found the old system better, even if in need of fixes and tweaks.

Having said that: Did Wargaming communicate their future plans for the game in regards to this? Have i missed it possibly because it was said on another plattform than reddit? Are they even aware of the concerns that have been raised?

Considering the fact that they excluded CVs from Clanbattles (again), i guess they are aware that the class has a disproportiate impact on the game compared to other classes at the moment.

Basicly i want to know if it is still worth it to invest into the game at this point. I tryed hard to get fun out of the game, but even the few truely good battles i had where i ended up with 2000+ base XP felt like a struggle when CVs where present and in general i found games where CVs where absent (the very few i had, because most have at least one if not more currently) much more enjoyable.


Might have something to do with me being the type of lonewolf flanker that likes to drive a bit off of the main concentration to get into flanks, take objectives and provide spotting and torp from unexpected angles. I am currently more or less dying my way through the IJN DD line and have great problems dealing with the constant and relentless threat that CVs pose, but found out that even ships like Kii or Gascogne, or even Atago with DefAA and Fighter struggle against a determined and half way competent CV.

Not to mention that even if you fend of a strike, the next one often comes faster than your consumables are available again, while evasive actions against the CV often enough also opened you up for additional punishment from enemy surface ships, that now can take a shot at you while you are spotted and possibly have screwed your angling by trying to evade.

I am currently out of ideas on what to do. My favorite ships mostly are no longer viable and even if i change my playstyle and stay with the pack, i get loss after loss because this also often enough means that no one else is going for the objective, because no one can reach it before being focused down when spotted by the enemy planes.

I have no solution, just questions. And basicly want to know if i missed a response from WG. Or if i should interpret the reemergence of the Premium CVs in the shop as the hint to leave for good, because IF that is the message, i do not like it.

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