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WorldOfWarships7 - WG customer support rant

Maybe I am wrong and I am just venting.. but don't think I am…

Last week I was experiencing that loading game issue where game would just stop on loading map, it would load and load and load… only solution was to kill game and start again. I was then able to play 1-2-3-4 games and it would again stop on loading. Some people I know also had same issue. And ofc each time I had to kill game system would flag me and penalize me, after some time, I was only able to play coop games. Eventually I end up with some 40 games of coop. I raised ticket when this started, around ~5 coop games mark.

First WG reply was usual, check connection, drivers, repair game… which I all did, and nothing worked, and I made no changes to my system, hw or sw wise.

Than next WG reply was that the issue that was happening to me is known issue and server bug, and I quote:

"Thank you for contacting with us again,

This is an small issue with the server.this is caused by the current memory bug that will be fixed with the update on Thursday.You should check if the issue still occur after the update and send us new data if this is the case."

I said OK, will do, now please remove my penalty as it was not my fault.

And now all their replies are we wont, and ended with one, where they closed ticket


"In order to prevent irresponsible players from inactively participating in battles and obtaining an unfair reward, we have developed an AFK prevention system. If the system detects a player as inactive, the player will receive a warning. In cases of repeat inactive battles, the fine is the same as detailed above for leaving a battle early. Single disconnects will not lead to penalties – the system will only warn the player. For newcomers with less than a set minimum number of battles on their account, a more favourable set of conditions will be enabled.”

You should therefore not be alarmed if you encounter this message on your screen once or twice, the system is simply warning you because the situation affects your team mates, no matter if this was on purpose or not.

However, if you are having any technical issues related with your internet connection or hardware that may stop you from actively participating in the battles, please try to fix them before you continue playing."

Like WTF WG, you yourself said it is server issue, and now you won't do a thing… I even demanded they escalate ticket to someone older, but have no ide who is replying, no title in their replies, just some made up names. They even sent me fucking link to do survey…

Think I am right on this… anyway, anyone knows how long would I need not to play in order for penalty to be removed? CBA to play some 30+ coop battles now.

And issue seems to have fixed it self, or WG actually did something.

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