World of Warships

Wargaming charging double the prices shown in the store. Refuse to solve the issue.

WorldOfWarships4 - Wargaming charging double the prices shown in the store. Refuse to solve the issue.

Hello I live in Costa Rica, the money is Colones.

The premium shop shows prices in Colones for me. 22497 colones for 20 santa mega gift for example;

Steam charges me in Colones aswell but i m being charged 45911 colones for this product.

I have screenshots of everything, i opened a ticket, sent the screenshots and here is the exchange with customer service:

KTVSUN:Created 10 hours ago

hello i have been spending quite a lot of money the past weeks on this game which is fine.howeveri realized today i was always grossly overcharged compared to the official prices.

i live in costa rica and there is a clear issue with your shop there

Examples:admiral s chest official price 29997 colones, charged 61200 colones20 santa mega gifts official price 22497 colones charged 45911

Please find attached the list of all my purchases and 2 screenshot about the prices mentioned in my example. Would you kindly recredit my steam account of the difference please?

John Snow (customer service)

Hello KTVSUN,Thank you for reaching out to Wargaming Player Support.

Your Place of Residence in the Premium Shop and Account Management is determined according to the location where an account was created. Available promotions, discounts, and suitable payment methods are based upon your Place of Residence.

Considering your situation, we have successfully updated the country of residence settings for your account. You may now purchase goods in the Premium shop using the currency of the country where you are currently residing.

Please, feel free to contact us again if you require any further assistance.

KTVSUN Created 1 hour ago

Hello, thank you for your answer.However that is not my problem.As you can see on the screenshots i provided i have been purchasing products in my money, i have always been charged colones.Also as you can also see on the screenshots i have always been shown prices in colones.The problem is that the amounts charged are almost twice as high as the prices shown.The law is the same in most countries around the world, one should be charged the price advertised in a shop virtual or not.Please recredit my account of the difference between what i paid and what the cost of the products are.Thank youV

John Snow (customer service)

Dear KTVSUN,Thanks for getting back to us.

As you make payments via Steam, currency and rate may depend from it. You need to check the settings that are specified on your Steam account and, if necessary, make a request to the Steam Support, to change the country of the store. Regrettably, we cannot compensate you the differncies in prices for completed purchases.

We hope that the problem will be solved.Should you have any new questions or concerns, please feel free to contact support.



Hello,I do not need to make any changes.I live in costa ricaYour shop shows prices in COLONES, the local moneyI am billed in COLONES as shown in the screenshot i sent

There is no issue with my country or the money im being billed inThe issue is you are charging more than the prices you show.How hard is this to understand?

If you go to a shop to buy a beer priced at 1$ and realize the cashier charged you 2$, what do you do?

Please reimburse the difference betweem your official prices and what you charged.

The next step is me sending these screenshots to every blog / website / influencer i can think of in the gaming world and at my lawyer. I will pursue this to the very end, not for the money itself but for the principle.

I can not understand why you would refuse to acknowledge that this is a mistake, that it should not have happened and thus should be corrected.

Thank you.

Edit: update after i posted a screenshot showing in background the premiumshop and in forground the steam billing window with the prices being different between the 2:

Siarhei Valerianov CUSTOMER SERVICE


Thanks for your reply.

You point to two different stores and ask why the prices are different.

We only set prices in our Premium Shope. The Steam store is managed by the Steam platform itself and prices in stores may vary.

Regrettably, we cannot compensate you the differncies in prices for completed purchases.

You can shop in our Premium Shop if you want a lower price.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding

Kind regards,


So you really have no idea how your own system works.


It s your shop and when a customer click BUY they get redirected to Steam and billed by steam.

Please log into your own product and try to make a purchase and you will see or just put me in touch with someone who actually knows your product.


Let me rephrase.

I go to the premium shop inside the world of warship game.

I select a product whose price is 1485 colones.

I click buy

It opens the steam billing window, it s not another shop it s the way your product works, it uses steam to handle to billing…

In this window the price of the product isnt 1485 anymore it is 3030.

THAT S HOW YOUR PRODUCT WORK! it s not 2 different shops.


I will update this thread with the future development if any. In meantime i ll try to contact Steam

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