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What is the point of W. Virginia?

WorldOfWarships4 - What is the point of W. Virginia?

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So I had the misfortune of receiving this thing out of my T6 premium crate and having played it for about 20 games I am frankly baffled by its existence. I'll start off by admitting that BBs aren't my thing, I much prefer DD or CL gameplay, but I can hold my own in a BB if I have to.

I'm going to make 2 primary comparisons here; Warspite and Mutsu. I'd say that W. Virginia is most similar to Warspite, and she is the best BB at the tier, while Mutsu has a similar thing going on being a downtiered stock T7.


There was a new flavour of paste in the canteen at the USN design bureau when the standard types got designed apparently, because this thing (and every other standard type) makes a pathetic 21kts. The Soviet T3 outruns you, so positioning reactively is an aboslute no-go. That's fine, and you can adapt to it, but it is a noticeable downside compared to Warspite (23.5) and Mutsu (26.5). I'll also note here that because speed flag is percentage based both of these ships gain noticeable bonuses from it compared to WV.

Her rudder shift is also nothing special, identical to Mutsu and slightly better than Warspite. Her stubby frame makes her turning circle fairly smaller than Mustu (670 vs 750), but not nearly as good as Warspite (550).


It's fine armour wise, easily overmatchable by T8s but then again what isn't. My main issue is how god damn obese this ship is. Good luck dodging torpedoes when your ship is too wide to fit through the gap.


Good advantage over Mutsu here, which can be citadeled at long ranges pretty easily, although the IJN ship does have almost 9k health on you. Not much to say vs Warspite.


The things that are supposed to make it all worthwhile. T7 guns unnerfed on a T6 ship, that sounds insane right? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but they really, really aren't. I'd actually prefer having New Mexico barrels most of the time, for one main reason.

the god forsaken overpens

I can't remember ever managing to punish a broadsiding cruiser in this fucking thing unless it was one of the thicker T8s. Gali goes broadside at 8km? Six overpens. Omaha has the gall to challenge you up close? 4 overpens. Talk all you like about Mutsu having bad shells, at least she gets full pens most of the time. There are situations where they are good, mostly shooting higher tier BBs but in that case why not just play Colorado? Or a T7 thats actually good?

Warspite has good guns, Mutsu has good guns, but WV? Pretty average guns. On top of everything else.


I know almost nobody has this ship, it has managed 26,000 battles on EU according to wows-numbers, which makes it probably the least popular ship in the game considering how long its been out. But if you don't have it I urge you never to pick one up. It is dreadful. You have to wonder what WG were thinking with this thing.

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