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Wargaming propaganda and the abuse of History

WorldOfWarships5 - Wargaming propaganda and the abuse of History

The video "Dry Dock WWII Navy Comparison" might have well been made by Putin himself.

  1. at the 2.58 mark "In June of 1941 the USSR joined World War Two"

This is patently false. In Russia today, discussion of the Molotov Ribbentrop pact can actually lead to jailtime. Need I remind folks that the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact was critical in convincing Hitler to invade Poland in the Fall of 1939– without this alliance with the Soviet Union (and their shared plan to divide the spoils of Eastern Europe between themselves) it is quite plausible that the start of war in Europe could have been significantly delayed or altered.

This also completely ignores the Soviet invasion of Poland, Finland, the Baltic states and the brutal repression that followed.

This Soviet-Nazi alliance led to resource and technology transfers (KMS Lutzow sold to USSR) and the Komet (German merchant raider) was helped by soviet ships in its traverse of the artic to break out into the Pacific.

2) at the 3.33 mark "The Soviet Navy ensured the safety of the maritime trade routes"

The notion that the soviet navy played a large role "ensuring" the protection of the artic convoys is also patently false. Besides occasional submarine operations, all the surface forces of the soviet navy did was fail to protect the Kara Sea during Operation Wunderland in summer of 1942 and shell a village in Norway- Vardø in November of 1941.

This kind of nonchalant historical revisionism is so pernicious because it is reaching a large audience which appreciates history and immerses themselves in this period of history on so many different levels.



Some responses-

" President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russia’s lower-house speaker to draft a legal ban on comparisons between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, according to a Kremlin statement published Saturday. '

Most of you are forgetting the secret protocol of the Molotov Ribbentrop pact – that went far beyond the non aggression pact framework.

Not only did the Nazis and Soviets divided up Eastern Europe between the two and host a joint military parade in Poland, they called for closer economic and military ties- resulting in the "German–Soviet Trade and Credit Agreement" of 1940 which brought them closer as economic partners.

" On February 11, 1940, Germany and the Soviet Union entered into an intricate trade pact in which the Soviet Union would send Germany 650 million Reichsmarks in raw materials in exchange for 650 million Reichmarks in machinery, manufactured goods and technology. The trade pact helped Germany to surmount the British blockade"

That sounds like an alliance of sorts (albeit of convenience for bitter ideological foes) to me.


Thanks for the lively discussion (its good to see people passionate about history)

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