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Wargaming, please delay the CV rework until it is 100% complete

WorldOfWarships7 - Wargaming, please delay the CV rework until it is 100% complete

Let's get straight to the point: Wargaming said in WG fest that CV rework is going to be launched in early 2019 along with RN CVs.

I am extremelly worried about this release date because it is too soon and close for a complete rework of a class, specially as problematic as the CVs.

I won't deny it, current CVs are broken, they need further balancing and Wargaming has neglected attention to this class since its iteration after open beta, we need the rework.

But the direction this rework is going… at first it was interesting, it had potential and a lot to work with, it could be pretty much what the game needed but back when it was shown, it was still barebones, lots of parameters to add, many things to be addressed and many, many rounds of testing ahead.

Three testing rounds afterwards and we are about to get a mess as big as the Graf Zeppelin, we will be getting a CV rework which is incomplete and this is not a personal statement, WG already said they plan to add "alternate" lines to odd tiered CVs, Premiums have not been yet balanced either, there are a lot of balancing issues at T10, not to mention T4 are completely boring and unfun to play with.

There is still a lot of work ahead, the rework looks at much 40% done and its by no means closer to release, it has a lot of bugs and worst of all, surface players are still going to suffer, perhaps even more because the average potato will have the nuking capability of a good CV player.


Another issue with the rework is that it still feels disconnected from the main game even more than now because all you focus is on bombing other ships and the lack of hull control makes it harder to pay attention to the surface game, there is hardly any teamplay when it comes to CV, both sides are free to bomb the enemy team with the only counterplay… being the same as today, only you cant really ask for fighter cover.

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While AA got reworked, other classes, specially at T10 will still suffer, some even more than before, for example, rockets are extremelly good vs DDs and while it can't one shot them, you need just like 2-3 sorties to guarantee a DD is gone, it also takes less skill than a crossdrop.

The gameplay itself won't appeal to non-CV players either way outside of testing them a few times, you go bomb, return and repeat, there is not much depth to it compared to other classes (and event current CV mechanics) because you are focused in a single action.

All in all, for me it looks like the CV rework has a lot of potential but it needs a lot of fixing and polishing, something that can't be done in 3-4 months, I understand we need the rework but i don't want it to be rushed, hell even we are missing 3 entire ships from all CV lines due to WG wanting to dumb them down and expecting them to be even less common than now.

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