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What is the Point of the Pasta Cruisers?

WorldOfWarships4 - What is the Point of the Pasta Cruisers?

They have bloated citadels that might as well reach up to the conning tower. They have guns that lack dpm but no RAW power to offset the slow reload. Their SAP can badly hurt DD, good luck hunting them with no hydro or radar. The AP is underwhelming to say the least, as my Amalfi learned when a Bismarck went full broadside at 12km and chose to ignore me cause my guns might as well fire nerf darts. The torpedoes are slow and with no real punch. (Launched from first line and a friendly DD managed to cover the distance A to B caps and eat 3 of them. Something I never expected, I apologized profusely) The other time I rushed a Fuso in Amalfi and point blank "nuked" him with 3 torps for a whopping 15k dmg. You have guns that reach out 16.1km on upgrade and a base concealment of 14km on Zara to 14.5km I believe on the Amalfi.

These ships are a non threat to BB's. Particularly Soviet BB's which have a bloody immune zone of essentially the whole ship. BB's can rush/kite/ignore you and you will not be able to reliably hurt them. DD's just run cause they spot you from the other side and aren't stupid enough to yolo into you. Cruisers are your main target, but this game already has enough cruiser killers in the form of BB, CA, some DD and super cruisers.

How in the world did WG turn one of the most anticipated nations into this. A country with the most ARMORED cruiser of the war into a sailing hunk of wretched husk with gimmicks that offer a 1 way escape trip (every 180 seconds!!!!) the ability to kill DD every 15 seconds or god forbid you are screwed.


– Armour as strong as wet cardboard with bloated citadels that make BB glee in happiness. (Italian cruiser gimmick should have been strong armor and plating to reflect Zara, not the UK's.)

– SAP shells can ruin DD, however HE does the same with higher RoF and destroying/incapacitating modules and can set fires on BB.

– AP is underwhelming considering how bad/gimmicky SAP is. It's no KM or USN shell. It's at the bottom with its only redeeming quality being it's muzzle velocity.

– Slow reload with no discernible change in raw dmg numbers. Enjoy getting 4k every odd salvo then wait 15 seconds… with no fires.


– Huge detection, meaning that getting close is an issue, good luck "sniping" at weak spots with SAP at 15.5km. Or let alone getting close to destroyers to hurt them. Chunking BB at range becomes an issue particularly with the super passive high tier meta.

– No team utility, no radar or hydro and I find hydro to be really missed on these ships as DD's run circles around you.

– Torpedoes might as well be deleted as they provide nothing but fishes for teammates to blunder into, enemy DD to outrun and a scratch to the BB that can't turn for over 3 minutes of straight sailing. (Make them go 59 knots at least.)

– Max range is 16.1km at tier 8 upgraded. Good luck.

– Gimmick smoke with only 1 charge that has a reload of 180 seconds. Yeah, its a get out of jail free card that honestly is not worth the loss of hydro. Both should be available at the same time.

– AA is well horrid. The Amalfi hull upgrade somehow makes it worse. CV's can spot you from orbit or just fly around you while deciding on how to ruin your day while they way for a cup of coffee to brew and you still wont make a dent on the strike craft.


– The ships are gorgeous.

Wargaming, please do not release these ships as they are. They need to be taken into the dark abyss from which they were spawned and thrown back into the primordial soup and re-worked. As they are they are not worthy of being brought out. Why would anyone take these ships above French or IJN cruisers. French have speed boost, main battery reload booster and strong HE. IJN have stealth and both carry hydro to flush out ships in smoke and the potential to nuke DD with a better RoF and ability to cripple/destroy modules. Whilst still being capable of hurting BB's. As things stand who would play these ships beyond masochist and those who like Italian ships? Even on paper UK CA are already looking better than this.

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