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Weekly Ship Spotlight! February 19th: HMS Edinburgh (16)

WorldOfWarships4 - Weekly Ship Spotlight! February 19th: HMS Edinburgh (16)

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HMS Edinburgh - Weekly Ship Spotlight! February 19th: HMS Edinburgh (16)

HMS Edinburgh (16)

HMS Edinburgh was one of the last two British light cruisers in the Town-class, and was built in the Edinburgh sub-class configuration that made her longer and more heavily armored than her contemporaries in the Town-class. She was armed with 12 6-inch guns, 12 4-inch AA guns, 16 2-pound guns, 16 Vickers .50 machine guns, and 6 21 inch torpedos mounted in a pair of triple racks.

Despite this impressive firepower, light all light cruisers she was designed to be extremely speedy, with a maximum speed of 33 knots allowing her to jump in and disengage from fights at will.

She also came fully loaded with an amazing radar array and was capable of carrying up to 3 Supermarine Walrus seaplanes for reconnaissance.

Her career was filled with many successful combat assignments during the Second World War and she served faithfully from 1938 until she was torpedoed by German U-Boat U-456 on 30 April 1942. After being torpedoed, damage control teams were able to successfully stop the flooding and tried to make it back to Murmansk under tow, but was hounded by torpedo bombers and three German DDs (Hermann Schoemann, Z24, and Z25). While crippled, Edinburgh fought back and was able to sink Hermann Schoemann, but took another torpedo directly amidships. Held together with duct-tape and British stubbornness, her crew abandoned ship and 840 men were gathered with only 56 casualties.

Her escorts decided to scuttle her, but she remained resilient and did not succumb to 20 shots of 4-inch shells, nor did she scuttle with depth charges. Finally, in desperation, DD Foresight scuttled her with her last remaining torpedo. She slipped beneath the waves on 2 May, 1942, having served queen and country faithfully for four years.


On her final mission, the HMS Edinburgh was carrying 465 bars of gold bullion as part of a payment from the USSR for material and equipment. The first torpedo from U-456 that struck her on April 30th hit just aft of where these boxes of gold were being stored and the watertight bulkheads sealed off that section of the ship.


When she sank three days later, all 465 bars went down with her.

In 1981, a recovery effort successfully retrieved 460 of the 465 bars of gold, making this the largest underwater salvage operation (by value) in history with a market value of £40,000,000 (~$52,000,000 USD).

Authors note: This is also roughly how much money /u/tehblister has spent on WoWs crates>.


The HMS Edinburgh in game is a familiar boat to anyone playing the Tier 7 Fiji. She comes equipped with a powerful and long-lasting British Hydro-acoustic search and a powerful Repair Party consumable that gives her a big boost in maximum effective health, which she'll need as her armor in Tier 8 is over-matched by just about every boat you'll see in game, especially with the propensity to get up-tiered into Tier 10.

She is the first British light cruiser to gain a radar consumable, and at 9km stock range it's an awesome tool to make her a lethal DD killer. The only downside is that you have to choose between Smoke or the radar, and it's more common to see a Smoke Edinburgh than a Radar Edinburgh.

As with all British light cruisers, she's a very nimble shift with above-average rudder shift time and good speed for the tier. Like the rest of the line, she does not come with HE shells and only offers the British AP ammo option. With the improved penetration numbers, you can do considerable damage to many ships you'll face, though at Tier 10 you'll be aiming at the superstructure nearly all the time.

Your best bet is to play this as a cap support CL and focus fire enemy DDs in the early game. With smoke and a powerful hydro, you can push in close with your DDs and try to gain an early advantage on ships and caps.

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