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We need an AA damage caused stat for the Detailed Report.

WorldOfWarships6 - We need an AA damage caused stat for the Detailed Report.

So one of the things on my radar for the new AA is that full AA spec feels really good, but non-AA ships I'd previously down a few planes on during a match like the Podvoisky or Furutaka feel alot weaker. If I go full AA spec on the Podvoisky I feel like I get to about the same effectiveness as live Podvoisky AA.


But, and this is really important, with the AA rework causing damage to planes can definitely matter. Even if I'm not killing planes if I'm making more planes be killed that's important too. But how do I know how good at that I am? Right now I cannot.

So I really wish I could see in detail how much AA damage I caused during a match. I want to compare ships. I want to compare AA spec vs non-AA (the difference is fricken huge). I can't give proper feedback without this information.


And I'm not all doom and gloom on this. I can tell you from testing things from the CV side as well that things feel pretty hellish when you start flying near multiple ships or a good single AA ship. AA is scary in the new PTS update, flak really hurts. As tiers got higher I started having alot of runs where I'd call my planes back early just to limit (not eliminate) how many planes I lost during a run. At T10 it's basically every run where I'm against more than one ship feels that way, even a stock bot DD or 2 nearby a BB makes it alot more scary and you'll much more easily lose planes. That's why I want these numbers. I know from experience they are helping, I wanna know how much :).

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