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WG’s exploitation of collabs for profit

WorldOfWarships4 - WG's exploitation of collabs for profit

So, I know this isn't a massive topic to usually mention, but it is important and as a fan of many of these it makes me extremely angry. So I am posting this on the one forum where WG staff don't have much direct power.

So, monetization. I know it is an extremely sensitive topic, but I wish to discuss it anyways since what WG does is scummy to an extreme. (As a company, I am NOT going down the Rule 5 rabbit hole to mention anybody)

The Azur Lane collaboration is a mutually beneficial one, but with the ever so slight (Let's not kid outselves, like a 99%) skew of the profits to WG. I usually wouldn't mind this, especially with the first iteration I did not. "Oh, cool new stuff" I thought as the rich list of single-commander purchases came around to pick-and-choose from. But this is not the main topic, who am I kidding…..

The problem comes when WG decides to take a step too far. This came with teh previous iteration of the collab system, where the main draw were… You guessed it…. Lootboxes and bloat. We saw the introduction of a lootbox system for the collaboration, along with a "mysterious" disappearance of the single-commander packs. This is important since with Hololive's collab we saw WG willing to do it still. Now with the third season of these, I will analyze why WG is trying to wring money out of their players in a way I didn't think I'd see.


First, go to the Wargaming story, open the "Special" tab and get all three of the packs open (Per-season) Each of these packs has 7 commanders in it, so they should cost the same, right? NOPE! Instead, WG decided to bloat these up in the following way: Introducing the permanent and expendable camos into the packs. This could quickly multiply the price by almost 3 times (In doubloons this is an insane increase of 10500 to 28000), even though people will never see the Belfast camo used if they don't own the ship, or have to spend extra cash on getting the Atago and Dunquerque to use those. Oh, let's not forget about the 100 expendable camos. This bloat is unacceptable, expecially since WG is actively hurting YoStar's reputation with this. Having played AL I can safely say that they are actually an amazingly fair mobile game for a gacha. But WG's iteration? NOPE!

Lootboxes and packs. Exactly what the "Rubicon" patch for World of Tanks was supposed to bring. And we're just letting this happen? What I want is simple: For WG to stop abusing collaborations like this and let us choose. If someone wants a single commander from any season, they should be able to get that commander as a standalone, without resorting either to lootboxes, or to buying a pack for 10500+ doubloons when a single commander by simply dividing this is worth only 1500 doubloons…
Hell, I'd be the first one to say that they could just throw them in with 5pts when purchased alone, leaving the other five to be obtained by the player (say those are a bonus for buying the whole pack.

WG operates as a massive leech of reputation and cash flow in this manner. Every time they over-step their boundaries they cause irreparable damage to companies they exploit in this manner. So Wargaming, please stop with this nonsense…..

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