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What is best use of dubloons stash for newer player.

WorldOfWarships7 - What is best use of dubloons stash for newer player.

Long story short I bought a large number of christmas boxes (No Missouri but found a Gremy and Giulio Cesare which is more my speed at T5 anyways) because for a new player they represent excellent value for money (even the flags and camos are still very useful, if unexciting and starting a grind with 10 pt captains feels very yes) and also ended up with lots of dubloons. So question:

  1. There are a few dubloon purchaseable ships I might want to snag. What kind of sales have occurred during previous Christmas sales? Do the dubloon prices go down directly? Or do they make it cheaper to purchase them?

  2. What are and aren't worthwhile things to spend dubloons on? Right now I forsee mainly using them to… swap captains into higher tier silver ships without having to retrain them? Is that worthwhile?


I might end up converting some into Free EXP to afford either Kron or Musashi before they disappear forever but the reality is I don't want to shove my newbie nose into high tier games before I've gotten a lot better at ship driving. But this seems quite expensive at 30,000 dubloons for 750,000 FEXP. I missed the black friday rates where they gave 35/1 instead of 25/1 but I don't know if even that ratio is really worth it.

TL;DR – Noobie. Have most dubloon ships and premium time already; slowly grinding out some silver line ships and learning the game. What is intelligent/efficient purchases with dubloons?

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