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Weekly Stat Lowlights – NA Deep Dive Edition

WorldOfWarships6 - Weekly Stat Lowlights - NA Deep Dive Edition

Welcome to this week's collection of bad jokes and equally bad statistics. It's basically the Sharknado 4 of posts.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to take a detailed look at each server to find the biggest floaters in our septic tank of data. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be disappointed in your fellow seamen(*insert link to the Captain's Wife's Lament here*).


As always, weekly stats pulled
index - Weekly Stat Lowlights - NA Deep Dive Edition

from here and not processed at all for sample size or recent events (hooray for ranked screwing with the numbers!)

Tier 10

  • Yueyang is going to therapy for chronic neglect. Less than 100 players serverwide played her last week
  • Despite participating in over 7000 battles, the Salem wins about as often as Winterfell is successfully intelligently defended (46.47% win rate)
  • Salem, Yueyang, Z-52, and Worcester have the overall worst win rates at T10, in that order (all below 48%)
  • DD's are officially sponsored by NERF taking the uncontested lowest damage at T10
  • New Strategy for Z-52 and Gearing: Turn off your AA. Just Dodge. Turn off your main guns. Turn off your torps. Just Ram. (both under 40k damage)
  • New Permanent Camo for Grosser Kurfuerst: Starfleet Redshirt. 29.61% survival rate
  • Z-52's spawn without hp (25.97% survival rate)
  • Conkek is the Fuso of T10 – 25.71% hit rate
  • The Daring shoots down fewer planes than the Shima

Tier 9

  • Fletcher, Z-46, Yugumo, and Jutland need to adjust to the ramming meta (also all below 40k damage)
  • Yugumo AA is comprised of a bug zapper, a scented candle, and essential oils (worst at T9)
  • By contrast, Neuteredshima AA blots out the sun (best at T9)
  • The Z-46 detonates on spawn and the AOE also takes out the Fletcher (22.66% and 23.98% survival rate, respectively)
  • Neptune is the official ship of Snoop Dogg, it never leaves smoke
    • lowest spotting damage at T9
    • 26.52% survival rate -> big ship + small smoke + not moving = well… that
  • Only the Federal Reserve Missouri, Jean Fart, and Sovetsky Soyuz are the only T9 battleships to exceed a 30% hit rate

Tier 8

  • Indomitable performance has been heavily brought back into line with its peers (and there was great rejoicing)
  • Hsienyang is joining the Yueyang in therapy. It's the least played non-premium ship at T8
  • Derpitz Black actively helps the other team win – 58.4% loss rate
  • Benson and the smarter Benson Loyang did less than 25k damage
  • Z-23 couldn't break 26k damage
  • Seven T8 DDs were under 30k average damage
  • Le Terrible's AA lives up to its namesake. 0.19 aircraft destroyed per battle
  • The Loyang actually doesn't have a hp pool (20.39% survival rate)
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Baltimore isn't a battleship (23.62% survival rate)
  • The North Carolina is a very precise battleship. Precisely inaccurate that is. 23.56% hit rate, worst at T8

Tier 7

  • The Mahan has already adopted the
    Kaiten meta. Sub-20k damage, high spotting, and 19.7% survival rate
  • The seven people still playing the ARP Myoko are determined to not let the Mahan win: 19.64% survival rate
  • The Duke of Pork's AA is more effective than the AAtlanta's
  • The Payfast is perfectly balanced, out-damaging 8 battleships and all other classes at T7

Tier 6



  • Sean Bean plays the Algae and the Ernst Gaede. 17.81% and 17.98% survival rate, respectively
  • The Gallant and Shinonome took turning your AA off to heart. Unfortunately, they haven't figured out how to use it again when needed. Both shot down 0.02 planes on average (so… they hit a single landing gear once?)
  • The Mahan did less than 16k damage, and the Ernst Gaede was its closest competitor with 18024 — seeing a trend yet?
  • The Crapacola was the least lethal T6 with 0.39 kills per match
  • The Fuso continues to encourage all other ships in the game because at least they aren't the Fuso (19.43% hit rate)
  • The Nuernberg has the lowest spotting damage at T6 because it is usually dead (20.98% survival rate)

Tier 5

  • The Nicholas, T-22, and Emerald prove that there is a correlation between sub-16% survival rate and doing basically no damage

Tier 4

  • The Itsaslav further reinforces this hypothesis by having the lowest damage at T4 and a 12.85% survival rate
  • The Yubari continues to rule supreme over T4 AA
  • The Arkansas Beta continues to be the only 0 on the plane kill chart for T4


Using low tiers to make fun of high tiers

  • Hashidate and Erie kill more ships per match than any other ships in the game
  • The Campbeltown is the only ship T3 or higher to do less damage than the Farragut
  • The Dreadnought did more damage than the Fletcher and the Z-46
  • The Giulio Cesare is the 44th highest damage dealing ship in the game on NA
  • The Varyag was the best base defender on NA
  • The Fujin was the most accurate ship on NA at 51.18% hit rate

Some actual highlights

  • Bourgogne average damage finally dipped below 120k (119995), it is still leading though
  • Stalingrad, Conkek, and Kremlin all follow it just above 100k
  • Saipan dealt about 10k more damage than the other T8 CVs
  • The Kidd was dethroned by the Enterprise as the best AA boat
  • While the Neuteredshima couldn't touch T10 CV spotting damage, it beat out half the T8 CVs and everything else on NA
  • DD's continue to hold the top 73 slots for most capture points

Hall of Shame

Four unfortunate souls attempted to use the Albany again. They received divine retribution via a 32.71% win rate.

Obligatory CV chunk

  • Just kidding. Admins are making a megathread

In summary:

  • US and German destroyers are in a really bad spot right now
    • Like really really bad
  • Pan-Asian destroyers have basically been abandoned at high tiers
  • From T7 up, German BBs have the worst survival rate of all battleships

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