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Weekly Ship Spotlight – Queen Elizabeth Class FAST Battleship

WorldOfWarships4 - Weekly Ship Spotlight - Queen Elizabeth Class FAST Battleship

Queen Elizabeth is a hidden AA gem in the mid MM bracket. With the frequent double CV matches in mid tier, QE can be a very enjoyable ship. Though the ship is lacking in speed, she has great AA, is a great new player trainer, and her guns are extremely rewarding.

OkGf1jt - Weekly Ship Spotlight - Queen Elizabeth Class FAST Battleship

T6 ship AA values.

QE’s AA is very above average in T6 and is better than other BBs in the same MM bracket; making it a great “discreet” plane kill farming BB. Not many people know about QE’s AA strength and thinking it as a slow pinata. QE will attract a lot of unwanted attention from sky cancers, but has the tools to dispatch the sky cancer cells with efficiency and deadliness.

Queen Elizabeth, though being the first “fast battleship”, is comparatively slow with a top speed of 23.5 knots and together with the ungodly 72 seconds 180 degrees turret turn time, making the ship heavily dependent on foresight in any matches. Just like her sister ship the Warspite, QE is also a very good BB trainer. The slowness of everything forces the player to look at the minimap and plans actions ahead of time and learn to identify good positions and timing of attacks. The ship’s top speed physically limits a new player to die too early through over extension. The fat torpedo bulges around her water line also making the ship quite resistant to citadel, but the thin upper casemate armor making QE susceptible to AP penetration. Be aware of high caliber HE shells. The thin outer armor and huge superstructure making the QE very susceptible to HE damage.


The huge 15 inch barrels allow Queen Elizabeth to easily overmatch cruisers she meets in the same MM bracket. Few cruisers are safe bow on against QE. The dispersion value is 213 m (228 m with full AA build) max horizontal and with a good sigma of 2.00 (very rare in BBs). The fuse of the shell is also short at 0.015 seconds. If QE can catch a glimpse of a broadsiding cruiser, the result is basically
death. The gun characteristics making QE a deadly cruiser killer.
Players will enjoy lining up accurate salvos, even to undetected ships in smoke, with the aid of spot planes. The great efficiency for killing cruisers can have tremendous influence in game. Killing cruisers quickly will allow key areas to be contested by friendly DDs, reduced AA cover will also greatly increase the killing power of friendly CVs . The difficulty in using QE’s guns lies in their layout, to bring all guns to bear, QE has to expose quite a bit of broadside, and due to their slow turn rate, close range engagements are not recommended.

Queen Elizabeth with her great AA suit and great shell characteristics in the current meta can easily dominate the mid tier MM bracket. It is a great new play ship due to the good rewarding gun performances and not too fast to encourage YOLO rushes. The ship force feeds positioning and fore planning into the player’s mind and playing it can be a great tool to help players getting to understand the game better.

(Notes: weekly spotlight is late due to internal misunderstandings, apologies. Warspite is identical to QE in term of gunsm also because I forgot to click on record for four hours.)

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