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WarGaming, please take a step back for a moment.

WorldOfWarships5 - WarGaming, please take a step back for a moment.

Look, I didn't really wanna make a post like this, but I feel like at some point I should.

I've been playing for a hot minute now and I've seen a lot of things change in the game (I think I was around when the German BBs were being teased). And honestly, I feel like there were a lot of things y'all have fucked up with.

Mainly to do with balancing and all that. You guys did all that for the CV rework and it's still a huge pain in the ass to fight against (and even to play at times). I don't know, I used to support the rework, but now I don't think having CVs in the game AND having them be truly fun and engaging to play with or against is viable. However, some changes would be nice; minimap-only spotting for planes, for instance would help take pressure off DDs because it's really not fun to play DDs right now.

Also, AP rockets? Seriously? Rockets are easily the worst part about rework CVs, and giving them the ability to really fuck with cruisers in a single strike sounds like both a really bad idea and a bad precedent to set.

Oh, and the Germans. I mean come on, it's been how long since the community started asking for German buffs? Sure, Hindy got un-nerfed (it got nerfed first and brought back to its OG state and then some), but Z-52 and GK are still rather underwhelming in the meta. GK got that accuracy buff relatively recently, but that was how many years after it was introduced? And I don't even remember the last time Z-52 got a buff other than the blanket "no BB AP full pens" every DD got. It's just a bit frustrating when you see these ships that would really like buffs that never get it or get them so far down the line it's not even funny. At least give German DDs some love, because right now they can be rather uncomfortable to play in the meta right now


Premiums. Smolensk. I have a Smolensk and it's not funny and there is no reason why it should be in the game since it's chasing people away from both Tier X and even the game and it's not even a ship you guys can directly make money off of. Come on, guys, premiums shouldn't be breaking matchmaking like that, it's the definition of unfun having to fight stuff like triple-Smol divisions. If you guys play the long game, you guys will make way more money than the quick influx of cash from making the next E-25 or Smolensk. Think about how much more money you could've made from World of Tanks if you didn't end up killing the game 5-6 years ago. And I mean, after Warships, what else?

Look, I love this game, but I think you could be doing a better job handling things. I'm not saying listen to everything people say (because some people make REALLY dumb suggestions like continuous secondary damage), but I feel there are legitimate suggestions and changes to ships/lines that need it that aren't getting it. We all like this game (probably), and I think it's in everyone's best interest to keep this game alive as long as possible.

Or I've been wrong this whole time and I'm just complaining because I'm bad. In that case, apologies for needless rant.

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