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WG if you read this: CV rework is gone horribly wrong

WorldOfWarships5 - WG if you read this: CV rework is gone horribly wrong

I don't want to just rant about CV rework and so on, but it sucks. Sorry WG, but that went horribly wrong.

For those who might ask: I have almost 5000 battles and a 53.8 % win rate. Think about it whatever you want.

I mainly play high tiers and haven't been playing that much since Halloween last year. The reason: submarines were added to the game. Luckily only in these special Halloween event battles. And I really hope it stays this way but as of now I wouldn't be surprised if submarines were the next stupid addition to standard battles.

So I started playing more frequently over the past few weeks again, basically with the addition of the British CV. I do not play CV, but BB and DD's (or russian cruisers which I really fell in love with). So I was quite curious to see, how the CV rework turned out. But did I expect this shit? Never could I've thought of such a game breaking rework. Over the past years I got used to some weird matchmaking, where you face an enemy team that wipes out your team in five minutes without loosing even one ship. Well okay, has to happen I guess…and…sure five times in a row….matchmaking is balanced…must be bad luck.

But then there is this CV rework. To play a DD especially in high tiers with CV's is no fun at all. Not only do you somehow have to dodge all these stupid radars, now you will be spotted right from the beginning by sound barrier breaking planes, you will be shot right from the start, do not even consider to get close to a cap. And should the unlikely case occur, that there is no plane above you, then there will be some radar.

That sucks big time. Not only does it ruin a DD game, it also kills all the fun. WG has to comprehend that the biggest issue with CV's is and especially after the rework is, that you cannot defend against them. Neither does the DD's AA help nor can you run nor hide. You just have to wiggle and hope but that's it.


I can understand, that an enemy can delete you, when you misposition, show broadside or whatever. But these are things you can actively influence or avoid. With these stupid planes…nothing you can do besides hiding at the border of the map. But that is not what a standard battle should be like.

And the biggest FUCK UP comes when MM decides to give you four CV in a tier 10 match. How stupid is that??? It does not only ruin DD game but everybody's game. CV's are such a different thing, that in my opinion they do not fit into a standard battle. Special fuck up, the enemy CV player actually knows how to play a CV while your CV captains has now idea. Then the CV can decide the outcome of a battle all by himself…it seems at least.

Sadly I cannot come up with a solution to this. Maybe a first thing could be to stop MM from putting four CV into a battle. And like someone else wrote today: give all players, including CV players a break/down time. Every other class has to wait until guns/torps are reloaded or you/enemy has re-positioned. But as a CV you don't have to move an inch but you can control the whole map all the time and attack almost without a break. Considering that you cannot defend against all that spotting and all these attacks, this is just a broken mechanic in my opinion.

I hope for changes although I know, that it would be hard for WG to row back from what they've done. And I guess they want to wait until the waves calmed down…but this is somewhat gamebreaking and I am loosing all the fun I had in the early days. One big fuck up in my opinion was the introduction of radar on almost every new cruiser (and I am still complaining about this). But this CV rework is even worse.

That's my opinion, feel free to comment or argue against it.

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