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[Weekly Ship Spotlight] Shimakaze, What is it Good For?

WorldOfWarships5 - [Weekly Ship Spotlight] Shimakaze, What is it Good For?

Not! Absolutely nothing, that is!

Shimakaze is a DD with distinct pros and cons. She is the quintessential DD. Her strengths lie in her speed, concealment and torpedoes while her weaknesses are the slow turn rate and gun traverse.

With a top speed nearing 43 knots, Shimakaze used to be one of the fastest DDs in game. Speed allows her to be the first to reach key areas on the map, giving her the time to setup spotting for the team, and most importantly, setup to spot enemy DDs opposing her flank. It is essential to maximize this great attribute to full effect. Throughout a match Shimakaze's speed also allows her to relocate to other flanks in a reasonable amount of time and exert her influence in places of need.

A fully buffed Shimakaze has a surface concealment value of 5.6 km, out spotting any gunboats that might ruin her day. RDF can further strengthen her concealment, by allowing her to pre-empt enemy DDs as well as various other creative uses pending your discovery. Concealment also goes hand in hand with her torpedoes. After all, shorter the travel time easier the target to hit. Concealment is also one of Shimakaze's best OFFENSIVE tools. By spotting gunboat DDs alone, Shimakaze can render them impotent without firing a single shot. Of course, there is also the matter of spotting for the team (better spotting rewards when WG?). Great Concealmenet allows Shimakaze to safely park in open water, maintaining spotting for as long as needed. Due to Shimakaze's speed, spotting damage is usually very easy to farm.


Shimakaze's torpedoes are thick enough to make a chowder. All three torpedo layouts are good on the Shimakaze by themselves, but in the current meta, Type 93 mod. 3 is one of the hardest hitting and easiest to use torpedo in the game! 12 km range, out ranging all radars (Soviet radar's max is 12 km. You can safely approach even soviet cruisers to about 9 – 10 km, but I digress torpedo tactics is another matter), and 67 knots – shorter the travel time better the results. The game plan is basically get to a good position and
s4dTtBy - [Weekly Ship Spotlight] Shimakaze, What is it Good For?
keep spamming them type 93s. Try to experiment with different combinations of salvos from the three torpedo tubes (each containing five torpedoes). Ideally torps should be fired as close to the target as possible, very achievable with Shimakaze's concealment.

Shimakaze is a drag racing queen, but she can't make a turn even if her life is depending on it. Shimakaze is a huge ship, she is long and unwieldy. Turning 180 degrees is an arduous task, for best results turn while the speed boost is on. Situations where heavy maneuvering is required, like weaving through islands, turning in tight places, or gun fighting another DD should be avoided. Just like a battleship, her guns have to be pre trained due to the 20 seconds 180 degrees turn time. Harugumo can do 100,000 damage with her guns within that time.

Shimakaze is a DD that rewards aggressive plays, and more importantly has the tools to allow aggressive plays if needed. Shimakaze can be an elegant ninja weaving in and out of concealment. But for the fun factor, nothing beats the brute force of the torpedo soup.In the name of the Emperor, HALT!.

Hope you have fun with this great destroyer.

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